Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 28



~~~Flashback still continues ~~~

He looked in my eyes again, staring into them.

And before I knew it, a slow smile crept on his face.

A smile that said….


And I couldn’t help but smile back at that.

“Kiara,” He began with a whisper.

“I know you still hate me.” His eyes showed a hint of hurt but his smile didn’t fade yet.

I felt a pain of guilt run through inside of me as he said that.

“But, I know you still love me.”

That glow in his eyes returned just as those words left his lips, causing both of us to smile again.

He rested his forehead against mine, closing his eyes, his lips brushing against mine.

“Tell me you love me.” He mumbled.

I took in a breath,

“No.” I shook my head.

Kyle sighed, but nodded.

“But, I don’t hate you.” I smiled.

Kyle ran his fingers through his wet hair.

“Well…” he began.

“If you don’t love me, or don’t hate me, then you like me.”

I nodded, unsure.

“Good.” He said again, with a smile.

“Can I ask you something then?”

“Go on.” I motioned for him to continue.

“Well, if a guy named kyle were to ask you something, would you accept?” He bit his lip.

I raised my eyebrows,

“What is this ‘something’?” I questioned.

Kyle sighed, ruffling his dark brown hair before looking into my eyes.

“W…Will you be mine?” His smile faded and a worried expression replaced it.

So many thoughts ran through my mind.

Should I?

After all he has done?

I didn’t know the answer to my own questions, until I realized something.

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He was trying.

He really was trying.

He wanted this relationship to work out.

He wanted this marriage to work.

And there is no point in denying anyway, because we were forced into this marriage, with no divorces allowed.

I guess… this is worth it.

And I have to admit, my feelings never left me I guess.

I looked up at kyle again, a smiling lingering on my lips.

“Yes, I will.” His eyes sparkled as he picked me up and spun me around.

“I swear kiara, you won’t regret this. Never.” I giggled as he crashed his lips into mine, giving me another taste of those sparks he gave me.

~~~End of Flashback~~~

I sighed, walking down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I found kyle in front of the stove, cooking something.

It smelled like pancakes so, I took that as my guess.

My hair was still wet from the shower I just took, but I felt good.

I played with the hem of my shirt as I walked up to kyle.

“Are you making breakfast?” I asked him.

Kyle turned to me and nodded.

“Mhm. Chocolate pancakes.”

My face lit up like a Christmas tree after he said that.

Chocolate pancakes!

“YOU CAN COOK?!” I practically screamed into his ear.

“And chocolate pancakes!” I beamed, grabbing his shirt collar.

Kyle laughed, nodding in response.

He grabbed my waist and kissed the tip of my nose, causing me to scrunch it.

“You are too cute.”

I smiled as he kissed my lips, gripping me tighter.

He bit my lip, making me moan.

It wasn’t until after that, I realized we should stop.

After breakfast, I felt the need to go shopping.

So, that’s exactly what I decided to do.

“Hey kyle?” I asked him, as I walked into the kitchen where he was playing a game on his phone .

“Can I go to the mall today?”

“Can I go to the mall today?”

“I’m going with you.” He immediately replied, resulting me to raise my eyebrow.

“I…I…I…mean…”He scratched the back of his neck before sighing.

“There are a lot of guys there and everything so…” He trailed off, making me giggle and nod.

I grabbed my purse and stared at him in his red V-neck, black skinnies, and Jordans shoes.

“You coming?”

Kyle flashed me a smile before coming over to me and heading out with me, but not before intertwining our hands together.