All That Glitters Episode 3


°lMr Samson’s fury°

“Well ,,,ma,,, what’s the answer” Miss Kate looked flushed She didn’t expect him to reply Her mock question Talk less of redirecting another question back at her

“Uhm ,,,its, its,,the uhm” She stammered “That ,that’s, actually uh” She was still rummaging for A reply when suddenly

•ring ding ding•

That was the school bell Signalling the break period, Students started to pack up to head for break

“Well I’ll ,,,get back to you on that” Miss Kate ofhandly said She picked up her marker and books. ..and scurried out of the class Without even saying the usual

”Class dismissed”

Everyone got up and headed outside some to play and others to eat, Mike and muna remained in class tho Cleansweep hardly mixed up with other students, From the opposite class you could tell by the noise that the teacher also left the class.. that was Grade 11b,,, Mike and muna were in Grade 11a (Grade 11 is the same as ss2)

By this time Muna already had His earpiece on and was sitted back, Mike got up from his seat and went towards the window not too far, he saw two figures downstairs..a boy and a Girl ” Punk” He said, He picked up a piece of paper found a nice smooth stone and started Rollin into the paper

“Did you notice Samson was Nowhere around today” he asked Muna replied

“I wonder why”

“He hardly misses a day at school”

“And he was in charge of roll call today” mike added.

While they were talking a boy walked into the class… Stared at both of them and .. Walked towards Muna ,and grabbed a seat,,,after he sat he asked them

“Where’s the wacko” Mike turned around and looked at him, The boy’s name is john last and youngest member of Cleansweep.. He had a fresh innocent Boyish look that stood him out,,,John was a complete genius in drumming, He could beat a drum set masterpiece while blindfolded, He was in grade 11b He faced mike and asked again

“I thought he was here since I didn’t see him in class” Mike pointed to Muna and said

“ask him” Then he turned back and continued his window observation

“I don’t know , we went out to a club last night and ,,he just bailed off, Havnt seen him since” Muna said. John was asking about Dre, They usually have a squad Meeting every Mondays……. Mike already had his paper and pebble woven into a nice ball

“perfect “he said And from the window he aimed… With his Eagle view he spotted Exactly where he would hit .then he threw …from downstairs tho…

Tobi was still engrossed in his conversation with the girl ..that he didn’t notice the incoming missile from mike

“So that means I should be expecting you tonight right”

” Tonight”,,she flinched “We,,well,,,okay” she reluctantly said Tobi flashed another smile

“Alright,,then I’ll…call you” His hands went down to her waist, Holding her he brought her closer to him Then he slowly bent his head and pushed his lips on hers

•ka pow!!•

He didn’t finish,,,the pebble hit him at the back of his head

“Ayiii yow,,,ow ow” He clutchd his head from the pain

“Are you alright” she asked “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, I was just nervous” She was apologising thinking she probably did something wrong

“Uhh,,I’m OK ” tobi said “stop apologising..its not your fault ,,,A stone got my head”

“Ohh are you OK” she asked again “Where did it come from” she was looking around to see who threw it

“Don’t worry I know the “monkey” responsible for it” he assured her “Just make sure u show up okay” he touched her cheek Then started leaving waving at her

”Okay” she answered Waving back.

He made his way to the building and headed for grade 11 class…passed the hallway then stepped inside the class, John was giggling and mike had that his sheepish smile on, Muna lifted his head up Tobi noticed a faint grin on his Face, They were all looking at him

“I hope you ate a strong breakfast today cuz I’m about to beat the living daylight out of you”; He spoke directly at mike

“yeah a delicious homemade hamburger at Muna’s place” Mike said still smiling, By now He was already on the run but tobi chased after him

“Stay still, You better stay one place and lemme thrash You” Mike just kept running left to right all over the classroom Using the tables and chairs as obstacles

“Run man , run” he kept teasing tobi “come on I’m sure u can catch me” By now the whole class was in dissaray … John just Kept watching them and giggling, Muna stood up and went towards the door

