You began work as you’ve been directed from the next day. You would wake up early in the morning, go to where the macho men lodged, and get them whatever they needed. You provided them with any piece information they needed and you virtually became their only access to the community so they were not permitted to be seen around.
One day on your usual visits to the macho men, you encountered something. You heard them talk about something sensitive and you couldn’t help but eavesdrop.
“Target, the day is drawing near ooo. How prepared are you?” One of the men said.
“No worries, kuraa. Honorable has assured us of the necessary weapons. He said they are available. They have been brought in but locked somewhere for safety sake.” Another said.
“Good! I will scatter anyone who tries to prevent us from doing our job. It has been long I fired some bullets” a third man said.
You wanted to listen to more of their conversations but unfortunately, they noticed someone was around and asked who it was. You cursed your stars for making them detect you. Slowly and carefully, you walked into the room.
“What did you hear? One of the men asked you.
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“Nothing. Were you saying something?” You answered
“Not really.”  He replied.
You did your job that morning and left for your house. While going home, your mind was caught in between several thoughts. You wondered what kind of job the men were in town for and what sort of weapons they were talking about. You weighed many possible answers in your head but none to settle on. Then suddenly, the hands of your mind struck something. The news! Yes, the news you heard the other day about some weapons been imported into the country ahead of the election.
“Wait a minute. Could this be the same weapons they are talking about?” you thought to yourself. “And wait…They said Honorable had assured them of the weapons. It could be the same weapons in the news oo”. Ah! But what are they going to use them for? And what evidence do I have against them?” you kept on rolling your thoughts until you decided to hang it somewhere until you were sure of what was going on. You would discuss with Jonas, you concluded.
Immediately, you placed a call across to Jonas demanding to meet him as soon as possible.
“Where are you now, man?” you asked
“I am at home but moving out shortly. Is there any problem?”  Jonas asked
“Not really but we need to meet. I’m almost in your area so can I come now?” you said.
“Sure. But be quick with that lest you meet an empty house” Jonas said.
In no time, you got to Jonas’ house filled with so much anxiety and a strong will to uncover the truth and satisfy doubts that grew in your head.
“Welcome, bro” Jonas greeted.
“Thank you, bro. Hope you are good?” you asked.
“Sure. I am…you?”
“I am great too”
“So what is it that you said you wanted to see me about?”
“Yes, Yes,Yes. It’s about my work. Not my work in particular but those I work for”
“What about them?”
“What work are they here to do at all?”
“Ah! But how is that your concern?”
“Nothing really. I just care to know”
“Look, you have to concentrate on your job, get your pay, get the goodies and forget any other thing. Or you prefer leaving the job and going back to your previous low life?” Jonas asked.
“Oh, Naa! I only heard them speak of weapons so I wanted to find out the kind of job they do”
“My brother, what has the crocodile got to do with what happen to the bird in the tree? Your job is what is important. Just do it and leave the rest. Go home and worry no more.” Jonas assured.
And this brings us to the end of episode 4 of this interesting story. Please and please, no matter where you are or who you are, try as much as possible to uphold peace and justice in the least way you can during this election. Ghana needs you alive! Your family and friends need you alive! Stay safe and promote peace!
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To be continued…….