Baby And Me Episode 20


Yoona “your daddy is staring” she was talking to Reign, I smiled awkwardly

Me “I didnt make breakfast”

Yoona “Kinchana, I can grab something at the hospital” (Kinchana means its okay)

Me “want me to take you?”

Yoona “work?”

Me “the hospital is on the way” she smiled

Yoona “cool ” then she carried on playing with Reign. I finished my cereal and left the kitchen for my room. I gathered my things then I heard voices in the lounge, I assumed that Mrs Park had arrived

I went back out and I was right, Reign was already in her arms

Me “morning Mrs Park”

Park “morning Mr Taylor”

Me “uh…Yoona?”

Yoona “here!” She shouted from the top of the stairs, I just came to get my bag, we can go” she came running down the stairs

Me “bye baby” I kissed my daughter and gave Mrs Park a bow

Yoona “bye princess” she also kissed Reignie then we left

We drove to the hospital in silence mostly because Yoona was listening to music, Korean music is quite good guye let me tell you

Me “so….” she looked at me

Yoona “mm?”

Me “think you can handle it?”

Yoona “handle what?”

Me “what if your dad will be at the hospital again”

Yoona “I can handle my father” well she was right about that, she surely put up an act in front of her dad, it was the after effects of seeing her dad that worried me

Me “yes but, after you see him…you’re always in bad shape”

Yoona “lets not do this Blair Taylor” I sighed in exasperation, why wouldnt this girl just let me

Me “Yoona come on! We’re friends right?”

Yoona “yes”

Me “knowing what I know….I cant not say anything”

Yoona “pull over”

Me “what?”

Yoona “pull over!”

Me “uh okay….” I pulled the car into the side of the rode, she turned to look at me

Yoona “look, I want to be straight with you okay…I think you’re a really nice guy and yes we’re friends and boy am I grateful that you’re my friend but lets get one thing straight Blair Taylor, I am not your ordinary kind of friend. I am that kind of friend who likes to keep things casual, the kind of friend you can go to a soccer match with, drink with, go out with, have fun with and have a great time with…I am not the kind of friend who opens up about their past or their feelings and emotions because I am the type of person who likes to keep her s*** together at all times. I dont do the touchy feely stuff, I dont talk, I dont share or express what I’m feeling or how I’m feeling” she took a deep breath “yesterday you found out things about me and you saw a different side to me and most people who know what you know and have seen what you saw, always have this mentality that they can crack the complicated puzzle that is Seo Yoona, they think that they can help me become in touch with my feelings and they think they can save me…I absolutely hate people like that because I am fine just the way I am, I dont need help and I dont want to be saved. Yes I am ****ed up because of my family but I can handle my ****ed upness so please…let us not do this, okay?” I nodded, there were no words for me to speak, Seo Yoona clearly had her life figured out and I was fighting a losing battle.

In that moment I decided to just let the girl be and in due time she would explode because she was clearly a ticking time bomb so I just had to make sure that I was there to help pick up the pieces. If I couldnt help her deal with her pain then I would at least be a good friend to her and hopefully, she would feel about me, the way I felt about her. My beautiful cartoon eyes Korean chaebol

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♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

Blair Taylor dropped me off at the hospital and said goodbye with a smile, I had been worried that I was too harsh but it had to be said. I had to set the record straight to him so he wouldnt become the type of guy I totally hated, I liked living with Blair Taylor and little Brec, in such a short space of time, I found myself caring about them plus I enjoyed knowing that, after a rough day or a day when I just didnt feel like getting out of bed, Blair Taylor would be around and that would just brighten up my day, I still couldnt explain what that feeling was though.

I went to see Yoo Ran and she was making progress everyday, the machines were gone, no more huge bandages around her head even the bruises on her face were disappearing and there was hope she would wake up any day now.

I stayed with her for the rest of the hour then kissed her on the forehead

Me “you better be awake next time I come here” I scolded her then I left. In the passage, I unfortunately bumped into that rapist and pathetic excuse of a human being. I had wondered how much time I had before I saw him at the hospital too, going in there to show his fake concern to Dr Kang, what an a****le!

Tae Ho “well well well! Isnt this a sweet sight for sore eyes, my long lost sister! How long as it been Yoona? 5 years?” I didnt respond nor did I even look at him, I just kept walking. He grabbed my arms “I’m talking to you, didnt you hear me?!” I turned and punched him in the face, he fell to the floor and bled instantly

Me “touch me again and I will kill you for real this time then dance in your blood!” I stepped on his foot as I walked off, he cried out and with reason because I was wearing a heeled boot

Father “Seo Yoona?!” I looked up

Me “you stay the hell away from me” I passed by him too

Father “his name is Jude Howard!” He shouted at me, I stopped “or was…Jude Howard” I started walking again because the name Jude Howard meant nothing to me “that man you live with…his real name is Jude Howard, at least thats what it was before he faked his own death and came here” I stopped but didnt turn to look at him “you dont anything about him do you Yoona? You’re living with a complete stranger who’s name you dont even know…..he is a con-artist who robs people of their money…thats how he used to make a living and why he had to fake his death and run to Korea” I slowly turned to face him

Me “then…how do you know all this father?”

Father “you think I’d let my child continue to live with a man that I dont know? I did an intensive background check on him. Your boy is good and covering his tracks but I had to go to all the trouble of bringing in someone from Japan and he uncovered everything”

Me “so what?”

Father “so what? What do you mean so what? You are shacking up with some American boy you dont even know! Did you hear me say he’s a con artist?!” I walked over to him

Me “it doesnt matter what he is or who he is….nothing could ever be worse that the father who let a pathetic low life get away with raping his daughter repeatedly. Its a little too late to pretend to be the caring father now Chairman Seo, you’re my innocence being taken from me a little too late” I turned and left without another word

So Blair Taylor is actually Jude Howard? I was surprised and not sure whether my father was telling the truth but somehow, I wasnt disappointed by the possibility that he was living a lie here in Korea. Honestly….what is this feeling

To be continue next weekend