Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 78


Kiara p.o.v

He was laying on his elbow. Just staring at me, waiting for me to fall asleep.

But, did I fall asleep?


I was too busy playing with his cross necklace, that was dangling from his neck.

I couldn’t help it.

It was just so pretty.

Kyle sighed, but didn’t dare

to remove his eyes from me.

I looked up at him, smiling cheekily when I realized he was still looking.

I blushed deep red and covered my face in his chest.

Kyle chuckled.

“Stop that.” I whined.

“Stop what?”

“Stop staring at me like that.”

“Staring? But I wasn’t staring at you.”

“Yes, yes you were?” I squeaked, pushing his chest slightly.

“So stop. It’s weird.”

Kyle shook his head,

“It’s not weird. You are just embarrassed.” He teased.

“I am not.” I argued back.

“How would you know anyway. ”

“Because, I know. And you are embarrassed because you like it when I look at you like that, but you are just too shy to admit it.”

I rolled my eyes, and mumbled.

“Shut up, Kyle.”

Kyle took my hand in his and kissed each of my fingers, then my forehead.

“Three days, babe.” He stated, his voice a whisper.

I nodded, tensing up.

“I know.”

Three days.

Three days until the wedding.

Three days until I tie the knot.

Three days until I’m officially not single anymore.

Three days until my life would be so much different that it ever was before.

Three days until my last name becomes Kyle.

Three days until I’m absolutely and completely Kyle’s wife.

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“Are you scared?” He asked me, furrowing his eyes brows.

“You don’t have to you know. I’m not going to leave you, ever. And I won’t cancel the wedding. I mean, I’m going to say ‘I do’ obviously. So it’s okay. You don’t have to be afraid…”

“Kyle,” I stopped him, smiling.

“I am scared. But you seem even more scared now.”

He didn’t say anything, so I simply lifted myself up and pecked his lips.

“Can we just…can we just go to sleep now, please?” He ran his fingers through my hair, causing shivers to run up my body.

“I’m really tired. And so are you. ”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his down, connecting his lips with mine.

He kissed back, sliding his tongue inside my mouth, but I pushed him away before it got too heated. He dug his head in my neck and wrapped his arms around my waist, so that he was on top of me now.

“I would have killed her.” He mumbled, making my face go pale.

I knew who he was talking about.

How could I not when he wouldn’t stop talking about her these past two weeks.

I sighed, playing with his hair.

“She was being naive. She was in love. You can’t blame her for wanting you like that.”

“Kiara, just shut up and stop picking her side.”

“I’m not picking Andrea’s side, Kyle. I’m just saying. There is no need for you to be thinking things like that. About killing her, I mean.”

Kyle kissed my cheek, before adding in.

“She wasn’t being naive. Andrea wasn’t in love with anyone. Not me or micheal. She didn’t love me. Whenever she looked at me or Michael, it was just lust. Yeah, just lust. That’s why I was so disgusted with her ” he paused.

“She is just another whore.”

“You can’t say that…”

“Yes, I can.” He intertuped me, his voice sharp and deep.

“Because it’s true. Kiara, I know you don’t like it when I call people such things, but sometimes…it’s the truth. And you just have to realize that. ” he kissed my nose and glanced at me again.

“I can’t believe you are not reporting her. I mean, Maxwell is only serving a one year term but…still. You could have at least reported Andrea for being behind all this.

I shrugged,

” she is…I mean, I don’t know, okay. But ,after that public humiliation you and the guys did to her the other day, I don’t think she will be doing anything else bad. ” I giggled.

Kyke laughed,


Yeah, Andrea was badly embarrassed in public.

In front of millions of people.

She was confronted in the mall, where tons of people were already watching.

Apparently she was having s3x with another guy at the mall, and Jonas had caught them and sent her running out of their hiding area.

She ended up coming out into the lobby with clothes she had stolen from a mini shop to cover herself up considering she couldn’t find her original clothes

The employees got all mad and went all out at her. And worst part was, more than two dozen people were recording what happened.

The guys had mocked her, and Jonas ended up recording too.

I thought it was cruel at first, and didn’t talk to any of them for days.

But then, I guess she deserved it.

Hey, at least she didn’t get ràped.


Kyle took my hand again, and put my ring finger in between his thumb and index finger. He held it up and kissed it.

Then stared back at me.

“Three days, and you are all mine. ”