All That Glitters Final Episode


Carlos heard the crashing sound again…

this time around he was sure something was going. wrong…

he called out to his men

immediately he stood up from
Sonia he stepped outside and saw that the entire compound was in a ruckus

he was fumed by what he saw

he grabbed a guy running by the doorstep and yelled at him

“are you telling me that. an ordinary kid is putting my Hood to utter disorganization!! ”

the guy started as he replied him

“boss,,, boss the boy. has gone mad,,, he just barged in,, and started putting the entire place in disarray”

Carlos grunted in disannoyance

he pushed the guy away

and walked off to the compound

Muna was mad!

he had completely smashed every possible place with Mike’s bike

now the bike was lying in pieces by the corner

he couldn’t remember where he found an iron club

but he was currently using it to smash into any diablo he could find

he would strike then yell

“where is she!! ”

“where are you keeping her,,!! ”

Carlos just stood at a distance while this continued

after 10 minutes later

quite a number of his guys were lying on the ground some unconscious some rolling ground in pain

others took the smart choice to flee from the insane lunatic kid

with bloodshot eyes

Muna started walking towards carlos

to deliver the last and final blow

it was time for this bastard to die

Carlos raised a hand to halt him

Muna stopped walking

Carlos then said

“are you being serous right now,, no!,, do you really have a death wish!,, did you think it will be that easy,,, just barge in here,,, knock down this amateur diablos,, hahahahahaa”

Carlos did his hearty laugh again

then in a croaky voice

he calmly said

“mucha,, do you really think you were done,,, no,,, do you really think that was all”

as Carlos was still speaking

several numbers of Jeeps drove into the compound

in the cars were the deadly soldadoes

numbering almost twenty

Muna’s eyes widened in shock

as he recognised the mean looking spanitos jumping out of the jeep

all his bravado seemed to dissapear

a familiar fear crept into him

that same fear that had him and the other guys glued to the spot the first time this guys barged into their school on that fateful day

right now

Muna started wishing he hadn’t vacted rash

started wishing he had listened to tobbi

and waited till they called the police

instead of rushing off here on his own

he could have waited for the rest of the guys so they would all come together

he was still in his mind

when Carlos broke into his thoughts

“you know I must admit,, it’s a huge waste that a talented kid like you would be gone in this manner,,, but what can I say,,, this guys are more than happy to draw blood”

Muna started looking round the compound for a means of escape

“tsk,, tsk,, tsk,, no need for that,, I assure you mucha,,, you are going to die a brutal death today,,, and not even your dead friend will save you”
Carlos chipped in

but as he finished speaking

a voice rang out from a corner

“for the last time you bastard!! ,
his name is Muna not mucha,, yes,, and we are here for the rescue!! ”

Muna’s spirit got lifted
as he recognised Mike and john’s voice

all three of them including Tobi were standing at the rooftop of a building nearby

muna was gratefully glad to see them

although his smile faded fast when he came to realization that..
no matter what,, they are not. saving anything today,,, they simply came to their deaths,,,

Carlos laughed out loud

“good!!,,just good,, glad. you guys could join the fun,, it’ll be a classic Finish to the entire saga,,,four friends dying together side by side,, what a noble ending,,, although it would have been a more beautiful ending if that useless kid didn’t get himself killed by a bus-”

Muna’s anger rekindled as he heard Carlos mention dre

an undefinable force pushed him and he launched himself forward and deliveredv a jaw breaking punch on Carlos face

the man went crashing to the floor

the deed had been done!

as if history was repeating itself

Carlos yelled out the dreadful orders in aloud voice

“la impiarlos!!”
(Maim them!!)

it became live

the men scattered and ran after Tobi Mike and john who ran towards an empty warehouse

Muna dashed into the building to look. for sonia

he would at least find a way to get her out of here

even if he and the other guys dies today…he would make sure nothing happens to her

how would it be,, if her mother comes back home to find out that the girl she left in his custody was used and wasted by this espanol perverts

talking about dying

Muna was sadly sure this was the end for the guys

as he saw them run into an empty ware house with the entire soldadoes after them

,there was no backdoor

it was a one way in one way out

they were trapped!!

muna contemplated abandoning his search for sonia,,,and going to assist them,,,

more like die with them,,,

but they were already goners

what help coul ordinary him profer

he was still contemplating in his mind when the most strangest thing happened

immediately the soldadoes ran after and entered the warehouse with them

tobi mike and john came from nowhere

and closed the huge door

of the warehouse bolting it from behind

now the entire army of soldadoes were the ones secured in a trap

muna’s jaws were hanging open in utter shock

what just happened!

what the hell just happened

“how did,,how,,where did they-”

he couldnt point out his words right

tobi looked back and winked at him

he then walked towards him and said

“why you so shocked,,,we did it man!!”