“Knock it off you two, Come on let’s go find something to eat ,,,I’m starving” he said to them, By now tobi caught mike and was already rough handling him but Muna’s words distracted him and he freed himself ,, John stood up and followed muna ,,tobi and mike still shovin each other went after them, They went downstairs towards the dining

“Hey why are we going to the dining, There’s too much people there ,,why don’t we just go to the kiosk and buy something” Tobi asked Muna replied him

“Let’s just eat there atleast for today, Tomorrow we can go to the kiosk or wherever you want” Tobi nodded

They reached the dining, pushed open the door and got in. All eyes turned and stared at them ,,, some girls were just giggling and whispering among them selves : Ear to ear… They were used to this kind of Treatment, It was like an everyday thing now

“By the way where’s our wacko leader “tobi asked again

“We really don’t have an idea man” john answered him.

They ordered food at the canteen and found a vacant table for five of them As they settled to eat Mike’s phone vibrates, He took it out and saw a message

“Oh its Dre, He says he is on his way here” He told them

“Tell him to meet us at the dining room” Muna ordered

“OK ” mike started texting him back …

At the same time not too far from their table some Grade 12 (Ss3) boys were seated eating their lunch and watching the clean sweepers with hate and envy

“So they decided to eat here today” one guy said

“I thought this place was too lowly for them” Another added with disgust

” Boss what should we do about it,,,look at the way everybody’s attention is on them” he asked juma, Juma was a notorious tout who led a gang of hoodlums both in school and outside.

“Just the sight of them makes me sick, They keep prancing around my school like peacocks,,,I own this place, I’ve been in this school way longer before them” Actually this is true due to his non chalance juma repeated grade11 twice and this is his second year in grade 12 the school has been threatening to let him go if he doesn’t improve

“What do you guyz say…let’s give them a little showdown” He said to his boys, They were all noddin in agreement ,,,,

Mike’s phone vibrated again He took it out

“Dre is already in the building, He says he’ll be here any minute” He told the other guyz

“Ok then john go and order his own food ” tobi told him

“Why don’t you go yourself ” Mike queried

“He is the youngest” tobi replied, John simply made a shooting sign at tobi, got up And went to the canteen to get the food, At the same tym Dre bursted into the dining room swiftly.. For a while he looked around Trying to spot where the guyz were seated His presence generated some cheers and soft uproar among the students, That was clean sweepers Boss in the dining with them,some of the students were already screaming out his name.

On a normal day he would have hung around the crowd of people coming to greet him .. Signing autographs and getting hugs and pecks But not today, he has got some juicy gists For his team members ..he brushed forward and headed where his guyz were seated, He climbed the table instead of sitting on a chair.

His long dreadlocks were all scattered over his head instead of bundled up on a rubber band as usual

“Dude what happened you look like someone who just ran a marathon” tobi queried Dre obviously itching to tell his story

“Listen ,listen,,,guyz you won’t believe what happened to me today,,,this morning abi last night abi….ugh.. just… whatever” He was clearly unsettled

“Dre just relax, get down from the table and calmly tell us what happened” Muna said trying to soothe him down a little, Sometimes Dre can be so overexcited that he starts reacting strangely

“Okay okay,,,Muna remember when I ditched you at the club last night,,remember ehn, remember” Muna made a scruntched face and said

“Yes I remember,,,and I’ll like to say wehdone Sah for that” Dre brushed off the comment

“Okay ,,yeah,,yeah sorry about that man,,,so I met this awesome girl at the club”” Tobi interrupted

“So there’s a girl involved” tobi who was busy observing suspicious movements said, the Grade12 boys were making now drew his seat closer to dre to hear more …

John already noticed Dre’s arrival ,,,and was itching to get back and know what’s up, He got the food and headed back to the seat, Halfway there two boys blocked his path, One of them nudged him he almost spilled the food

“Where is Mr smally carrying his tray to” one of them asked john stared at the both of them in annoyance

“If you guyz wanted some food go and get yours …why you in my way” john demanded .. He obviously didn’t feel threatened by them at all

