Allen’s Avenue Episode 5


Mom has been acting strange since the day dad left. She became so silent i was afraid to even breath in her presence for fear of bringing down her wrath on my head. I resumed school and lied that i had an accident. Only Juliet knew the truth, although i never told her anything she knew. She tried her best to cheer me up and sometimes i sleep over at their house. Mom wasn’t bothered about me or anything related to me.
Juliet’ s family accepted me as one of their own, her mother was always buying us one treat or the other. Bro Jeff was also not left out of it, he bought me so many treats which i sneaked into my room to eat late at night. He also came to represent Juliet and i during PTA( parent_teacher) meeting. He bought my text books and paid my school fees. I missed my dad every day and as each day goes by i hoped he would come but slowly the light of that hope ebbed out.
” Want to go to the mall later?” Juliet asked.
We had decided to walk back home that Friday and we were in front of my gate. ” Sure. Let me quickly go change out of my uniform”
” Mind if i come with you?”
” Yes but you have to be real quiet else my mother might get upset”
We went into the compound gisting not knowing what shock was in store for me. Our flat was locked with a big padlock.
” Your mom must have gone out” said Juliet.
” We don’t padlock our door, have not seen this padlock before either. ”
” Let’s go to my place, maybe she went to pick Toby from school. ”
My eyes caught two Echolac boxes beside an old abandoned car in the compound. My heart caught in my throat. They were mine. I walked towards it and my friend followed behind. There was a note stuck in the middle of the handle.
I have left the country with Toby.
No apologies, no explanation. How could she repeatedly punish me for a crime i knew nothing of? Juliet collected the note from me and led me to her house.
” Hey”
” Hi”
” How are you today?”
” Hurt. Everything hurt……what happened?” i whispered. My throat was dry. I hurt all over.
” You were found unconscious by the roadside and brought to the hospital by some good Samaritan” Dayo said. ” Let me go get the doctor”
” No. Am fine…….” I lied. ” What are you doing here?”
” I came to see my cousin who is a doctor here, i was waiting for him at the reception when the good Samaritans brought you in”.
” How long have i been here?”
” A week. I will go get the doctor now”
I wondered what ill fate brought Dayo back into my life, I had successfully gotten him out of my thoughts. how could life cruelly throw us together again. Tears streaked out of my eyes, my head was pounding fiercely, there were purplish bruises all over my arms. i vowed within me to quit the job if i ever get back ony feet.
The wrights did their best to make me feel at home, i was exposed to luxuries i didn’t enjoy at home. Movies at the mall every weekend, attending Sunday service as a family, eating whatever i wanted and anytime i wanted it. Giggling under the duvet with Juliet when it was way past light outs. Bro Jeff was always playing one prank or the other on us, all for fun and laughs.
” Ify am in love” Juliet whispered to me one night.
I giggled. ” Who is the unlucky boy”
She pinched me and we engaged in a pillow fight until we heard soft feminine foot steps approach our door and we kept quiet. Mrs wright knocked lightly on the door and asked us to be quiet. It was way past lights out.
The next day in school, i was arranging the new textbooks bought by the school as i was the library prefect when i heard a deep masculine voice behind me. The voice belonged to a tall lanky handsome SS3 art student. He was well known in Clive high school, he had won the most handsome boy in art class, the most brilliant student in art class and he also had a reckless way about him. I was avoided by most boys in my school because i was considered to be a nerd. Juliet was the beauty of the school, she got a poem or love letter every day, i wondered what he wanted.
” Hi Chi boy ”
” Hi Ify, how’ r you? ”
” Am OK. Want to lend a book? ”
” No. I……well i wanted to just check up on you”
I blushed three shades of pink. ” Thank you.”
He looked nervous and cute in a girly sort of way.
” Had lunch yet?”
” No” i lied. ” but i can’t go for lunch until am done arranging these books “.
” What would you like?”
” Umm….Snacks would be fine.”
He called a junior student passing by and sent him to get pies, doughnuts and two can cokes. The junior student raced away to do as he was bided.
” How do you know he won’t run away with your money? ”
He laughed and stole my heart that instance. ” He won’t”
He helped me arranged the books on the shelf, i was surprised he also loved reading and we favored same authors and same kinds of books. The junior student brought our snacks and we settled down to eat right there, although it was against the rule to eat in the library.
On our way home that noon, Juliet suddenly paused and gave me her puppy look. I knew she wanted something.
” No am not writing your notes again ” i said.
She laughed. ” I swear it has nothing to do with school although it is some how linked to school.”
I sighed exaggeratedly. ” Just spill it out Jules”
” Please say yes first”
” Alright yes!”
” I want you to help me talk to my crush. Give him a hint that i like him”
” What!?”
” Come on Ify, you know i would do same for you.”
” Ha! What is his name?”
” Chi boy” she said blushing.
My heart missed a beat. ” In art class? ”
Dayo took me to his house when i got discharged from the hospital. He took good care of me, at night he would cuddle me and chase away the nightmares and cold. He was not like other men who only wanted me for my body, i couldn’t help falling head over heels for him. One night, i made love to him several times. I was in love.
I couldn’t bring myself to tell him how i had ended up unclad and unconscious by the side of the road. My Greek god saunters into the room a frown marring his handsome face.
” What is wrong? ”
He joined me on the bed, leaning his head against my shoulder.
” I just came off the phone with my mother”
” Is she alright? ”
He kissed me lightly on the mouth. ” The woman is a pain in the a$$”
” Dee don’t talk about your mother like that!”
” Wait till you meet her……she leads my dad around by the nose, she is too controlling and a general pain in the a$$”
I punched him lightly on his arm. He kissed me gently and made love to me several times. He was the first man to make love to me, with clients it was just dirty f*ucking and it was all about their satisfaction. I wanted to be in Dayo’ s arms forever.
To be continued..