Are You Allergic?



Have you ever tried a new face cream or body lotion and then broken out in pimples or a raw red rash?

They can be really painful and upsetting. Plus they don’t allow your makeup sit well on you face. You may be allergic to a specific ingredient in the product you’re using.

Allergic reactions are quite common, but wouldn’t you like to know which ingredients are the main suspects and which symptoms to look out for? Let’s discover what you should avoid when choosing a beauty product.

Allergic reactions occur when the skin is exposed to certain compounds and generally look like well-demarcated scaly red patches. They can also be associated with itching, burning, or swelling. The eyelids tend to be the most common areas affected because the skin is thinner.

These reactions are most likely caused by preservatives, like parabens, such as gold sodium thiosulfate, nickel sulfate, and neomycin. And to treat these irritated areas? Stop using all topical products, makeup, and eye-drops for at least a week. Use only mild soap, gentle skin cleansers, aloe vera gel and moisturizers like Vaseline, or Vaniply (you can find them at any drugstore) to make the area a little less dry and flaky.

If the rash seems to be getting worse, see your dermatologist for a prescription to treat the reaction. Some people may also undergo skin allergy testing to identify the trigger. Once your skin has cleared up, slowly start using your usual products to try to identify the offender.

Always remember to take care of yourself ladies. No one else would do it better than you.

Source: Kamdora