Baby And Me Episode 18


Blair Taylor♡♡♡

For someone who said she would be back soon, Yoona surely took her time, 2 hours were gone and she still wasnt back yet, I wondered if she had bump into her father again, I knew that would definitely throw her off the radar. I was about to go out to the hospital when she finally walked in

Me “where have you been?” She sat on the couch

Yoona “Seoul”

Me “what? I thought….wait, did you see your father again? Was he at the hospital?”

Yoona “annyeo….I’m fine Blair Taylor, Just tired thats all” (annyeo means No)

Me “are hungry then?”

Yoona “I could eat something” I smiled, that girl never says no to food….I went to the kitchen to fix us up a light snack.

My phone rang and it was an American number, my heart leaped to my throat, why the **** would I be getting calls from America because I was basically dead in their books. I stared at it for a long time until it stopped ringing

Yoona “everything okay?”

Me “yeah”

Yoona “then who was calling?”

Me “huh?”

Yoona “your phone is ringing again” I looked at it and it was the same number calling me “Blair Taylor!” I shook my head to bring me back to reality and decided to take the call

Caller “hey Jude! Whats up man, did you get your money?”

Me “Chace? What is going on?! You’re in the St…..” then I realised Yoona was still in the room “hold on a sec” I briskly walked to my room “you’re in the States?”

Chace “yeah! I’m in New York…I had some business to take care of”

Me “what business would that be for you to risk your life” he laughed

Chace “calm down man! You’re still on that? Those people have moved on with their lives, I even went to see Richard….he forgot all about what happened!”

Me “what? How could he just forget?”

Chace “the brain is a great thing isnt it? It can be so easily manipulated, a little hypnosis and he didnt even remember the names Jude Howard”

Me “you hypnotized him?!”

Chace “I had no choice! I got the best in the business back in Brazil and he worked his magic….”

Me “why would you do that?”

Chace “so we can both come back home man….you’re free to come back home now” I kept quiet, when we first moved here, all I did was try to find ways to go back home but with Richard still around, it was difficult but now I had grown quite fond of Korea and there was also Yoona, the more I stayed in Korea, reasons why I should stay kept popping up

Chace “did you hear me man? You can come home with your daughter”

Me “I heard you”

Chace “oh! Huh…you will never guess who came back looking for you!”

Me “who?”

Chace “Leila! Your ex came looking for you and Reign”

Me “how do you know that?”

Chace “its New York man…besides you’re the one who’s a dead man here….when I came back I went to see Jason…he told me about Leila”

Me “what did she want”

Chace “aahh something about making mistakes, wanting her old life back, second chances and blaaahhh!”

Me “oh so now she wants her daughter? The same daughter she left on my doorstep with nothing but a dumb note?! That girl is something else I tell you!”

Chace “apparently she cant stop crying after hearing that you died in Italy 7 months ago”

Me “what? She really is some special kind of horrible breed! How dare she even cry for me” I rolled my eyes

Chace “yeah, thats what I thought too…so are you coming back then?” I scratched my head

Me “I dont know man, uh….if I do then I have to explain to Jase and everyone else why I faked my death…I need a little time” time to make Yoona fall so deep in love with me she would follow me to the ends of the earth…well just the States if I ever decided to go back. I needed that girl to be in my life and I couldnt just up and leave, not when she was dealing with so much and was in obvious pain

Chace “alright man…but I must say it sure does feel good to be around my people again” I chuckled

Me “yeah yeah ” he cut the call and I went back to the kitchen. Yoona was already eating

Yoona “everything okay?”

Me “yeah” she nodded and took her bread then went to sit down. She had already finished making my sandwich too so I just sat down and ate, laughing to myself about how Leila couldnt stop herself from crying after she heard Reign and I were supposedly dead…what a cow!

The doorbell rang while we were eating in silence well the tv was on

Yoona “I’ll get it, must be one of your friends” she went to open the door without checking first

Me “always check first!”

Yoona “sorry! I forgot”

Me “its okay” she waited by the door to see who it was.

First a really tall guy walked in, he wore a black suit and had this stern look on his face, Yoona moved back and then her father followed, she froze

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Chairman “so this is where you live” he said, looking at his daughter “its been really hard to track you since you stopped living on the streets”

Yoona “then how did you find me now?” She finally asked

Chairman “I followed you from the hospital…you sure get around well Yoona” she had this cold hard expression on her face, I had never seen that before even though she hardly expressed emotions

Yoona “what are you doing here father? Didnt I make myself clear enough yesterday? Why follow me all the way here?”

Chairman “how do you think I’m supposed to let you go now that I have found you? Yoona…you need to let go of the past now, its time you came home”

Yoona “home? Do you even know the definition of that word father? It may still be a home to you and your family but to me…it stopped being a home the day mom died! How dare you even come here and say stuff like that with a straight face. Its been 5 years father. 5 Years And now suddenly you cant leave without me?” She was cold and unfeeling as though the man standing before her was a complete stranger and not her father

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Chairman “Yoona.a….when will you keep punishing me huh? A daughter doesnt even know her father’s heart….just because I took care of Tae OH a little more now you think I loved him more?”

Me “I dont care what it was father or who you loved more…I just want you to leave and never come back. I told you yesterday…carry on and live your life, dont look back on what you let go, just hold on to what you were so desperate to hold on to that you treated me so badly” at this point I was feeling awkward and I knew I had to leave the room

Me “I’ll give you some space” the Chairman looked at me and I left the room and retreated to mine

Chairman “you’re living with a man? Who is he?” I could still hear them

Yoona “could you please just go?”

Chairman “you live here with a man! Yoona are you out of your mind!”

Yoona “please okay…just go and never come back. I dont want to see you”

Chairman “I am your father Yoona”

Yoona “you lost that title and right to me at the age of 14 when you let that b****** touch me and didnt do anything about it!” My mouth fell open as I gasped

Chairman “Seo Yoona….”

Yoona “you let him put his dirty filthy disgusting hands on me and did nothing. You knew what he was doing to me, how he was hurting me, how he was damaging me but you said nothing….” silence fell and I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces, tears welled up in my eyes as I digested what Yoona was saying, how does a father just sit back and do nothing for his own child when she was being abused

Chairman “Yoona….” he just kept saying her name unable to justify his appaling actions, I felt like going in there and punching him in the face for letting that b****** even go anywhere near Yoona

Yoona “he raped me…since I was 14….he raped me over and over again and you did nothing…you let him hurt me….so how dare you even come here today and stand there acting like a father who cares about me and my wellbeing when you let that monster get into my bed and rape me” she wasnt shouting or anything, her voice was still cold and unfeeling, it carried no emotion as though the rape thing no longer affected her or maybe it was what made her so emotionally paralysed

Yoona “you let it carry on for years then when suddenly your precious son was in danger you took action”

Chairman “you tried to kill him…he almost bled to death! What was I supposed to do?”

Yoona “if you were a real father to me, you should have stopped him or let the b****** die instead of going out of your way to protect him and his witch of a mother instead of being there and protecting your own child”

Chairman “you have to understand…the scandal, it would have ruined us…all of us”

Yoona “just leave Chairman Seo okay? And from now on please dont refer to me as your daughter because I’m no child of yours so, please just go” I was still so astounded by how she was able to keep so calm and cold throughout that whole conversation yet I was in that room with my blood at a boiling point. I heard footsteps, the door open and close then I took that as my cue to get out of the bedroom

Yoona was standing in the middle of them room, she looked at me with cold eyes

Me “Yoona….” my voice was pained

Yoona “not now Blair Taylor, I’m not in the mood” then she walked up the stairs

To be continued…