Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 23



“So, I will be honest with you when I say I have never really done these things before. These dates, I mean….” He said, still looking at me.

I creased my eyebrows.

“What?” I began.

“B….but, you were like the one guy in High School that every girl wanted to date. And didn’t you go out with a lot of girls then?” I inquired, confused.

What did he mean he never did dates before?

“U…um, actually kiara…” Kyle trailed off, his eyes wandering everywhere around me.

“I….I, I never actually dated any girl in High School.”

“What do you mean? I thought you….”

Kyle’s voice grew quiet as he said the next few words, and his face fell.

“I was a player, love.”

My breath hitched.

He is lying.

He had to be lying.

He was supposed to be the sweetheart everyone thought he was.

He had to be lying!

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“W….What do you mean? A player, I mea…mean.” I stuttered dumbly, like I hadn’t heard him the first time.

Kyle still didn’t look at me.

He only looked down, like he was…ashamed.

“I know you don’t believe me, right?” He paused, then looked back into my eyes.

“But, why don’t you?”

Because I fell in love with a completely different kyle and this one never existed.

I wanted to say.

“I mean, you should have figured that out by now. That day you… you know… you should have realized that I wasn’t that “sweetheart” I acted like I was.” He explained, referring ‘day’ to when I confessed.

“No one exactly kn…knew about me being a p…player, just the girls I dumped did. And…”

“Stop.” I demanded, too much was going through my head right now.

“Can I get this straight please?”

Kyle stared at me but nodded shortly after.

“All throughout high school, you were the most popular guy in town. Except, everyone believed you were that nice kind of popular. But, no one knew that you… yo…you went behind their backs and practically pla…played with gir…girls hearts.”

He nodded, his face falling by how I described him.

“You mean, yo…you never really da….dated those girls I have seen you ki..kiss and… snog in the hallways? You just pre….pretended you liked them, had…” I paused, heat rising to my cheeks for what I was about to say next.

“…s…sex with them, and then le..left them? Th….that is what you di…did?” I finished off, my voice shaky.

I have heard of guys like him.

Damn, I knew guys like him!

But, I never thought he would be one of them.