Baby And Me Episode 14


JinHo “yes, those are all the places Chairman Seo is sometimes known to be staying at when he goes out for business. He has offices in China and Japan, even in America. His daughter studied in the States for a couple of years when his first wife was still alive” I looked at Yoona and she was getting restless, even though she was denying it, the puzzle pieces were coming together but if Chairman Seo was her daddy then why would she be running away from that?

Yoona “I have a headache, Im going to rest for a bit” she walked upstairs and Hye Jung gasped

Hye Jung “she lives here?” I looked at her

Me “no…she’s in a bit of a situation so I’m letting her stay for a few days”

JinHo “how did you meet her?”

Me “uh guys…I’m sorry but I dont think I can hang out tonight”

JinHo “okay but there is something I want to talk to you about”

Me “uh okay”

JinHo “in private”

Me “okay, you guys be comfortable while I talk to Hyung okay?” Hyung and I walked upstairs to the room connected to the terrace. I lit up the fire and we sat down

JinHo “how do you know her?”

Me “what?”

JinHo “that girl? She is definitely Seo II Joong’s daughter”

Me “how do you know that?”

JinHo “I saw her once, it wasnt a formal meeting but I did see her, how do you know her?”

Me “on the street….wait, hyung… are you trying to tell me that Yoona is the daughter of Chairman Seo?”

JinHo “I am almost sure of it”

Me “but that doesnt make any sense…why would she run from a rich father like that and choose to live on the street?” Then I remembered her words ( you know…some people might say that the life I am living now is a choice I made of my own free will…but for me, if I have to compare my life right now to what it used to be, I think I am well better off”) what did she mean by that?

JinHo “I dont know, who knows anything about these rich kids? Maybe she wanted attention but the Chairman didnt even bother looking for her when she left and she must have felt stupid and decided not to come back home

Me “that would explain so many things about her, she is definitely someone with a rich background”

JinHo “look man, you need to get that girl out of your house” I frowned

Me “why?”

JinHo “she is nothing but trouble, she used to be a notorious troublemaker even back in the day, when her father remarried after her mom passed, she became a total rebel, causing trouble everywhere, getting into fights…I dont know how many schools she got kicked out off before she disappeared…I heard she was shipped off to China”

Me “where she says she lived for a couple of years”

JinHo “exactly…look man, you dont want to have some strange girl living in your house, she might uncover things about you…like your real identity and who knows what she will do with that info”

Me “what could she possibly do? Come on…hyung?”

JinHo “I dont know…just…get rid of her” he turned and walked out of the door leaving me to digest the new info that I had just come across.

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Later on they left and I went to find Yoona in her room, she was lying on her back and looking up at the ceiling

Me “hey” she looked at me then sat up

Yoona “hey”

Me “may I come in?”

Yoona “its your house”

Me “right” I went to sit on the bed and looked at her “I’m sorry if my friends made you feel uncomfortable back there”

Yoona “they didnt, I’m just not a very….social person” I nodded

Me “right…it just kind of seemed like you knew the Chairman and maybe he is indeed your…..”

Yoona “I dont know him!” She abruptly cut me off before I could finish

Me “but JinHo hyung seems to think you’re his daughter, he even said that he saw you once before you were sent away to live in China” her eyes widened

Yoona “he must be mistaking me with someone, just because we share the same family name doesnt mean we’re related”

Me “I know that but he’s really adamant”

Yoona “I dont know, look Blair Taylor….” I chuckled, she was the only person who called me like that

Me “you dont have to hide anything from me Yoona…if he’s your father then its okay”

Yoona “is it really Blair Taylor? Are you saying that if I admit that Chairman Seo II Joong is my dad then it will be okay?”

Me “yes!” I confirmed with a firm nod

Yoona “so you wont ask me why I ran away from home? Despite having a chaebol as my father?” I was quiet for a moment then…

Me “earlier today you said that if you had to compare your life with the one you lived back then and the one you live now, you’re much better off. What did you mean” she kept quiet “did something happen? Something that caused you to leave your home?” She let out a small sarcastic laugh

Yoona “home huh? Its funny how that term is used so loosely nowadays…look Blair Taylor, like I said before, let us not burden each other with our life stories. Yes Chairman Seo is my father and thats that”

Me “Yoona….”

Yoona “I’d like to sleep please”

Me “okay” I stood up “goodnight” I left the room and walked down to the kitchen, I took out a beer and sat down.

I was fully aware that she wouldnt open up to me immediately but I was going to build up her trust in me so that she would be able to tell me everything about her…I was already so drawn to her, I just wanted to know everything there was to know about her. Why would anyone run from such a rich father, all my life I had wished that my real parents would find me and they would be super rich and I wouldnt have to suffer anymore but here Yoona was…throwing away the dream that most people have, to have a rich family and never want for anything again! Was JinHo hyung right? Did she really run away because she was a spoilt brat of a troublemaker who couldnt handle the fact that her daddy remarried so she wanted attention and ran away or did something really big and bad happen to her that made her leave her father and never look back? In due time I was willing to work very hard in getting answers for all my questions…..

The following day I woke up and went to check on my daughter, she was awake and not crying for a great change. I picked her up and we walked to the kitchen and Yoona wasnt there. I thought maybe she was sleeping so I fed Reign, put her down and made breakfast. When I was done, Yoona still did not come down so I went to check on her, I knocked on the door but there was no answer so I slowly pushed my way in. I walked in softly calling out her name, when I was fully in the room, I was met by a fully made up bed and a note that said “thanks for everything” and with that…I knew she was gone.

Maybe I had pushed too hard but then again…people with secrets can never stay put right?

To be continued…