Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 27



“Kiara.” A deep, husky voice called.

“Kiara,” He said again, poking my side.

I groaned quietly, shoving the hand away.

A groggy chuckle trickled in my ear, causing a small smile to grow on my lips as I felt the butterflies in my tummy.

“Wake up kiara” The voice said again, and it felt as if he was less than an inch away from me.

I groaned loudly this time, shaking my head while still half asleep.

“No!” I whined.

I felt the presence come closer to me, wrapping his muscular arms around my waist, his forehead touching mine.

Slowly, I peeled my eyes open to the blinding morning light.

But, the first thing I saw… wasn’t a thing.

.”Wake up, kiara” He whispered, staring into my eyes.

I blushed deeply before groaning again, trying to get out of his grip.

“I….I want sleeeep!” My face was hidden in the pillow under me, and I pulled the covers over my head, only for them to be yanked off my entire body.

I immediately jolted up as the cool air hugged me, glaring at the person who took my covers off.

“KYLE !” I screamed, but Kyle only laughed as he plopped himself on the bed.

He crawled in closer to me so that our faces were really close to each other.

“I wanted sleep, kyle.” I said again.

Kyle smiled softly, brushing a small strand of hair out of my face, and leaning in to kiss me.

Okay, so now I know that you are over-the-top confused, right?

Well, let us just say a few things happened last night after the kiss.

A lot of things.

Wonderful things.

Things that I had once upon a time imagined.

Something every girl do dream about

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~~~ Flashback ~~~

I stood there, in the pouring rain, as complete numbness took over my body.


That’s how I felt, and what I was.

I got utterly lost in thought as my lips slowly molded in with his.

Kyle’s .

I couldn’t believe this was happening…again!

And to make it worse, I couldn’t stop the kiss this time.

I was too lost in it, way too lost to stop it.

In fact, I was enjoying it.

I liked the kiss.

And, to make it worse, I felt those same fireworks and sparks in the kiss again.

The ones that I loved.

I melted when kyle cupped my face the way he did.

The way he looked at me before he kissed me, when he said “shut up” to me.

When he danced in the rain with me tonight even though I knew he didn’t want to.

Those smiles he gave me today.

Everything he did for me tonight.

And that was when I knew.

I couldn’t deny it anymore.

I’m beginning to fall in love with him……all over again.

I’m beginning to love him like I once upon a time did.

It took a very long while before kyle pulled away, his hands still on my face, mine on his chest.