Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 71


Kyle’s P.O.V

“Godzilla” Jonas held up the movie lazily, cocking his head for an answer.

“We haven’t watched this yet?”

“Yo, you are f****ng lame. That movie probably sucks liked the old one?” Bryan threw his arms in the air slamming his dirty feet covered in dirty grey socks on the glass table.

“What’s wrong with you?”

It was only a matter of days until kiara and I wedding.

I was scared.

Hey, yeah I was more afraid than ever.

Actually we had gotten a lot of things ready for the wedding.

We already had the dresses and suits, bridesmaid and groomsmen, the wedding venues, receptionist, invitations etc.

Kiara and I hang our two days earlier, and the guys thought I should have a day to myself.

So Ash,Jonas, Bryan and I were chilling at my house.

“Can you guys chill for once?” I rolled my eyes.

“Just pick a goddman movie or get out of my house. I can’t stand you guys arguing over stupid things like this.”

“Us, arguing over stupid things?” Bryan scoffed.

“You are the one who claims to not take three hours deciding to put on an outfit, When you do!”

“Hey, it’s okay to want to make a good impression, alright?”

Ash snickered,

“The only person you want to make a good impression on now is kiara, dumbas$, dude, you are a whipped. ”

“I just care about her that is all. ” I shrugged.

I wasn’t whipped.

I just really loved kiara, but that definitely does not make me whipped.

“I’m not whipped. ”

“Sure.” Jonas rolled his eyes.

I turned to him lazily but looked at him with a stern face.

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“You just fall in love with a girl first then come back and tell me you are whipped. ” I sighed and turned back to the television, not caring to get off the sofa I was sprawled out in.

I heard the other guys whistle and ‘ooh’ at my remark, but I just Ignored it.

I pulled my hoodie over my head, so that it covered half of my face and closed my eyes.

I was tired.

I wanted to sleep and I wanted kiara here.

But she was out with shana, Sarah, Jane and Ashely, her friends from back in Georgia. If she was here, she would have watch some sappy romance movie or sh*t, but it’s better than hearing these guys right over a stupid movie.

After a while, the boys started yelling, screaming and throwing things.

They decided on watching Tyler Perry’s Madea Christmas, but I had already watched that so, I was planning on falling asleep.

It wasn’t until after the movie was halfway over that I couldn’t hear anything, or see anything anymore. And then, I was out like light.

“Kyle,” a soft voice called my name,but I could only hear faintly.

“Kyle, wake up.”

I shuffed my body the other way when I didn’t hear anything anymore, I felt myself drift back to Unconsciousness…. That is until, I felt soft pokes on my cheek.

“Kyle, wake up”

Annoyed, I slammed my fist on either side of me and bolted up in my spot, only to come to face to face with the girl covering her face out of terror.

“Kiara ?” I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into me.

My hoodie was still over my head, but not covering my whole face.

“When did you come back? And where did you girls go?”

She uncovered her face, dropping her hands, as I grabbed her leg and put them on top of my lap.

“Your friends left a while ago, and I cams back like half an hour ago. But, you were asleep and you wouldn’t wake up.” She said shrugging.

I looked around tiredly, noticing no one in the house but kiara and I.

I slipped my hands in my back pocket and pulled out my phone checking the time.


I might as well go back to sleep.

I noticed kiara was already in her pj’s.

I was too lazy to go upstairs so, instead, I sprawled out on the sofa reaching my arms out for kiara.

She crawled in next to me and I pulled her thigh over mine.

Her arms were wrapped around my neck, once mine around her waist.

“Kyle Johnson?” She asked, using my full name.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

She only does that when something is serious.

“Yeah, love?”

Kiara didn’t say anything for a while.

A long while actually.

But when she did all she said was,

“No, never mind. I…I forgot.”

I knew she was lying but considering we were both tired, I decided to leave that.

The thing was, I didn’t sleep so quickly after that.

something told me she was hiding something.

She never uses my full name unless it’s because she wants to say a ‘love you’ or if I did something wrong. Or if she is angry or serious and I don’t think it was because she wanted to say ‘I love you’.

I sighed and looked down at her sleeping dace grimming softly, I kissed the top of her head.

I looked back at her, and even though we were in the dark, it didn’t take long for me to realize that there was a red mark on her cheek.

A bright red mark, a bright, red hard mark.

She must definitely not telling me something.

She should be.

either she hit her self , which is highly unlikely or somebody…..hurt my queen.