Reminiscing about an issue that occurred in my house sometime ago got me laughing but yet, revealed something to me. I sent my brother to buy me bread. Upon his return, I  gave him an appreciable proportion of the bread.(at least I thought it was). I was shocked at his reaction; he looked at me, then at the bread, back at me and walked away as if someone had slapped him.

I got angry (why I no for bore) and started yelling at him for being ungrateful. I waited patiently for my mum to come home, and before she even sat, I had started my complaint and began throwing my tantrums.I told her to be a witness. I wasn’t going to give him(my brother) anything of mine again (as if I could). Whiles in my anger mood, I made lot of statements I knew would hurt my brother. I had hurt him back and now was satisfied.(I’m still wondering now how satisfactory that was).

Reminiscing this incident, I realized one thing today. I was too blinded with anger to see then. I wanted to be appreciated but yet I refused to appreciate his effort.If for nothing at all, he walked to the grocery shop with his legs, spoke to the grocery shop owner with his mouth, and made sure my bread reached my hands safely, even that deserved gratitude.

#How many times have you thought only your efforts deserved appreciation and turned a blind eye to the efforts of others?
#How many times have you thought that it’s the job of the employee to work and since he’s being payed, there’s no need to appreciate him?
#How many times have you refused to appreciate your parents because you think they brought you into this world and so are obligated to cater for you?
People tend to give out their best when they are appreciated.The little things appreciated gives room for bigger things to happen. If you are able to appreciate the little things man does for you, you will be in a better position to fathom the depth of God’s provision in your life, and as such be grateful.My pastor has these two sayings that almost never leaves my thoughts;A gesture not appreciated will appreciably depreciate and anyone who isn’t grateful is a great fool.(harsh huh? But very true)
Try to appreciate the little things that are done for you.Saying THANK YOU doesn’t cost a dime.Throw that pride away and do not forget that some people help you not because they are obliged to ,but just because of the love they have for you. DO NOT THRASH THAT LOVE.GOD bless us all.



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