Ugandan baby torture by nanny in coma



Ugandan baby in coma following torture by nanny

The little girl abused by her nanny in a viral video is in a coma, according to Ugandan Media.

Ugandan journalist Moses Biamugisha, speaking to JoyFm’s Super Morning Show, revealed that the poor child, whose name has been withheld, has been hospitalised and is currently in a coma. 

He indicated that the nanny, Jolly Tumuhiirwea has been dragged before court and charged with attempted murder, after an initial charge of torture.

Her family is thankful that she is still alive and hopes that she will make a quick recovery.


Following his return home Saturday 15 November, the father of the little girl, Erick Kamanzi noticed bruises on his daughter and after reviewing a video installed in his living room, he flew into rage when he saw her daughter being manhandled by her nanny.

He attacked the 22 year old nanny, reports said.

The remorseless nanny ran to the police to report her master and registered an assault case against Kamanzi.

Police, who then raided Kamanzi’s home and arrested him, had no choice but to release him and charge the nanny, after the now calm father showed them the footage of the abuse.


The nanny, who is currently in police custody, is seen in the video slapping the little girl several times for not eating and forcing the food down the toddler’s throat.

When this caused the child to vomit, the irate nanny threw her violently to the floor, whereupon she proceeded to hit the girl with a torch. Dissatisfied with her ‘punishment’, the wicked nanny then kicked the little girl repeatedly.

As painful as that is to watch, the video goes on to show the hefty Tumuhiirwea stomping on the tiny tot and crushing her tiny bones beneath her bulky weight.

The video has evoked strong emotional responses by viewers, with a lot of mothers expressing their reluctance to hire nannies to take care of their children, and wondering whether the little girl would survive her horrible ordeal. 

Source myjoyonline