It’s early Saturday morning. The day after your meeting with Jonas. It’s just 4 O’clock and your wrist watch; the same wrist watch your recent girlfriend got for you on your 23rd birthday had woken you up. Your mind could find no rest. You were all about what you had discussed with Jonas the previous night.
“Who would pay all that huge sum of money for that kind of job? Or could there be more to it than I was told?”. “No, maybe it’s just the politicians trying to be unusually generous or something. If so, then I had better ceased this opportunity. After all, one only gets to see such things happen after every four years”. These and many more were your thoughts until you finally made up your mind to go in for the job. You decided to meet Jonas at his place as soon as the atmosphere got clearer a bit.
You quickly jumped into the nearest pair of trousers and shirt you had and dashed out of the house toward Jonas’ place when you could see the teeth of the early morning sun. You knew him so well that you were sure if you didn’t get there early enough, his absence would welcome you.
“Good morning, big man” You greeted when you got to his room.
“Good morning, charley. How far?” Jonas asked
“Oh! I’m great bro. I thank God you haven’t gone out yet.”
“Yes. I was actually planning on going out shortly. Your steps were a bit faster than mine” Jonas said. “Our elders say; the toad does not come out in the day for nothing. It is either something chases it or it chases something. So what are you chasing or what chased you into my house this morning?” He continued.
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“My brother, one who goes to bed with an itchy anus wakes up with a smelly hand. I slept with a pregnant mind and this morning, I woke up with a final decision. So, I am here to communicate to you my final decision just as I promised you the previous night”
“Great. When the boy begins to act like a man, he is given a sit at the local palm wine joint. Sit down and let’s talk” Jonas said, bursting into laughter.
“So what is your decision now?”
“Positive! I have decided to take up the offer. Only a fool would wash his hand with soap when sugar pours on it. I am not a fool, I shall lick it” You said with giggles.
“Good, my brother. I shall take you to my cousin right from here so that I introduce you to him after which you shall be given the formalities and rules”.
In moments, you were in Benjamin Akoto’s house. Benjamin is Jonas’ cousin, the one in charge of the recruitments. He is a very a strong political figure who is blessed with the gift of the gab and he is respected all through the town for his personality. You knew you had to be firm and serious if you were to talk to such a person to get such an important job so you had so much pressure up your head.
“Oh! Joe, welcome. You came to soon though.” Benjamin welcomed you when you stepped into the house.
“Yea. Good morning. I wanted to come and meet you before you leave the house.” Jonas said
“Good morning, sir” you greeted.
“Good morning. You may sit” Benjamin said.
“Dzigbordi, please get my guests two glasses of water” he ordered.
Soon, she was in with two glasses of chilled water. You took a sip of the water before you begun your business.
“Yes, so Jonas, why this early visit and who is the young man with you?” Benjamin asked.
“Okay. I am actually here based on what we discussed about three days ago regarding the forthcoming elections. The young man here is my friend. We both completed Ho Technical University together. I brought him here to introduce him to you as one of the young men who have shown interest in the job.” Jonas narrated.
“Oh okay. Dagbee!” He said while he stood to shake hands with you amidst a broad smile.” “You see, it is good to know that there are still some sensible youths here in this town. I admire your courage and willingness to take up this job. It’s a good opportunity for you to connect with top government officials and also you stand a chance of winning appointments in the next administration, hopefully when we win” He said.
“Thank you sir. I shall do all possible, sir” you said.
“Great. Now, the rules are simple. Don’t tell anyone about anything we do or say. You don’t have to disclose your location to anyone when on an assignment. We don’t meet in my house from now on. We shall meet at designated places. I shall give you your Iphone 8S right away. Call me when you need me but don’t come to my house. Is that clear?” He cautioned.
“Yes sir!” you said.
Benjamin enters his room for a while and comes out with two boxes containing Ipone 8S. He hands them over to you both and requests for your name. You depart to your various homes.
And this brings us to the end of episode 3 of this interesting story. Please and please, no matter where you are or who you are, try as much as possible to uphold peace and justice in the least way you can during this election. Ghana needs you alive! Your family and friends need you alive! Stay safe and promote peace!
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To be continued