All That Glitters Episode 39


Tobi got closer and pulled Muna by the shirt

Muna almost retaliated by punching him in the face

but he relaxed

Tobi then said

“where the hell are you going man”

with a frowned face

“what do you mean where the hell am I going,,, I’m off to save Sonia and get rid of that son of a b!tch once and for all”

Tobi held his shoulders

“Muna try to calm down,, you can’t barge into soldado territory like that,, are you trying to kill yourself,, have you forgotten what they did to Dre”

Muna stoned his face.

“the more reason why I intend to kill that bqstard once and for all”

he moved to go again

but Tobi held his shirt

“hands off Tobi!!”

“,, calm down man,, I know you’re fumed right now,, but you can’t go there on your own,, let’s call the police first”

Muna had a shocked look on his face

“what fvcking police,, which stupid police would get here in less than five minutes,, are we talking about the same Nigerian police or?! ”

Tobi sighed

then said

“let’s get a car,, you can’t walk there,,, let me get the guys together,, and well take my uncles van ”

muna flinched

“no ,,ill do this on my own,,i cant-”

tobi snapped in

“this is sonia we’re talking about,,do you think we would all sit back and watch you go over there and fumble”

muna kept mute

“you dont have a choice,,ok,,we’re goin together”

tobi then led the way towards his own streets…

muna reluctantly followed behind

[diablo territory]

sonia is tied to a chair

the room is somewhat dark as a spleen of moonlight pierces through the window

the door opened

a man stepped in and walked towards her

“well it seems like your brave hero is actually a corward after all…i dont blame him though,,after witnessing what we did to his buddy even i would be scared of us too”

sonia allowed the tears fall freely across her cheeks

this were the bqstards responsible for dre’s death

this guys!!

they practically killed him

you could see impatience written all over carlos as he walked to her

“we cant wait anymore pretty,, guess we will have to have fun without mr macho eh,,although we would have liked that mucho to be here and watch me as i devour your pretty little body”

came behind her and ran his hands
all over her body. she thrashed around but He tapped her mouth shut.

“Vamos a tener tan divertido.” He said while slowly unbottening her shirt

sonia saw no point in fighting again as soon as her top fell off her body, she felt so disgusted
of his hands on her body and
in the same motion

he unhooked her bra
and relished at her bare back.

her bra didnt come off her body completely..but just hung loosely on her shoulders

Carlos then roamed his eyes over her body and said

” We are going have so much fun.
Me pregunto lo que Jaxon muchacho va hacer cuando yo te follo tan bueno.”

(I wonder what that boy mucho is going to do when I fúck you so good.)

He came in front of her and pulled out a pocket knife. her eyes grew huge while she thrashed around. she kicked him in his hand and he dropped the knife and then he chuckled.

“You’re just making everything so much fun aren’t you?” He said

Sonia’s expression was blazing as she yelled

“Muna…his name is Muna,, not mucho!,, and I promise you,, even if I die here today,, my pain would be nothing compared to what he’ll do to you,, that I assure you!,,

Carlos gave out a hearty laugh

he then bent low to her face and said

“pls I’m curious,, what exactly would he do,,, gather a bunch of kids and bring them against an entire soldado community,,, hahaaahaha!!,, ooh I’m shaking,, let him come,,, ”

he then stood up and said

“I think he should really come,, although right now,, it seems as if he is too scared,,, perhaps he needs some,, motivation! ”

Carlos said it with a smirk on his face

Carlos was a pervert

a disgusting pervert

I knew this the first day they attacked our school

his peodophilic attitude was a give off

after speaking to sonia he stepped out of the room then coming back a few seconds later with more rope and two 50 pound weights. she stopped and watched him with wide eyes. He tied one of the rope ends to one of the
weight and did the same to the other. He stood up and dragged both of the them, she tried screaming but he already plastered her lips with duct tape, she started to kick at him but he dropped one of the rope and held on one in his right hand. she kicked at him but he caught her left leg and twisted it painfully. she screamed out in pain and when she was screaming he wrapped the rope around her ankle and dropped the weight 5ft away from her.

sonia kicked out again

she was determined and ready to not go down without a fight

this might be her last night..

so better to go trying than to go freely

so she kept struggling for a while

He sighed and picked up the pocket knife he dropped 2ft away from her. she screamed and more tears came out like a dam breaking.

