Banking Episode 18


He didn’t prepare much for the game, but he was pretty sure of winning. He was on his way to the pool when his butler brought the phone to him.

‘’It’s Uju from the office.’’ Aremu announced.

Deji barely nodded and collected the mobile device. Uju and Amanda had discovered the error which resulted in the latter’s imbalance account the previous day.

They had found out that Amanda had credited four hundred and fifty thousand naira into an account with the name Peter Brian instead of forty-five thousand naira. He was bothered when he got to know that the customer in question wiped out all the money in his account, leaving the minimum balance immediately the erroneous credit was made.

Uju also informed him the customer had refused picking her calls. Deji told her they will figure a way to meet him on Monday.

He dropped the call and handed the phone to Aremu. He approached the pool to join the second set of participants who were standing beside it. A man, the drunkard he had seen earlier ran past him and before the security men could stop him he had jumped into the water.

The first set of the contestants were already in the pool. This resulted in the drunk man colliding with
one of the men in the pool, and also hitting slightly, Nike, causing her to lose balance and almost drowning.

Before anyone else, Deji had dived into the pool to rescue her. ‘’Are you alright?’’ he asked as he reached for

‘’Deji?’’ she gasped, looking up at him.

‘’Yes, it’s me’’ he responded, wrapping one arm around her waist and pulling her close to his chest.

“Are you okay, Nike?’’ he repeated more softly, close to her ear, his lips brushing lightly across her wet chick.

She nodded, not saying a word. Although she was not hurt, he knew he needed to get her out of the pool. Lifting her up by her waist, he managed to get her out. The hostess and some other people were already there to assist.

The medical team around took Nike and the other man inside the building for checking. The drunk man was also being attended to.

After much discussion, the pool game continued. Deji retained his title.