As You Make Your Bed Episode 8


“Ifeoma, do you know you are a very beautiful girl?” Ifeoma’s face blushed; she smiled and fingered her ears shyly.
“Thank you,” she forced a reply.
“What are you thanking me for?” the man asked, and nudged forward towards her, “You should answer me, and not thank me,” he said with a smile.
Ifeoma had be warned by her parents to always beware of the male folks. Her mother however, did not tell her in details what was expected of her to do when she was faced by an opposite s-x in a secluded place or when they make attempt to come close to her unnecessarily. Her mothers word kept ringing deep down in her mind. She was scared of the man, though she was enjoying the soft words from Ikenna. She just listened to him. Ikenna who held in his hand, Mathematics textbook moved closer to her and dropped the textbook on the bench on which they sat. He touched Ifeoma’s hands and held it, feeling the tenderness of her skin. At this point , Ifeoma felt uncomfortable with his domineering presence. She tried to remove her hands from his, but his hands tightened in a firm grip.
“Ifeoma, I am beginning to fall in love with you. What do you think?” Mr. Ikenna said, his eyes rested on her innocent eyes.
“Uncle Ikenna, I am just scared. My mother has always warned me to beware of the male folk, especially bad boys.” she replied shyly.
“I am not a boy, but a man. Am I a bad man?” Ikenna asked with betrayal in his voice.
“No, you don’t look like a bad person. It’s just that I don’t feel comfortable with this. If my parents get to hear of this, I will be in trouble. My father is a very strict and I don’t want to disobey him,” she shyly replied. Ikenna ignored her, and pushed his face forward towards her, feeling her breath. He looked straight into her eyes.
” I love you very much,” Ikenna said, and as he wanted to plant his mouth on hers, she turned her face away. Just then, Ifeoma’s youngest brother Chukwudi ignorantly ran into the place. His presence prevented Ikenna from having his way with the girl. Startled at what he saw, Chukwudi ran off almost immediately towards their mother to report what he had just seen. Ifeoma had been in a corner of the compound, taking her supposed extramural lessons from her teacher, Uncle Ikenna. When Chukwudi returned to the place to monitor her behaviour, as their mother, had instructed him, he saw what shocked him. Ifeoma had moved closer to the man and was in a warm embrace with him. The boy ran to inform her mother of the unfolding drama.
“What!” Her mother jumped from her position and made for where Ifeoma was having the extramural lesson with the man.
“Ifeoma! Ifeoma! Where is that stupid, good for nothing girl?” she said furiously as she re-knotted her wrapper in readiness to confront the man. Just then, Ifeoma slowly walked into the house, like a chicken that had been drenched by rain. Her mother walked up to her and lashed her mercilessly with words.
“Where is that useless man that called himself lesson teacher? where is that dog of a man?” the angry woman squinted, in search of Ikenna, who himself had escaped when he noticed the scene, his action had created. The woman slapped her daughter on the chin when she didn’t see the man.
“Mummy, please let me be,” Ifeoma retorted and fired back, “Why did you slap me on the chin? You didn’t even care to find out if what Chukwudi told you was true. Instead, you acted on his blind accusation.” She looked at her mother scornfully and hissed, infuriating the woman the more. She gave her another slap, this time on the back. The sound was so loud that it attracted by standers. She barked at her daughter, “Ifeoma, you are a very stupid girl. Look at this idiot I carried in my womb for nine months. This little brat of yesterday,” Her eyes popped in their sockets in anger. “I will deal with you mercilessly.”