Baby And Me Episode 27


Yoona “morning everyone” she smiled briefly but it didnt reach her eyes, she was definitely back to her cold unfeeling state of mind

Chase “Yoona, you look amazing!”

Yoona “thank you Chase” she walked past me and grabbed the car keys

Me “are you not staying for breakfast?”

Yoona “no”

Me “I made your favorite”

Yoona “then you and your friends enjoy it” then she headed for the door, I couldnt let her leave like that so I followed her out and grabbed her arm, she turned and removed my hand

Yoona “I’m having breakfast with Kang Yoo Ran”

Me “I dont care about breakfast Yoona, I want us to talk”

Yoona “not now, Yoo Ran hates to be kept waiting”

Me “baby…..” she looked right into my eyes but I saw nothing, not even a flicker of emotion

Yoona “what? Jude…I dont want to be late”

Me “yeah but this is much more important, its about us…I want to talk”

Yoona “about what? You being in bed with your ex? The ex you swore you hate?” Damn the girl was good, she kept her cool and if I didnt know better, I’d swear she didnt give a ****

Me “about that…I was drunk last night and she came in at a very inconvenient time, I was missing you and the whole time I was thinking about you, thinking it was you” she raised her eyebrow

Yoona “okay”

Me “what?”

Yoona “I said okay…can I go now?” She turned to leave but I held her hand

Me “Yoona..!”

Yoona “what now? I really need to go”

Me “your friend can wait, isnt this much more important?”

Yoona “mm lets see….my best friend and the boyfriend I caught f****** his ex…..yeah I think Yoo Ran is much more important right now”

Me “really? So thats it? You’re just going to pretend this whole thing doesnt affect you and avoid it? For how long huh? Hasnt your experience with your father taught you anything? You cant just bottle things up Yoona”

Yoona “you leave my father out of this you hear me? So what do you want Jude? You want me to tell you how hurt I am, how disappointed I am…you want me to break down in tears, get angry and throw things? You want me to tell you that your dumb explanation is bulls***? So what? You’re telling me that every time you drink, any girl that comes on to you, you will sleep with because you imagine its me? You know thats ****ed up right?” Even though she was telling me how she felt, her face and body language expressed that she wasnt affected at all

Me “I know that I ****ed up but please dont leave, lets talk about this”

Yoona “Yoo Ran is waiting for me, go deal with your issues Jude” I gasped

Me “issues? So now I have issues? I made one mistake Yoona”

Yoona “I’m leaving” she turned once again and I watched her walk to the car, get in and drive off

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♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I needed a time out, I couldnt be in the same room as all those people, what happened the previous night made me so angry and I didnt trust myself around them, I was so mad I wanted to kill someone. I wasnt meeting Yoo Ran, I just needed to be out of that house. I drove all the way to Samsung Deong and parked in front of the first restaurant I saw. A young man came to me and showed me to a table, I followed him and ordered a bottle of wine “something to eat?” I shook my head and waited for my wine

I had to clear my mind so I could think rationally about everything but I just couldnt, I found myself getting mad and unable to calm myself down like I normally did, the ****ed up part was that it sounded like Jude was mad at me, like what did he expect me to do, what kind of reaction did he want me to have? Did he want me to follow my instinct and beat Leila into a pulp? The first thing I wanted to do was pull her hair out but I decided to be a lady and keep my cool yet even that did not satisfy him….Mwo! I shouldnt bottle things up hahaha what a funny guy! Did he really think I’d explode on him? Whaaa…he wouldnt be able to handle me even if he tried…ch!

Sunbae “Seo Yoona?” I looked up and it was Choi Young Do, my superior at the hospital, the super hot doctor that had all the women falling over their feet for him

Me “sunbae?” I stood up and he flashed me his adorable sexy smile

Sunbae “may I join you?”

Me “of course” I sat back down and so did he

Sunbae “what are you doing all the way here in Samsung Deong, dont you live in Gangnam?”

Me “aahhh” I sighed “uhm, I just uh…I needed a little time out, so I found myself here”

Sunbae “whats wrong?”

Me “mm?”

