Almost Perfect-Episode 4


Tade had been grinning all day and stealing looks at me, i deliberately brushed my body against his whenever i walked by him . There was a twinkle in his eyes and he was whistling at the moment while we both packed Serwa’s overnight bag that she would take along to her granny’s. I picked up the fancy pink bag, Serwa got on her father’s back and we went out of the house. My parent’s house was only a thirty minutes drive from ours. The gateman let us in, calling out greetings cheerfully. I pressed the doorbell and my mother, opened the door, smiling at us warmly.
” Akwaabaa, ” Mami said, kissing my cheeks.
” Thank you Mami” i said, giving her a kiss too.
” Good evening Ma,” Tade said.
” Good evening son, where’s my princess?”
Serwa popped out her head behind her father.
” There she is!” Mami said, laughing.” Come to Nana, ” She opened her arms and Serwa ran into it.
” Where’s dad?”
” He’s upstairs”
” How are you Mami?” I asked.
” I am fine dear” She replied.
” Here’s Serwa’s overnight bag” i said, handing it to her.
” Won’t you stay for dinner?”
” We had an early dinner” i replied.” Serwa, come give Mama a kiss” i squatted, she kissed my cheeks and hugged her father.”
Goodnight Mami, say hello to dad”
” Good Night ma,” Tade said.
We walked out of the house, I held his hand signaling him to stop.
” I suddenly feel thirsty, ” i said.
” Go in for a drink of water”
” A minute please,” I said going back inside. I walked into the kitchen and saw Mami stuffing the overnight bag into the freezer. She whirled around and gave me a smile.” Mami! What are you doing?”
” Nothing dear, just keeping this bag safe”
” In the freezer? Serwa’ s clothes and toys are in there”
” Oh silly me!” She laughed, ” I thought i was putting it into the wardrobe. I will take it upstairs, where is that husband of yours? i haven’t seen him for ages”
” Not funny Mami, please take the bag upstairs” I said, filling a tumbler with chilled water. I gulped it down while she went out of the kitchen. I rinsed out the tumbler and went outside.
” Set?” Tade asked.
” Yes”
He drove out of the compound into the lonely streets illuminated by the street lights. i inserted a Nicki minaj CD into the car set. I reached my hands into my blouse and un clipped my bra. I caught a smile on his face.
” Geez, Bell what are you doing?”
” Giving you a preview”
We both laughed, i reached over and unzipped his jean. My soft hands massage him gently and he groaned in bliss.
” I see you are making good on your promise” he said in a hoarse voice, taking the route to the beach close to my parent’s house. He pulled over half way there.
” I see someone is too hot to drive” I freed his pe.nis from his boxers, and lowered his seat backwards. My shorts was already on the car mat. I s——-d him, twerking on his exposed member. I raised up my blouse and fed him a ni.pple, he bit on it gently making me arch my back in ecstasy. His middle finger found my c.lit. He rubbed on it gently in a circular motion.
” Baby,” He whispered, pulling down my thong. He squeezed my a-s while suckling on my ni.pple. ” I want to lick you badly,” he sunk his finger into my pvussy, he pulled it out in a slow motion and sunk it in again until he found that spongy pleasure spot. ” I want to taste you on my tongue, ”
” You will love, but i can’t wait anymore ” i said, sliding his hard d–k into my hot hole. He raised up my a-s slowly and brought it down on himself, we both groaned. His hands drew my boobs closer and his mouth captured both ni.pples. I rode him until we came, mine first and his closely behind mine.
” I love you Mabel,” he groaned.
” I love you too Tade,”
” Is there more where this came from?” He joked, caressing my back.
” You bet” i said, sliding down to take him into my mouth.

All through the evening worship service a strange number had been flashing my line. Immediately after the service i went outside to return the call.
” Hello,”
” Hello Dupe,” he said.
” Uche, How are you dear?” I asked, happy to hear from him.
He had gone to Port Harcourt to write an aptitude test. He had been gone for only two days but it felt like a lifetime to me. I missed him, his voice and his laughter. I prayed for him morning and night. I believed in him, he was intelligent and smart. He was also Godly and ambitious. Since graduation i had taken to making beads to make end means since getting a job wasn’t easy. My father had also promised to talk to some people but so far he hadn’t done anything about it. He was probably waiting for the lord to intervene.
” Dupe, i was mugged” he said.
” What? Oh my God! are you alright?” I asked worriedly,” Baby are you OK?”
” I am alright but i lost everything on me, my bag, money and phone.” He said.
” Jesus Christ! thank God you were not hurt! ” i said, ” Where are you now?”
” I am stranded in PH. I am calling from a call center where i have been all day.”
” How will you get back to Lag?”
