Banking Episode 21


It was a good thing Deji had a good listening ability. Nike’s soft moaning would have denied him of hearing the footsteps approaching them.

‘’Shh.’’ He breathed in her ear as the sound grew nearer.

Just few metres to where they were Bunmi’ s voice declared. ‘’I know I saw her walked towards the garden but she kind of disappeared around this

‘’I don’t think it was Nike you saw. What could she be doing in this dark spot?’’ Kola said as they moved closer to the small building.

“Hi guys, what are you two doing here?’’ A tight voice asked them. But the large figure came closer and they were able to see the face behind the voice.

“Oh Deji, it’s you. We’re looking for Nike.’’ Kola responded after realizing it was his friend.

“’You mean your new found cousin?’’ Deji asked innocently, pretending not to know the moniker of the girl she fell in love with in Ife and obviously still in love with.

“’Yes.’’ Bunmi confirmed nodding her head.

‘’She came around to thank me for the pool incident and headed back to the hall.’’ Deji narrated.

‘’Alright bro. Let’s go back inside. She will be somewhere in there. This is Deji’s get-away spot here.’’ Kola said as he motioned his little sister to lead the way.

‘’And….Deji… Theresa is looking for you.’’ Bunmi called over her shoulder as the siblings chuckled and walked away.

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Deji didn’t find it funny. He knew he hasn’t been making the right decisions when it comes to Nike, but what he was going to do about that, he had no clue. Going back behind the small building he watched the duo as they entered into the hall, Deji saw Nike all dressed up like nothing had happened.

“’Are they gone?’’ she asked trying to look composed, she failed.

“Yeah. They think you would be somewhere in the building.’’ She turned her back to me. ‘

’Please help me with the zip,’’ her voice was appealing. He obliged, slowly. “Thanks. I should go. This shouldn’t have happened.’’ She straighten her gown.

“This? Huh? We were just……’’ He bumbled.

“Good night Deji.’’ Nike announced not allowing Deji to complete his sentence. She pushed past him

Deji made a fruitless attempt to stop her. He stood there dumbfounded watching her leave. He waited few moments, ran his finger through his hair and then went quietly into his room.

He stumbled on his bed. What a mess! His neat and orderly life had suddenly become a mess in just a matter of days of running into Nike. D–n! He lost control tonight.