Balcony Boy Episode 22


“C’mon love, rise and shine.”

I groan and roll over, turning away from my mum.


“C’mon Bloom, the early bird gets the worm.” My mum doesn’t call me Bloom. She also doesn’t have the voice of a 17 year old boy. I stiffen slightly, certain I must still be asleep.

Slowly, I turn to face the bedroom door to be greeted by Jake stood behind my mum. “Does he not have his own apartment? With his own family in it?” I ask my mum, exasperated.

“You could at least pretend you’re happy to see me.” He sidesteps my mum, but looks at her before stepping any further, asking permission with his eyes. My mum smiles and nods – she’ll love that he had the decency to check.

I close my eyes, but still feel the dip in my mattress as he sits on my bed, and hear the soft click of my door closing, signalling my mum’s departure. Jake leans over and gives me a kiss on the forehead. “What are you doing here?” I mumble.

“Aw, c’mon Bloom. I gave you a cute, romantic kiss on the forehead and everything.”

“What? I’m just asking a question.” I say, opening my eyes to look at him.

“I didn’t like your tone.” He replies, folding his arms across his chest.

“What tone?”

He points at me, “That one.”

I shake my head and roll over, pulling my duvet up to my neck. It’s about 7 seconds before Jake’s hands are at my waist tickling me. I squeal and try to squirm out of his grasp but he ends up straddling me so that I can’t get away from him. “Jake! Get off!” I shout, laughing as he continues to tickle me.

He eventually stops, and the reality of our closeness dawns on us both. I blush and Jake clears his throat slightly as he climbs off of me. When he reaches the door he turns,

“You might want to get dressed, I’ll be waiting with your parents.” He says, winking before leaving me alone in my room.

It’s not long until we’re all down by the pool, both of our families on neighbouring sunbeds. I tie my hair back, ready to do some lengths of the pool. I feel Jake come up behind me, his stomach pressed up against my back. “Going in the pool?” He asks, arms coming around my waist.

“Yep. Going to swim a few laps.” He starts to trail kisses down my neck and I smack him. “Jake.” I hiss, “Our families are here.”


I just shake my head, stepping forward out of his arms and jumping into the pool. Before I came up to the surface I felt Jake jump in next to me. I ignore him, simply beginning to swim my laps. I felt a hand wrap around my ankle and immediately turn around, hitting Jake in the arm.

“Oh my God, you’re so annoying.”

He just laughs, and pulls me closer. I bring my arms up around his neck and he leans down to kiss the tip of my nose, making me smile. “You love it though.”

“Do I? Do I really?”

He smiles, his gaze falling to my lips. “If I kiss you will you push me away and tell me that our family is watching?”


He shrugs, “Worth it.”

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He kisses me, using his hold on my waist to pull me closer. I leave it a couple of seconds before placing my hands on his chest and pushing him away. “Jake! Our families are watching.” I say, laughing.

He laughs and lifts his feet off the bottom of the pool, leaving his head to bob just above the water. I look down at him, and brush the wet hair away from his eyes. Music begins playing loudly and I jump slightly, looking around in an attempt to see where it’s coming from.

One of the hotel staff walks up to the side of the pool holding a microphone wearing a white polo shirt and navy shorts.

“Water aerobics! In the pool everyone for some water aerobics!” He has a thick Spanish accent and takes his shirt off, swinging around his finger before throwing it on a nearby sunbed. Placing the microphone down he begins to dance and clap along to the music.

A few women move towards the side of the pool and one of them drags her husband with her as he objects. Even my nana and grandad get in the pool, waving to me.

Jake looks at me, signature smile on his face.


His smile transforms to a pout and he grabs both of my hands, “C’mon Bloom, have some fun with me.” He wiggles his eyebrows and I laugh, shaking my head.

“No way. Absolutely not.”

When the first song starts I stand next to Jake as he copies the movements of the guy stood on the edge of the pool. I consider getting out of the pool, but then I watch him, and he looks over to smile at me, and I can’t believe I even considered it.

“Last song people, I want all of your effort!” The instructor presses play on the next song and YMCA comes through the speakers.

Jake looks at me, eyes and mouth wide open. “Bloom. You must.”

I shake my head once again. “No.”

He shakes his own head in disappointment, and moves to stand behind me. “Jake, what are you-”

He puts his hands around my wrists and lifts my arms in the air.

“Jake! No!” I shout, laughing.

He moves my arms to copy the instructor and I simply stand there as Jake laughs behind me. “C’mon Bloom, the man said he wants effort.”

Halfway through the song, Jake lets go of my arms, but I don’t put them down. I continue doing the YMCA and Jake moves next to me. He sees that I’m still doing it and smiles, joining in.

“I knew you’d cave eventually, Bloom.”

“Shut up.” I say, kicking him under the water.