Baby And Me Episode 28


Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I didn’t come out of the bathroom until I heard him leave the room. I took out all my clothes and as I was packing them, I realised that every single one of them had been bought by Jude. I sat down, a lump rose to my throat and tears formed in my eyes as I thought about everything that happened between us. When Jude met me, I was living on the streets and to be honest, it wasnt the best life but being away from my father was better than anything, Jude Howard let a stranger into his home, into his life and he took care of me even when I thought I didnt need him too, he loved me even when I was convinced I didnt need anyone to love me, he saved me even when I had told myself that I didnt need saving. He and Reign fought their way into my heart and I found myself taking down the walls I had built around myself. I really loved him but the whole thing with Leila was too much for me to take and the fact that Jude seemed unable to say no or stand up to her and his friends made me anxious so I didnt want to stay and wait around for the day his friend finally convinced him to go back to the States and leave me

I wiped the tears from my face and started packing again, just like the last time I was going to leave early in the morning before anyone woke up. I called Kang Yoo Ran and she picked up in seconds

YooRan *Korean* “Whaaat?” I chuckled

Me “before your morning shift you have to come fetch me”

YooRan “my shift is at 6am, why would I come get you at that time?”

Me “I’ll tell you tomorrow”

YooRan “oohhh you’re doing that thing again arent you?”

Me “hahaha what thing?”

YooRan “where you hold out on me because you want me to do something for you”

Me *laughing* “its nothing like that, please just come tomorrow before work and I’ll tell you everything then”

YooRan “okay okay”

Me “you’re the best”

YooRan “see you tomorrow!”

Me “bye” I cut the call and carried on packing through the pain. Honestly I didnt even know where I was going to live but I just knew I had to get out of that house ASAP as the English people say

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♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

Yoona was angry and hurt, of course she would threaten to leave me because of that and honestly, I wasnt makimg the best of the situation either. Chase and Jason talked me out of kicking Leila out, I really wanted her ass on the street but then again, she is the mother of my child and I didnt want Reign growing up then resenting me for keeping her away from her mom but I also didnt want to lose Yoona. I know she loved me so I just let her calm down and we were going to talk rationally, like civilized adults the next morning

Next Morning!!

I woke up around 8, it was still her day off and Yoona loved to sleep in so I went to the kitchen to make yet another delicious breakfast for her. Reign was still at Mrs Park’s place, I didnt want her being around all this negativity, seeing her parents fight and all that stuff. I started working on breakfast, making a full English breakfast with the coconut pancakes that Yoona loved so much, damn that girl can eat and thats another thing I loved about her

After a while, when I was done with breakfast the boys came down to eat

Jase “you’re spoiling us these days man”

Chase “its not us he’s spoiling you fool! Its his beautiful Korean heiress”

Me “exactly!” He touched the pancakes and I hit his hand “those are reserved for the Korean chaebol” they both laughed

Chase “so, did you work through your issues?”

Me “she’s still upset but we will get through this” I said with a smile

Jay “mm really? She didnt seem upset though, in fact she looked like she didnt even care”

Me “thats how she is”

Chase “those big eyes really carried no emotion man”

Jay “yeah, maybe she doesnt feel about you the way you think she does”

Leila “I second that” she said as she was coming down the stairs

Me “you shut up Leila, no one asked for your opinion” she reached the bottom of the stairs and walked to the kitchen

Leila “I’m just saying, if she really loves you so much then why is she acting so cold? She should be here working it out”

Me “none of you have to understand her but I know her and I know she loves me”

Chase “exactly! She’s probably those types who like to act tough and pretend they arent bothered”

Jay “what ever man, I just dont think this girl is even worth you putting up such a fight, if she really cared about you I feel like she’d be doing more than just coming in and out of this house with that cold face acting like s*** didnt go down”

Leila “if it were me, if I found you in bed with another woman, that b**** would be in the hospital I’m telling you! I’d beat her ass so hard….then work through the pain with you baby”

Jay “exactly! A woman who truly loves you, would be up in arms right now throwing things, shouting, crying and definitely wouldnt stand for the ex you ****ed being under same roof as her” I was getting angry and so annoyed by Jason and Leila, maybe they should both just leave my house!

Me “you guys shut up! You dont know anything right now…and you Leila, you should be thankful that Yoona has left you alone because if she did react and beat your ass, you wouldnt be in the hospital, you’d be dead so count yourself as lucky”

Leila “why? What would she do? Call her rich dad to take me out?”

