Allen’s Avenue Episode 23


” Pearl, Doctor just called me…guess what?” he kissed me softly on my nose. My hand strayed to his wet hair, he had just come out of the shower and i felt like wrapping his body into my arms forever. It’s the wine, i must have had too much at the party.
” What?”
He laughed softly and leaned in to claim my lips. ” I wanted to do this all night Ify.”
I pushed him back a bit playfully. ” What did Doctor say?”
” Ebere called him, she’s back and she’s been worried about you”.
” Wow! where is she? can i use your phone? ”
” Sure.”
He went out of the room and came back with his iPhone. I dialed Ebere ‘ s number and sighed happily when her voice came on. He walked out to give me some privacy.
” Ebere!”
” Ify! how are you?”
” Oh Ebere! have missed you so much!”
She laughed. ” Have missed you too! how’s Emeka?”
” He’s fine.”
” Uh uh! ” she giggled in a girly way.” Say me hi to him.”
” How was the journey? are you alright?”
” Yea am fine, am sleepy baby. See you tomorrow ”
I blew her kisses and we disconnected. I went into Emeka ‘ s room and settled on his bed. He walked in to the room and smiled.
” Done with your call?” He sat on the bed and gently pulled me into his arms and we kissed for a long time, tongue met tongue and we became one. I reached for his short but he gently removed my hand.
” Am old fashioned. Let’s do this the proper way”
I blinked in confusion. ” I thought you wanted me.”
” Yea i do.” He took my hand and placed it on the bulge in his short. ” Feel it? but it’s more than that, i want more”.
” What’s more than that?”
” There’s more sweetheart. A life together, please say you will marry me”.
” But……but we barely know…..”
He cut me off with a kiss. ” We have our whole life in front of us to get to know each other.”
” You are too young to become a widower, i could die anytime.”
” We wiil all die someday Ify”
i sighed. ” Where’s your ring?”
He laughed softly and pulled me closer. ” Is that a yes?”
” Yes”
He licked my lips and gently pushed his warm tongue into my mouth. Would i ever get enough of his kisses?
” We could buy a ring tomorrow or you could wear my mother’ s ring, it’s quiet old but it’s ……..”
” I will wear it. ”
He kissed me softly on my forehead. ” Thank you”
We pulled the duvet over our bodies, holding each other tight. I had found my home at last. This was where my heart belonged……this was my home.
To be continued..