” Honestly i don’t know. Your line is the only number i can recall, please go to my house. Tell my mother to give you six thousand naira. I will text you my account details and you will send it to me tomorrow morning. ”
” Where will you sleep tonight?”
” I will be fine. I will give you a call later” he said and disconnected.
I walked back into the church and took my mom’ s car Keys. I drove down to his house and realized that i didn’t know his flat. I walked into the compound, a young mini version of Uche was kicking a ball and trying out his football skills. He looked up and flashed me a smile.
” Good evening,” he called out.
” Hello, my name is Dupe”
He grinned.” Are you bro Uche’s girlfriend? ”
” Yes and you are…..?”
” Chidubem, he’s not around. He went to PH ”
” I know. Is Mummy at home?”
” Yes,” he said, ” Come with me”
He led me to their flat. Two identical girls were watching TV in the sitting room, they also greated me warmly and Chidubem went in to call his Mother. She was a beautiful woman but she had gained some weight, probably due to childbirth or age. She had a frown on her face and it seemed to tighten when she saw me.
” Good evening Ma,” i said.
” Evening.” She replied in a clipped tone.
” My name is Dupe, i am…..”
” What do you want?” She snapped.
” Uche sent me to you. He was mugged and he’s stranded”
” Mug?” She asked in bewilderment.
” He was robbed”
” Ewooo, chineke! is he alright? where is he? why are you the one he called?”
” What happened to bro Uche?” the girls asked.
” He lost everything on him ma, including his phone”
She sat down heavily on the sofa, panting and holding her head.” Where is my son now?”
” He’s still in Port Harcourt. He is stranded ma, he said i should collect the sum of six thousand from you for his return fare. ”
” My daughter! where will i get it? i didn’t even make up to three thousand naira sales today. I have only two thousand naira.” She lamented,” Where will i get six thousand now?”
” I will find a way to send it to him ma,” i said.” I will be on my way now”
” Thank you my dear, May God bless you ” she said, walking me towards the door.
My phone buzzed and a message box appeared on the screen. I got into the car and transfered seven thousand naira to his account. I dialed the number, waiting for him to pick up.
” Hello,” he said wearily.
” I just left your house. I transfered seven thousand to your account”
” Didn’t you meet my mother at home?”
” I met her. She gave me seven thousand naira, so i transfered it from my account”
” Thank you dear, how are they?”
” They are fine. Uche, where will you sleep tonight? have you eaten?”
” Dupe, don’t worry about me. I will be fine, thank you dear.” He said, ” How are you?”
” I am Alright. Please be safe,”
” I will” he disconnected.
I drove back home and went into my room to pray for his safety. I tossed and turned all night, worried about him. I didn’t even know if he was able to write the test he went for. The following morning i went to my shop with a heavy heart. I had to close up when i found it difficult to concentrate. In the evening i drove down to his house, their flat was locked up. I went outside and waited in my car until Eight pm. I was about giving up when i saw him coming up the street wearily. I gave a silent prayer of thanks heavenward. I came out of the car and waited for him. He was so lost in thought that he almost walked by without noticing me.
” Uche,” i called softly.
He pulled me into his arms and held me tight. ” Dupe,”
” Thank God you are back hale and hearty”
” What are you doing here?” He asked.
” Waiting for you ”
” Why didn’t you wait for me inside?”
” There’s nobody home”
” Come,” he said, holding my hand. We walked to their flat, he raised up the foot mat at the entrance and brought out a key and unlocked the door.
” Have you had something to eat?” I asked.
” I bought snacks earlier”
We went into his room, he picked up a towel and went into the bathroom.
” Where do you think your mom and siblings went to?” I asked, when he returned.
” I don’t know.” He replied, pulling on a polo.
” How did it happen? did you do the test? ”
” Yes i wrote the test,” he replied, wearing a short.” On my way back to the motor park, someone hit me from the back and i lost my balance. Before i knew it my bag was nowhere to be found. My phone and money was inside along with my id card.”
” Thank God you are alright, how about your atm card?”
” I left it at home since my account was empty,”
He sat down beside me on the bed and drew me closer. His mouth found mine and our tongues dueled. his hands snaked under my top and fondled my b—–s.
” Dupe, let me drive you home now” he said, standing up.
” No” i said, pulling him down on the bed.” Please don’t stop”
” Are you certain?” He asked.
” Yes”
He took off his polo and my blouse met his on the ground. He switched off the light, throwing the room in darkness. His hands found mine in the darkness, i let him guide me and show me how to pleasure him. I let him explore my body, it hurt just a little but that painful tingle was soon replaced by an intense pleasure. Afterwards we clinged to each other.
” Thank you, ” he whispered.” For trusting me and making me your first. I love you.”
” I love you too” i whispered back, listening to the steady beat of his heart.
To be continued..