Allen’s Avenue Episode 17


You can come and see her now”
A young nurse said. We followed her into the hospital room. She told us not to disturb her patient and went out of the room. Ify was so pale but her eyes were shinning brightly. I leaned in and kissed her softly on her mouth. I looked back just in time to see her dad look away, a certain confused look on his face. He wouldn’t understand the love i had for his daughter, she was like my child. I would starve myself for her, i would go to the end of the world for her if it would make her alright.
I stepped out to give her some private time with her dad. I suddenly remembered someone else, an important person in Ify’ s life. i dialed the number like my life depended on it.
” Hello”
” Hello. What’s up” He said.
” Am sorry to call you this late but i just thought you might want to know Ify is in the hospital”
I heard a femininely intimate laughter in the background, he whispered something to her and my ears caught the word ‘ baby’, my heart sank.
” Thank you. I will come see her tomorrow ” Chiboy said.
” It will mean a lot to her Chiboy”
” Okay”.
I paced the hospital corridor thinking about how unjust life was. My life was a mess begging to be sorted out, Ify was laying on an hospital bed on a day that was supposed to be her wedding day. That lovely white gown which had been purchased in Italy was in her wardrobe never to be worn. A foreign number showed on the screen of my phone.
” Hello ”
” Hi Cherie! ”
My heart leapt up with joy. ” Kofi! ”
He gave a hearty laugh. ” Today was my daughter’ s wedding! thank you! thank you for giving me this wonderful gift!”
” Am glad it worked Kofi. Congratulations! ”
I had taken an HIV test and filled in Kofi’ s name at the top left of the result sheet. I had also done a fever vaccination test and used his name. Doctor Debola did both of the tests. Kofi went across the border ( border between Benin Republic and Togo) without any hassle.
” Thank you! how is Ify? sorry am calling this late”
” She’s in the hospital, PCP”
He groaned. ” Awww, how’s she holding up? ”
” She’s OK now”.
” There’s an herbalist in Lome. He has cure for AIDS, my daughter told me about him. Can you come?”
” Yes, yes, yes. When should i come? have you tried it out?”
” Have stopped fighting it a long time ago but Ify is still so young so come but i must warn you it would be very dangerous to cross the border with the drugs”
” I will come. I will come next tomorrow, will give you a call tomorrow. Thank you Kofi”
” Ah! i should thank you. Goodnight and be strong.”
” Good night ”
I sank to my knees in sheer happiness.
To be continued