Me “no” I let out a loud sigh “right now, you’re all living in my house, eating my food, sleeping in my beds, using up my water, watching my tv and f****** up my relationship! This good thing I had before you all got here is going to s*** because of you! I cant properly be with my woman and daughter because you’re always up in all of it to mess things up! I am so sick and tired of your attitude now I’m starting to wish you’d all leave! ”

Chase “Jude….”

Me “no Chase…you brought them here and they’re messing everything up! You!” I looked at Jason “my own best friend, you keep supporting the woman who turned my life upside down, the same woman who cheated and lied, who hurt me and left me with a baby because she was chasing money and material things…now I finally have something, I have someone who loves me for me not what I have or do not have and she, once again comes into my life to ruin it and you support her! Do you understand how s***ty that is? For your own friend to keep overlooking what makes you happy and for him to support the person you loathe more than anything in this world? Do you get that? Jason come on….your presence in this house is making me angry okay! I am starting not to want you around…does it make you happy that now I want you to leave? I want all of you to just leave and not just my house but Korea as well!”

Jay “Jude…I’m sorry man I just…”

Me “you just nothing Jason…and you” I looked at Leila “I only let you stay in my house because you’re Reign’s mother and though I would have loved for my child to grow up with both her parents, I’m not sure I was her exposed to someone as toxic as you”

Leila *gasping* “Toxic? Jude I….”

Me “yes Leila….because you’re selfish Leila, you’re a person who cannot do anything for anyone unless it benefits you! Lets say I let you back into mine and Reign’s life but what happens when a richer guy comes into the picture? You’ll leave us, just like you did before and I will be left to clean up your mess because Reign is not a little baby anymore”

Leila “I wont make that mistake again, I love you” I let out a sarcastic laugh

Me “love me? Huh! You dont even know what love is Leila, the only love you have ever known is the one you feel when you look in the mirror. You dont love anyone but yourself and the material things”

I left the kitchen and went to the stairs

Chase “where are you going?”

Me “to see someone whose face I actually want to see right now” I walked up the stairs to Yoona’s room, I knocked but there was no answer so I just opened because I knew she wasnt going to tell me to come in anyway. I opened the door and I was met by an empty bed. I panicked and ran to the closet where only a few items remained, the bathroom was clean too and I just knew she had left, like that time when she left early in morning before I woke up, she was gone. I bitter feeling rose up in my gut, I ran downstairs to my room and grabbed my phone, I called her but it went straight to voice mail

Me “dammnit!” I was already in the kitchen, car keys in my hand pacing up and down the house because I didnt know where’d she would go

Chase “whats wrong man?” I called Yoo Ran but her phone was on voicemail too, Yoona wasnt on call at the hospital, Yoo Ran was still living with her parents as far as I knew and Yoona would never go there because of the relations with her family, Seoul is a big city, how was I going to even find her? I cried out in frustration

Chase “man, calm down”

Me “Dont. Tell. Me. To calm down!” I heaved at him “you brought these people here and now my relationship could be over before it even started!” I bit my lower lip and tried calling her again but still no luck. I made the decision to go see Kang Yoo Ran, hopefully she would be at work and I’d get some answers




♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

Since Kang Yoo Ran had moved out of her parents place, it was decided that we’d be living together. So she dropped me off at her place, fully supporting my decision to leave Jude then left for work. To avoid thinking and hurting over Jude Howard, I made myself some popcorn, turned off my phone and sat in front of the tv. I ate then fell asleep. I was woken up by Kang Yoo Ran’s call

Me “what?”

YooRan “ya, your boyfriend came looking for you this morning” I sat up

Me “Blair Taylor was at the hospital?”

YooRan “of course, he was up in arms demanding your whereabouts”

Me “you didnt tell him did you?”

YooRan “what do you take me for! Of course I didnt…I just told him you didnt contact me then pretended to be worried about you and your whereabouts too” I smiled

Me “thats my girl”

YooRan “aaahh of course…yaaa, my acting is really top notch you know. I would have been a great actress if father hadnt decided I should be doctor ” I laughed

Me “thank you my friend”

YooRan “ya…dont just sleep all day uh? clean up a little and I expect to come home to a home cooked Hangul meal okay?” I chuckled

Me “as you wish lady of the house ”

YooRan “okay, I have to go…see you at home”

Me “annyeo” she hung up and I got up from the couch to take a long bath then dressed up comfortably. I was making myself a sandwich when the hospital called asking me to go yet again…jeez do these people not know the meaning of day off

To be continued…