Sunbae “you say you needed a time out, wanna talk about it?” I smiled faintly

Me “mm not really, its just you know…stuff at home”

Sunbae “aaahhh stuff at home? Those are the worst” I chuckled, the waiter came back with my bottle and a glass, I asked him to bring me another glass for Choi Young Do sunbae

Me “join me for a drink?”

Sunbae “sure”

Me “but then, what are you doing here? I thought you live in Gangnam too”

Sunbae “actually in Myeong Deong but I came here because I had to see a patient”

Me “aahh so have you already seen the patient?”

Sunbae “yes, I always come here for their choc chip pancakes for breakfast, they are the best”

Me “really? Then shall we get some? Do they go down well with a glass of sauvignoc blanc?” He chuckled

Sunbae “they go down well with anything”

Me “good ”

I spent the rest of the morning with Young Do sunbae and I had fun, even managed to calm my anger towards Jude down, at least he kicked that parasitic leech Leila out so I wouldnt have to deal with her. I could understand his mistake and even forgive him for screwing me over like that just as long as she wasnt going to be in the house, around me and most importantly around Jude.

Around lunch time, I went to have lunch with Yoo Ran just as we planned, Jude kept calling but I didnt take any of his calls, I just wanted to enjoy my day off without dealing with any drama. After my lunch with Yoo Ran I was called into the hospital because one of my patients had a relapse. I ended up spending the rest of my day at the hospital

Later on I had no where else to go but home, I was less angry and I had the peace of mind knowing that Leila was no longer at the house. I parked the car and went inside, you can imagine my disdain and annoyance when the first face I saw was Leila’s. The time was around 8pm so it was obvious that she wasnt going anywhere

Me “what are you doing here?” I asked her in the presence of Chase and Jason

Leila “what do you mean what am I doing here? I live here” I raised my eyebrow, she smiled “you didnt honestly think Jude would kick out the mother of his child now did you?” Chase stood up

Chase “Yoona…uh you have to understand, Jude really wanted to kick her out but then we convinced him not to because she has no where else to go” I wasnt understanding at all, I refused to understand why Leila was still at the house after everything that happened, there are plenty of hotels in Seoul she honestly couldnt go to one of them? I didnt even respond, I just walked up the stairs to my room

I kicked off my shoes and took off the shirt I was wearing, my bra followed then I threw myself onto the bed

Jude “may I come in” I sat up and he was standing at the door, I pulled the shirt and threw it on my body “where were you today? I was worried”

Me “I’m a big girl Jude, you dont have to worry about me”

Jude “of course but I cant help it”

Me “what exactly were you worried about?”

Jude “that you might not come back”

Me “I only came back because I thought Leila would not be here, if I had known then I wouldnt have bothered” he quickly walked in and sat on the bed next to me

Jude “I was ready to kick her out, even had her bags packed but then the boys convinced me to let her stay and she promised to follow the rules, she has no where to go and I just….”

Me “I honestly dont care” I interrupted him

Jude “how can you say that?”

Me “are there no hotels in Seoul? Why does she have to be here? Do I have to understand everytime she makes a move on you? I dont want to be understanding anymore Jude, Im not doing this”

Jude “she wont do it again, now she knows whats at stake if she tries that s*** again” I looked at him and shook my head

Me “you’re too nice you know that? And you know what sucks about nice guys? Its because they let girls like Leila walk all over them, taking advantage of them and to me, that looks weak and pathetic” he gasped

Jude “you’re saying that I’m weak and pathetic?”

Me ” you know what? I’m not going to argue or even pretend that I’m okay with this…I’m leaving”

Jude “what? You cant do that…what about Reign then?”

Me “I wont waste my time pretending to be a mother to a child that isnt mine because its only a matter of time before Leila warms her way back into your life, she takes away Reign and you’re back in the States”

Jude “baby, I promise you that wont happen”

Me “you also promised her being here would not affect us but then you slept with her, this morning you were up in arms kicking her out of your house but now you’re singing a different tune…how can I trust in that fickle promise when your mouth says one thing but you act in another way?”

Jude “Yoona….” he took my hands into his and I could see hurt in his eyes but I was hurting too, walking away was hard but I had to do it because by the way I was seeing things, Leila was never going to be out of our lives and she would finally get what she wanted

Me “I’m leaving…..” I pulled my hands out of his hold and stood up, walking to my bathroom

To be continued…