Balcony Boy Episode 15


“Amber! Up you get, we need to get ready.” I jolt awake and roll over to face the door. My mum’s stood there, hands on hips. “And you might want to hurry up.”

I look over her shoulder and groan. “Why is he here so early?!”

“I didn’t know what time you were leaving. I wanted to make sure I was ready.” He says, speaking for the first time.

He’s in tan chino shorts, and a navy collared shirt with the sleeves rolled, first few buttons left open; I try really hard not to stare at the triangle of skin exposed.

My mum turns and says to Jake, “Make sure she gets up.” Before walking out of the room.

I roll over, putting my face into the pillow.

Next thing I know, Jake has jumped on top of me. “Ow! What are you doing?”

“I’m making sure you don’t fall back asleep.” He says, voice muffled by the bed sheets.

“Get off, you weirdo.” I say shoving him, hard.

He stands and stretches, the hem of his shirt riding up slightly. I quickly avert my eyes. “Rise and shine sleepy head!” He shouts.

“Shut up.” I say, getting out of bed. I catch Jake looking at my legs in my pyjama shorts and smirk to myself. “Right, get out while I change.”

“I think I better stay here, make sure you don’t get back in bed.”

I glare at him and he quickly leaves the room.

Once I’m ready I leave the bedroom to find Jake and my dad on the couch watching football.

Jake looks up when he hears the door close and smiles at me. I’m wearing a vest, shorts and flip flops.

My dad stands up, “Right, let’s get going then. I’ll get the car ready, Amber, take Jake to get your Nana and Grandad.”

Jake follows me out of the room as I walk next door and knock on.

My grandad answers the door and completely ignores me, his attention going straight to Jake. “Ah, Jake. Nice to finally meet you.”

They shake hands, “Nice to meet you sir.”

“Call me Walter, son.” My grandad says, patting Jake’s arm.

My Nana comes up behind my Grandad and begins to fawn over Jake immediately.

“Oh, look at you, so handsome and strong.” She grabs one of his arms and admires his muscles. All I can do is look on, mortified.

She fusses over him some more before I put an end to it. “Right, Nana, lets get downstairs.” I say, prying her hands from his arm.

My grandparents walk out ahead of us and Jake looks over, smirking.

“Shut up.” I say.

He shrugs innocently, “Didn’t say anything.”

“You didn’t have to.” I walk off and he laughs, following me.


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