“Sh.shshhh.” He said while smirking and walking up to her and snapping the knife open. she screamed again
and he chuckled

. “yes that’s right,, just keep screaming for me baby,,, perhaps this would make him man up and come for the show”

He reached in and pulled
out his phone. His flash went on and she then realize what he was doing

he was recording!

“se amore,,se linda”
(such a beauty)

tears dropped from her eyes when she realised he was going to record himself violating her ,,and the video might get sent to God knows who.

“Oh wait. I forgot to do something.” He said while smirking.

He shown the phone the knife
and started to walk towards her.
her eyes grew huge while tears blurred her vision. she screamed and thrashed around again but He came up to her and grabbed her by the shoulder. she tried to kick him but he tilt his head and stabbed her thigh. she screamed in pain he stared
at her with the phone on his left hand and pointing it at her face. He then shown the phone the knife in her right thigh.

“And I just ruined her perfectly sexy leg Man.” He said while chuckling. He then placed the phone at her face and she was still screaming. He smirked then made the phone look at her thigh again.

“Time is running out mucha..
in a few mins,, your little girlfriend here will become over used property”

her body was shaking with all the blood coming out . the pain was to much for her body to handle
. He then pulled out the knife
and he showed the camera her face. her eyes were slowly closing and her body slowly giving out..

He showed the camera her body and then showed his face

. “I’m going to have some much fun.” he said to the camera

Then he ended it

she could hear him typing but her eyes were closed and her breathing was starting to turn long and slow

“I sent it to him. Let’s see what he does.”

her head hung low from dizziness
He then pulled her hair so she can look at him.

“No te preocupes, cuando venga tenemos nuestra diversión.”
(dont worry, when he comes we would have our fun.)

hot on the wheels

Muna’s face was tightened with anger

it was like all the anger pent up inside him was bursting out

one could notice the look of shock a few mins ago, he picked up the pieces of his phone and assembled it together piece by piece

he was standing waiting for Tobi to work out the dead van

and as he waited he checked through his phone and saw an mms message

he opened the attachment

and the video he saw made him go mad!!

he didn’t give any explanation

he forced the keys of mikes bike out of his hands,,, he jumped on it and zoomed off immediately..

leaving the guys in a bedazzled state…

he had only one goal in his mind now

how dare he!

how dare that bqstard do that!

he couldn’t take his mind off what he just watched

in a few mins Muna reached the diabblo compound


the door open up and her eyes closed from the bright light that shine in.

“I’m back!” Carlos announced

she drew back and whimpered

“Shhhhhhhhh. Don’t cry.”

He said while walking towards her, He bent down and gripped her neck and lifted her up till she was leaning on him because she couldn’t support
her weight. He placed his head in the crook of neck and inhaled her sent.

“P-please l-l-leave me alone.”
sonia said between hiccups and sobs.

“oh,, so you can beg now,, what happened to all that tough act before huh? ”

she whimpered and tried
to push him away but he tighten his hold on her and lifted her till she was hanging off his shoulder. she cried and he chuckled and walked towards the door. He open the door and there was men lined up with smirks. her sobs grew bigger and she tried to
push off of him but he tighten his hold. He made tsking noise and he closed the door behind him. He walked past the men and once he was in front the men followed behind and some were whispering to each
other while others licked their lips.

her sobs grew bigger and some men chuckled. He raised his hand and the men stopped. He continued to walk ahead but she closed her eyes and went limp again, she heard a door
open and closed behind.

the next thing she knew

Sonia was tossed on a bed immediately she felt carlos body on top of her.

“Your so beautiful little girl.” He murmured against her neck, she didn’t say anything but she tried to stop him but he pinned her and
laughed. she closed her eyes and sobbed.

“It would be fun baby. Trust me.”
she screamed out and screamed and thrashed around.


Sonia pleaded with him

but Carlos was a pig

He s——-d her waist and she continued to cry.

he was about ripping off her skirts

when a loud crashing sound was heard outside

,,the sound of foots thumping

and men shouting could be heard

Carlos jumped up and shouted

“que pasa mi hearties”

(what the hell is all that ruckus about)