Am In Black Episode 26


Yeah, I know I moved it, but I just assumed he wanted to demonstrate something. Instructor Max is dramatic like that. And I left immediately after, to my office. I had no idea he would actually make you guys try to hit them from that distance.”

She sighed and chewed thoughtfully at her upper lip.

“If you’re not up to speed on assault rifles, that means we may have to move the training for your next class for another month, because you’ll have to master that AK-47 before you can move on.”

Segun’s roving eyes had finally located Belinda. Chuks followed his friend’s line of sight and saw her, seated at a fully packed table, sipping on a drink and chatting with some friends. 

He looked back at his friend, saw how he was looking at the girl with longing. It didn’t seem as if Segun wanted to leave this issue of Belinda alone. And how was he doing it, self, looking at the girl all day without even talking to her? If that was how he wanted to handle it, that was his sole business. Chuks couldn’t allow that one affect his relaxation. 

Their instructor sat up as if she just realized something.

“Yeah, and I have been meaning to ask you. Your voice has a tint of. . .of British accent. I’ve noticed the way you speak in class, you two and Belinda, how’s that?”

Segun’s attention returned immediately to their conversation the moment he heard Belinda’s name. Poor guy.

“We schooled in England,” Chuks answered.

“The three of you?”

“Three of— ” Chuks echoed, wondering what she was talking about. “No o, we don’t know Belinda from anywhere. It’s just both of us I’m speaking for.” 

Maryanne looked honestly surprised. She looked at him, then at Belinda a few tables away, then shook her head.

A voice sounded over the public amplifier system, instructing all students to return to their training grounds, thus signalling the end of the noon break. Chuks and Segun both stood up, as well as hundreds of other students, preparing to return their trays and get back to training.

“Thanks for the talk, Instructor,” Chuks said, truly grateful. “I appreciate it a lot.”

“No problem. And please, just call me Anne. It sounds less official.”

They turned and headed for the counter to return their trays. Segun nudged Chuks’ ribs slightly.

“ ‘Call me Anne.’ Way to go, bro.”

“Wetin that one suppose mean?”

“Oh, so you remember pidgin now.”

They dropped their trays on a growing stack and turned in the general direction of the training halls.

“Anyway, I saw the way you two were discussing. It seems as if you want to succeed where I have failed.”

Chuks scoffed. “Look here, bros. I no fit get my teacher as my girlfriend. Those two no suppose just mix. Abeg, no follow me talk that kind thing again.”

“So now you’re the one getting angry. All right, have it your way.”

They were now at their class training area. Instructor Max was already there, arms folded, waiting with a deep frown on his face. All the students hurried to their places, They all put on their headphones and waited for the voice of the field instructor.