Amanda (The President’s Wife) Episode 17


I quickly informed the nis director about the shocking update and I can feel how surprised and happy he was. “I’ll like to go alone sir” I said to him on the phone.

“it’s dangerous even for you Jay” he replied…

”I can do it sir” I said again getting more impatient.

“I know your special skill is surprise attack but we don’t know what may happen, you can’t risk your life on this because of your personal feelings, you have your own assignment Jay and that’s protecting the firstlady” he replied shocking me.

Me: but sir…. *he cut in*

Director: send us the location and we will take care of it, stay away from this Jay, it’s an order.

Me: unde…rsto..od sir *i stammered and he hung up*

I angrily threw my phone on the bed and punched the wall in extreme anger, what to do now, Allison life may be endangered by moving in forces.

“no I have to go” I thought to myself and quickly loaded my gun then brought out my special costume consisting of a hi top black shoe, a bulletproof black camo consisting of many holes for special knives and special equipments and lastly a bulletproof black jacket made specially by a murdered genius engineer in china.

I quickly placed my both foot in the very light soldier like boot after wearing the black camo, I was still shirtless when my door was suddenly opened and Amanda stormed inside.

Me: I found Allison *i said putting on my black gloves*

Amanda: and so you are going nowhere Jay

Me: I have to go Amanda, I’ll forever blame myself if something happens to her

Amanda: that doesn’t mean you should endanger your life

Me: my life is longer important since the day I woke up and made up my mind to protect my love ones

Amanda: you are doing this to prevent what happened to Ann aren’t you?, oh , yes I knew about her

I surprisingly stared at her, I wasn’t expecting her to mention that name, yes, Ann was my ex girlfriend, my first love… I still remembered vividly how those terrorists murdered her in cold blood.. I was given a mission to disguise as a real bodyguard and spy on Ann’s father that happens to be one of the most richest man in Africa and the whole world, his wealth cannot be counted but the nis heard of him dealing illegal drugs and so they wanted prove, Ann and I fell for each other not later than three months of my disguise but unfortunately the man mansion was raided without a notice by the terrorist he was dealing drugs with and he was killed with his whole family and everyone in the mansion including Ann leaving me barely breathing…

And yes, I have a chance to protect Allison which I wasn’t ready to let go from my grasp.

Me: how did y..ou know ab..out her?

Amanda: I told you I know everything about you but you cant act like this just because you wanted to protect her, you may die Jay..

Me: I’ll rather die Amanda.

Amanda: what about me? Have you ever even considered my feelings? You know I can’t live a day without you. I can’t let you go Jay, so am ordering you as my personal bodyguard.

Me: I’m sorry but I have to go, you can sack me when I return but if I don’t, I’m sorry

I put on the jacket and zipped up, I slipped the knives in the holes and strapped the gun by my right side.. Amanda angrily left in tears. I have to get to the location before the offensive team does.. I quickly exited the aso rock riding Honda CBR1100XX a super power bike with great speed and headed to the location which fortunately was still within the territory of Abuja city.

After spending a lot of kms on the road, finally I made my way into a very quiet and houseless area, yes, the GPS directed me inside an unbelievable jungle which I later found a mansion inside surprising me more, I entered the jungle on legs parking the bike by the road to avoid awareness creation due to the incredible loud engine sound of the bike..

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The mansion which is the only hidden house in the jungle was fully loaded with Lights, the light shone brightly that everything can be clearly sighted… I stopped few metres to the house and quickly surveyed the front of the mansion with a microscope and I wasn’t surprise to see a very huge black guy with a rifle gun..

I quickly snuck behind the very tall fence, yes it was unclimbable with tons of big bulbs on it. I peeped at the front with my left eye and fortunately the huge man was backing me as the cigarette smoke blew away from the direction of his mouth, I stealthily snuck behind him and dug my knife in his neck and his blood surely splattered on my face making me dim my eyes and later wiped it away, I took the keys off him then opened the big black gate and I made my way inside the enormous compound holding my silenced pistol, the only house in the compound was designed surrounded with flowers and great cars can be sighted at the garage..

“stop right there” I heard a deep voice from my back…”put the gun down or I’ll blow your head off” the voice came to my hearing again..d–n,, I sluggishly put the gun down thinking on any available solution before its too late, “now hands up and slowly turn around” he said again, I quickly shot a knife right in his forehead turning with a great speed but he was fast to pull the trigger as the bullet hit my jacket,

“I am wearing a bulletproof jacket fool” I said in my mind as he fell like the Goliath in the bible with blood covering his head.. I was trying to clear up his body when I was surrounded by five gun men all pointing their deadly gun towards me. “you looking for this” one of them said showing me the wristwatch..

Gunman: so you are alive..and you think we wouldn’t have found out about the wristwatch, we have been waiting for you to walk in the trap, would have been great if we are on thesame side, I love your attacking style but unfortunately you will die here today..

I was forced to kneel as the other four surrounded me with guns pointed at my head and the fifth one, yes, he was the one that stopped one of the gunman from killing me claiming I’ll die anyway at Allison’s kidnapping scene.. He left the circle watching from few steps away..

“Get me his attire when he’s dead” he shouted from where he was standing laughing like a madman.

They were about to pull the trigger but weren’t fast enough as I dropped a flash grenade and they surprisingly shot themselves out of blindness while I successfully escaped the danger and I got hold of the fifth guy amidst the smoky air… I attacked his vital point and he fell to the floor, he was surprised to see me standing before him as the air became clearer.

Me: where is Allison? Tell me or I’ll kill you right now

He suddenly laughing taking my anger to a New level..

Gunman: she’s not the one he wanted and so she’s of no use, she might have even been killed, he won’t rest until he get what he wanted…

He started laughing but suddenly started gasping for breath as blood streamed out of his mouth making it obvious he bit his own tongue to death… I later left the dark jungle and headed to aso rock,, I made my way inside aso rock and quietly and quickly entered my room, the nis director call came in few minutes later.

Director: I gave you an order to stay still but you dare to ignore my order?

Me: it was a trap, they have been waiting for us sir,

Director: *sighed* I won’t forgive you for this rude action. *hung up*

I wiped my face in frustration still in my special costume as I was sitting on my bed.. I was trying to look for God knows on the internet when a topic caught my attention “the truth behind the president’s wife brother”…chaii,, but before I could click on it to read the full details, a new message struck my phone and the content was “WELLDONE” from a hidden number..what?…