Almost Pretty Episode 16


He pondered on Kira’s assignment, how could he walk in there and tell Samantha to file the case to court; an action that he knew would ruin his brother’s life and damage his career forever.

He thought of how nice and kind of a big brother Ivan had been to him.

Though he was hot-tempered and could get very controlling at times, he loved his brother dearly and wouldn’t do anything to betray him.

But would Ivan ever forgive him if he found out about the past?

He had seen the determination in Kira’s eyes as she threatened him, she had thought it all out and now she was using him as a pawn.

‘I am sorry Ivan, I have to do this’ he shut his car and strolled towards Sam. He didn’t have a choice, Kira couldn’t let his secret out, Ivan was going to hate him forever.

He drew a deep breath and rung the doorbell.

‘Anybody home’? He yelled.

It took him a few more ringing before the door fell open and he found Sam standing in her Lingerie.

‘What do you want Ryan? Did your brother send you to cajole me? Tell him I am moving forward. I will tell the world how he harassed me and fired me when I rebuffed his sexual advances’ she poked a finger at his face.

‘No Sam, I am here for something else’ Ryan exhaled sharply, betraying his brother was difficult.

‘What could that be’? She lifted a brow.

‘I want you to file the case, take Ivan to court. I and my sister Kira are solidly behind you’ Ryan said.

He could feel her suspicious eyes scrutinizing every angle on his face.

‘Are you trying to set me up? What’s your plan’ she moved backward afraid he may hurt her?

‘No. Not all’ he raised his hands up.

‘Then why would you turn against your own brother’? Samantha wouldn’t be patronized.

‘Because he is a d–k and I want to screw him over; I want Ivan to pay for the way he has been treating me all these years. I want him to suffer humiliation and disgrace’ Ryan replied.

‘Hmm, sounds tough. I’ll sleep on it, let’s talk later’ she decided she didn’t trust him just yet.

‘Thanks for your time, I promise you, working with me and Kira would be the best decision you have ever taken.

‘Goodnight Ryan’ she whispered and watched as he walked away, confused and torn between decisions, what had she gotten herself into?

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* * * * *

‘He bought me doughnuts’ she muttered as she worked on her face, in preparation for work.

‘But doughnuts mean nothing’ she reminded herself.

She felt really disappointed that the note she had found in the bag wasn’t Ivan’s.

Wale kept telling her to be careful and everything, but it just wasn’t easy. She couldn’t lie to herself anymore, she was in love with her boss but of what use was one-sided love?

She slipped on a cashmere sweater on top a blue denim and strode out of the house; her make-up had been light, she didn’t want to dress and kill today.

‘Roseau Softwares’ she waved a cab down and jumped in.

As the car passed the streets, a cool breeze roused her hair which had been perfectly asleep; she was eager to see him again; she was eager to look into his stunning eyes and inhale the drugging scent of his perfume.

‘You really have beautiful hair’ the cab driver said to her.

‘Why, thank you sir’ she offered the older man a smile and quickly fetched her phone.

She checked her long brown strands to see if this were true; before she met Wale, her best friend, she had never received compliments like this one.

‘You don’t need to stare at the mirror, I am not lying’ the old man replied.

‘I got it’ she grinned and flipped her phone.

‘You know, I have a son; he is partial to brunettes’ the old man winked.

She hardly spoke to strangers but this man had her cracking up.

‘I am sorry, I am taken’ she laughed.

‘Are you’? The old man’s tone was mocking.

‘Yes’ she reassured him but deep down she felt hollow, not even her lies could help her through the love that she felt for him.

‘Then why are you blushing’? He pulled the car in front of the company and she jumped out.

‘Thanks’ she paid the man and was about walking into the massive building when he stopped her.

‘Hey! If you’re heartbroken it’s too bad, I guess that guy doesn’t know your value. Don’t let anybody hurt you beauty. You’re amazing and perfect’ he sounded his horn and drove off.

‘Thank you’ a wide smile split her narrow face as she watched him go.

His words haunted her like a bad dream, maybe this was all she needed.

Why was she killing herself in thoughts and fantasies for a man who hardly noticed her.

‘I am amazing and special’ she murmured confidently and stormed towards her boss’ office.

Today was going to be a very different day, she wouldn’t smile or attempt jokes; she was going to be a 100% professional and nothing would stop her.

‘Hey Jane’! Pod, Wale’s partner waved at her.

She thought it weird, she never liked the man and the feeling was mutual.

‘Hey Pod, I am really late, so later’ she was about leaving but stopped when she noticed he was running towards her.

‘Have you seen Wale today? He is usually early’ he asked after his partner.

‘No’ Jane replied calmly.

‘He has really been acting off these days; doesn’t talk much to me, avoids eye contact; keeps to himself’ he complained.

“Well that’s because he isn’t your age range,” Jane thought in her heart but said this instead: ‘That’s too bad, maybe you should talk to him about it’ she suggested.

Then she paused, Wale was going through heartbreak trauma, maybe he was still hurting and that was the reason he couldn’t come to work.

‘Let me call him’ she fetched her phone and dialed his number. It rang thrice but there was no answer, this got her worried.

‘His heart is really broken, this must be the problem’ she sighed.

‘Heartbreak’? The older man raised his brow. He knew Wale was not seeing anybody, he had been stuck on Samantha, Ivan’s former personal assistant for some time.

‘Yes,’ Jane sensed the scoffing in his voice.

‘I don’t know about that but Wale was not seeing anybody. I guess I’ll have to wait for him’ he patted her shoulder and returned to his cubicle.

‘Whoa, that’s strange’ she watched as the man disappeared. It didn’t seem like he was lying.

Wale didn’t seem like the type to lie or was she all wrong about it?

She pushed the thoughts aside and decided to head for Ivan’s office; her heart pulsated; her breathing increased as she neared his office.

‘Come in’ his baritone sounded so commanding and she was lost in it.

‘Good morning sir’ she greeted as she steps in.

As usual, his back was to her while he stared down the streets.