Balcony Boy Episode 2


I wake up the next morning and go join my parents on the balcony. I sit myself in the empty plastic chair, and my eyes are instantly drawn to his balcony. He’s there with an older couple I guess are his parents and a girl about 4 years old. I sigh to myself, knowing I’m going to become some sort of creepy stalker.

Soon, we all meet down at the pool. Everyone else settles themselves on sun beds, my nana with her magazine, grandad with his Sudoku book and my parents read their kindles, I on the other hand, jump straight in the pool and started swimming some lengths. I glide through the water and flip to push off the wall at the other end. My breathing is controlled and my front crawl is smooth as I kick my legs, propelling myself forward. I’m in my element. I do a few more before pulling myself up to sit on the edge of the pool. I return to my sunbed and get out the book I bought at the airport.

A few minutes later, my grandad nudges me from his sunbed next to me. “There’s your Balcony Boy.” Balcony Boy? When did he come up with that? I look in the direction he nodded towards and as promised, ‘Balcony Boy’ is with his family setting up some sunbeds. It’s bad enough me obsessing about him, but my grandad as well? And no doubt he’s told my nana all about it. I sigh, and shake my head.

‘Balcony Boy’, is looking just as good as he did last night in a plain grey t-shirt, navy swim shorts, a pair of Ray Bans and some flip flops. He begins to take off his shirt and I avert my eyes, blushing, but not before I got another glimpse of his six pack. How do people look this good? My figure isn’t bad because of all the swimming I do, but without that, I’d probably be a bit on the chubby side. In my head, I curse myself for being such a creep. What the hell is wrong with me? A stranger is on a family holiday and I’m drooling over him.

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I bring up my knees and rest my book on them, hating how my eyes keep drifting up to look in his direction. I can’t even concentrate on the sentences in front of me as he slides off his flip flops, settling down on the sunbed. I shake my head and takes off my sunglasses, preparing to go back in the pool to try and distract myself.

“Back in so soon?” My nana asks me, pulling her sunglasses down her nose. “I thought you would have preferred to enjoy the view for a bit longer.” She continues, smirking. I guess grandad told her then.

He laughs and tries to cover it with a cough. Cheeky git. I turn and walk away, scowl on my face. I hear them both giggling behind me like teenage girls. I jump in and am instantly calmed by the cold water on my face.

I start off with a breaststroke back and to, and then change to front crawl. After a few minutes I stop to catch my breath, one hand holding the side of the pool. I lift up my goggles and wipe away some of the condensation that had gathered. Looking around the pool I notice it’s getting more and more crowded, people playing catch or just talking in small groups. I take it as my cue to leave and once again get out of the pool.

I walk back to my family and my mum pulls off her sunglasses. “Do you mind getting us some drinks, love?” I nod, quickly patting myself down with a towel, putting a sundress over my swimming costume and my sunglasses on my head. She passes me the money and tells me to get 2 cokes, 2 red slushes and whatever I want for myself. The red slushes are definitely for my nana and grandad; children at heart.

I walk across the pool area to the bar, I notice Balcony Boy isn’t with his family and can’t help wondering where he is. “Hola! What can I get for you?” The man behind the bar asks me, cheerfully. I order all the drinks, including a blue slush for myself, and hand over the money.

The man behind the bar prepares the drinks and then stares at the 5 plastic cups between us. “Are you sure you can carry these? I can help?” Me, being awkward, decline his offer and decide to tackle the task on my own.

I hold my slush in one hand and stick a finger in