Another Ghanaian Arrested At The Heathrow Airport



A team of UK police armed with guns and law enforcement paraphernalia yesterday morning stormed a British Airways flight at Terminal 5 Tarmac and whisked away a Ghanaian from the aircraft, the Enquirer newspaper has gathered.

The gentleman, believed to be in his mid-30s, was said to be the last person to board British Airways Flight 78 in Accra. Eyewitnesses say he boarded the aircraft in Accra, wearing a black suit and holding a “Ghana Must Go” bag.

The flight arrived in Heathrow around 5:30 am but passengers were asked to stay on board until the police walked straight to his seat and whisked him away. At the moment the exact reason for his arrest is not known.

Eyewitnesses’ accounts suggest that the UK law enforcement agencies had prior knowledge of his arrival in the UK because as soon as they stormed the aircraft, they marched straight to his seat checking the seat numbers until it got to his seat when he was whisked away.

Source Peacefmonline



  1. At this moment, am the least proub being a Ghanaian. The foundations in terms of leadership has failed; hence so much disorder and corruption