Balcony Boy Episode 20


The next morning I said a quick goodbye to my family and make my way to Jake’s apartment, wearing black denim shorts and a vest, large beach bag over my shoulder.

I knock on the door, standing awkwardly as I waited for the door to open. Mrs. Fletcher opens the door and ushers me in with a quick “Good morning.”

“He’s still asleep I think but you can go and wake him up, make sure he gets dressed.”

She gives me a hug and points at a door further into the apartment. I open it slowly and slip inside.

Jake’s lay asleep on the bed, covers thrown to the side, only wearing a pair of Spiderman boxers. He’s on his side with one arm under the pillow and I smile at his ruffled hair.

One of the pillows is on the floor near my feet and I pick it up, throwing it so it hits him right in the face.

He rolls over slightly, putting his face further into the pillow. “Go away Maddy.” He says, voice muffled by the pillow.

I smile, “Not Maddy.”

His eyes open instantly and he fumbles for the covers, pulling them over his boxers. “Amber? What are you doing here?”

“I would have thought you were more of a Batman fan.” I say, ignoring his question.

He smiles. “Oh don’t worry, I’ve got a Batman pair too. I might even let you see them sometime.”

“If you don’t look like Christian Bale in them, I don’t want to know.”

“If your standards are as high as Christian Bale, I might as well quit now.”

I shrug, “I might be able to make exceptions.”

He laughs then shakes his head. “Seriously though, why are you here?”

“I heard you were going to an aquarium.”

He smirks, “Oh yeah? Who told you that?”

“Some weirdo who pushed me into a pool a couple of times.” I reply and he smiles, shaking his head slightly. “Anyway,” I continue, “you need to get dressed.”

He sighs, beginning to get out of bed and I take that as my cue to leave. I close the door softly behind me and walk into the living room, waiting for Jake with his family.

The conversation flows until Jake leaves his room and we all head towards the door, ready to go. We’re already half way out of the apartment when Jake stops,

“Oh hang on, I forgot something.” He heads back into his room, only to emerge once more a couple of seconds later.

The Fletcher’s have borrowed our rental car for the day and me and Jake once again climb into the back two seats. This time however, I manage to do my own seatbelt without incident.

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It only takes an hour to reach the aquarium and once inside, Maddy drags us straight towards the turtles. We stoond and watch as the turtles swim past us and Jake puts Maddy on his shoulders so she can get a better look.

Mr and Mrs. Fletcher sat in a café whilst me, Jake and Maddy continue to look around.

The three of us have to practically run through the shark area because Maddy was too scared, but once we reach the general sea life, she’s instantly mesmerised by all the different fishes.

We stand in front of the glass for ages, pointing at all the different things we see and Jake reads out the placards for each species of fish to his sister.

After returning to the café where Mr and Mrs. Fletcher are sat to eat some lunch, Jake and me go off on our own.

We pass a sign for a ‘Shark Vision Boat’ and Jake stops, looking at me with a smile on his face.

I shake my head. “No, no way.”

“Aw, come on Bloom.”

“No! Looking at sharks from behind an insanely thick piece of glass, I can handle. Being stuck on a glass bottom boat in the middle of a shark tank? No way.”

He pouts and gives me his best set of puppy dog eyes, “But it would make me happy.”

“And it would make me shit myself, I would rather have a mopey Jake than shitty underwear.”

“Bloom, we’re doing it.” He turns, beginning to walk towards the shark tank.

“What don’t you understand about no?” I say, stomping after him.

He turns and winks, his smirk visible even in the dim light. “All of it.”