muna opened his mouth and stuttered

“you guys were just…and then… i mean i saw it clearly ,,,you guys just-”

tobi then laughed

mike tightened the bolt on the door then went straight to the confused carlos on the floor

he dragged him up by the collar

tobi then said to muna

“oh you think,,that was us,,,no man,,,we were still on the roof all this while,,,those guys the soldadoes were chasing were just fakes”

muna had a confused look on his face


fakes in what way

how can there be three guys entering into a building and the same three guys outside to lock up the biulding

it doesnt make any sense

but then muna’s confusion got pacified as he saw john carrying tobi’s holograph rep machine outside

he widened his eyes

“tobi you-”


tobi cut in with a big smile and a nod

“you see,,,i told you guys that thing would come in handy one day,,”

muna couldnt believe it

they all were on tobi’s neck the day he bought the holograph machine online

but now

who would have thought that this same stuff would one day save their lives

tobi then chipped in to brag a little

with his nose in the air as usual

he started

“well you see,,,immediately you ran off,,i started having a bad feeling,,,so we worked on the van,,and the engine started,,,i quickly ran inside and brought the holo with me,,when we got here,,i placed the machine in a discreet position,,allowing our representation to come out and started running,,,hahaha,,,those idiots were busy chasing shadows”

mike laughed out

but john started sobbing

muna looked at him and asked

“whats wrong johhny,,”

he shook his head

“nothing,,i just remembered dre,,,he was the first person tobi used this thing on”

they all had glum look on their faces

till mike broke the silence out

by giving a loud slap on carlos face

“where is she,,where did you keep her!”

carlos mouth was bleeding
from muna’s punch
but he still gave him a wry smile and said

“por favour mi puta”

Mike looked back at them and asked

“what the hell does that mean”

john shrugged

“don’t know,, but it’s surely something offensive,, that word “puta” definitely means b!tch”

Mike fumed,, he looked backed at Carlos and smacked him to unconciousness

Tobi sighed

“Mike sometimes eh!!,, ”

Mike then gave him a look and said

“what? , didn’t you hear the rubbish he said”

“how is he going to tell us where Sonia is when you’ve knocked him out cold”! Tobi chipped in

“who knows,, Sonia is probably not even here at all” john said

they all came to the realization that there was a possibility that they were in the entirely wrong place

while they were still speaking

Muna’s ears twitched

as he started hearing some muffled noises coming from a room inside the house

he hushed the guys and listened carefully

following the sound he entered the house and approached a door

he placed his ears properly

then called out

“Sonia,, soso!! ”

the sound increased in the room

Muna frantically pulled at the door handle but it was looked

he stepped back a little

and smashed the door repeatedly till he broke through

he entered the room and saw
Sonia all tied up on a bed like a sacrificial lamb

he rushed to her as he and john untied her and removed the duct tape from her mouth

they soon got engaged in a tight hug

“im sorry,, Sonia,, I’m really sorry,,,this never should have happened,, ”

he brought her forth and asked

“are you 0k”

she nodded as tears flowed freely in her cheeks,,

he then. asked again

“Sonia did they… I mean did he.. ”

she shook her head

“no,, I’m alright,,, he couldn’t do it! ”

Muna heaved a sigh of relief

he then helped her up

as she leaned on john for support

they stepped outside and found Carlos already awake and talking to Tobi and mike

Muna walked up to them and inquiered

“what’s going 0n”

“it’s just like I thought Muna,,, boanno is not in town,,, the man travelled a few weeks ago,, this punk was doing all these without his permission”Tobi said

Muna looked at Carlos with contempt

it was taking a whole lot of self control in stopping him from killing him but they were not murderers

Dre would never support killing an individual no matter the offence commited

john then suggested

“should we throw him into the well or choke him to death”

“let’s just stab him,, each of us one by one” Mike chipped in

Muna then spoke up

“guys enough!,, we are not murderers”

“Muna this is the punk responsible for dre’s death,, don’t you want revenge! ”
john fumed

“i do ,,more than anything,,,i have the strongest urge to kill him right now,,,but see,,, taking his life wouldnt bring dre back,,,itll just make us bitter individuals,,, lets all consider what dre would think of us right now,,,”

they bowed their heads low

tobi then looked up into the dark skies and said

“atleast he was with us through this night,,,im not supertitous ,,but the fact that we survived such an encounter tonight,,only suggests one thing-”

mike completed it

“our divine leader was with us tonight”

they all nodded

as they continued reminiscing

the noise from the warehouse suggested that the soldadoes inside were getting impatient locked up as they banged the door repeatedly

tobi noticed a frightened concern look on sonias face so he said to her…

“dont worry soso,,it is ultra locked,,,nothing is coming out of there,,,absolutely nothing!,,we got you baby”

he then held her shoulders and pulled her to a hug

after five minutes

muna then said

“alright ,,thats enough! break it up,, how long will you two embrace,, hands off Tobi!,,”

they both chuckled at Muna’s cheesiness

“oooh,,, the grumpy man can feel out too! ” john teased him

as Tobi and Sonia chuckled

while they were laughing off and chatting

Mike walked away from their spot and peered into the darkness and in a voice he then said

“hey,, haven’t you guys not noticed yet,, ”

“Noticed what again!!! ”

they all chorused as they turned to look at him

each expecting a dreadful revelation from Mike’s usual observances

then Mike said pointing towards some incoming lights
“it’s always when the entire action is over that the police always shows up”

the red blue lights and loud sirens became clearer as the cops entered the compound

they all heaved a sigh of relief when they realised what he was talking about

Muna smacked Mike in the back of his head for putting them all in such suspense

they all jeered at him for such a stunt

as they walked away

away from the travails

walking to safety

walking home!


(lA FIN)

••THE £ND••