Banking Episode 13


Peter Brian approached Mrs Williams as she stepped into the main lobby.

‘’My good looking hostess,’’ he said, admiring the body fitted yellow gown Kola’s mother was wearing.

‘’Oh Peter. Thanks.’’ She said in appreciation.

She then gestured to the footman passing beside them. She had noticed a small stain on the back of his white shirt. She whispered to his ears to have his cloth changed. As close as Peter was to her, he couldn’t hear her instructions.

‘’I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself?’’ she asked Peter after the footman’s departure.

‘’Very well. I can’t believe what I have been missing all these years.’’ He said with his gaze at the direction of where Kola and Nike were standing.
Mrs Williams noticed and quickly said,

‘’Good. Please come over. I need you to meet some lovely people.’’

As they both headed towards the duo, Bunmi’s brittle voice said behind them.

‘’Hi, mom.’’ She took her mother’s right hand.

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‘’Hello, daughter.’’ The hostess uttered withdrawing her hand gently from Bunmi’s grip so she could throw it over her far shoulder.

‘’Mr Brian, please meet my daughter, Bunmi.’’

Before Bunmi speak Peter quickly did, ‘’nice to meet you, Miss.’’

‘’The pleasure is mine.’’ She said, but Peter’s gaze was already at Nike’s direction again.

Bunmi was displeased with this already, but she kept her cool. There was an awkward silence for a moment. The hostess said to her daughter,

‘’please inform the pool guys they have less than an hour to get ready.’’

‘’Okay, mom.’’ She responded with her gaze fixed on Mr Brian. Peter knew this so he didn’t look in her direction. Bunmi soon went the other way that led to the pool, reluctantly.