“See this small kid o,, do we look lyk ur mates to you” the second guy asked

“Why the f–k should I care about who u guyz are” john retorted he was starting to lose his patience .. At this time Dre had stopped saying his story ,,he and The others were watching john and the two guyz

“Those r definitely juma’s boys” Mike said

“For sure” Dre replied

From what they could see the argument grew hotter and one of the guyz reached forward and pushed johns tray to the floor Mike and tobi stood up simultaneously Dre raised his hand signaling them to sit down back

“But Dre ..” .tobi started

“Hold on “he replied Adjusting on his seat “Let’s see what the kid can do” He added … John was infuriated

” you just pushed down my food” The first guy replied

“Ahn ahn,,,you still have mouth to talk”

“Maybe we should silence him” The other guy suggested, He grabbed john by the collar

“Get your filthy hands off my shirt” john demanded again He was already furious by now, The guy said

“Let me torture that mouth of yours you tiny punk” and attempted to punch his face John caught his hand And twisted it all the way back

“Yeh yeeh yeeesh” The guy was yelping in pain, His comrade tried to come to his aide John rounded a kick to his face and He fell back and smashed to a table, By now everyone in the dining room was watching them, The guy fell over a table and crashed to the floor, Applause came from different corners of the dining.

Juma and his boys were well known bullies and it was Good to see them take a beating, John released the guy from His grip And he hurriedly scampered away, He dusted his shirt and headed to where the guyz were seated amidst cheers and applause, Tobi made a sign to him Telling him to bow and blow kisses at the audience Which he readily did Then smile a little, He went to take his seat

“Way to go man” mike said

“Next time aim for the gut” Tobi added, He got compliments from dre and Muna too …

A very infuriated juma was headed straight to their table with half a dozen boys Then suddenly from the overhead speaker A voice blew out


Every one faced the speaker listening to The announcement

“Yep that’s my cue ” Dre just cheerfully said Then got up and made his way to the office, the other guyz followed him, Juma and his boyz saw another lost opportunity And calmly withdrew

*Another day shall come* Juma thought in his mind * I’ll give those cleansweepers a clean lesson

^Mr Samson’s office^

Dre and his team were standing and waiting, Mr Samson rolled his eyes from john to tobi to mike to Muna then allowed his eyes to rest on dre, Dre shifted a little avoiding His gaze, He opened his mouth and spoke

“I thought I asked for only Andre “,,, Pointing to the rest of them “So, Who are you foreigners”

“Whatever concerns one cleansweeper, concerns the rest of us” Muna said in his usuall defiant tone that gets on peoples nerves

“Look here Munachi.,,I will not tolerate such mannerless tone in my office, This is not a joke, So better be careful” Facing dre “Now back to you Andre I will only ask you once, where and what did u do last night” Dre started

“I ehm …I can’t remember sir”

“Ooh u can’t remember” Mr Sam said “Don’t worry I’ll jug your memory a bit” He took out his whip and rolled it to a bunch “Just lie down on the floor there and let me help you remember” Dre moved to the floor

*what!!* Muna thought *what the heck is Dre doing*

“Wait hold on sir..I.. I..think I was in church sir”

“Ooh you think” Mr Sam said “No problem you will remember what you did in church today, Lie down my friend!!!” Mr Samson screamed, Dre lay flat on the floor

*seriously what is hedoing, ,I know dre likes to play along all the time,,but is he really going to let this Sammy whip him?

Mr Sam moved to Dre raised up the whip and brought it down towards his butt

•Fwap!!•• … Muna caught the whip in mid air and shot mr Samson his laser gaze, Mr Sam obviously taken aback by this action Stepped a few paces back “ooooh…Ikenna munachi? You’ve grown wings eh, No problem you know what…dre get up” Dre was already at the door even before the whip came close to him, Typical Dre he was just testing mr Sam’s patience

“Forget Rank…forget teacher student bull shit, Let’s go one on one, Shebi you want to face me now let’s go…I’ve also been wanting to get my hands on you punk” Muna took of his blazers stretched his legs, Mr Samson adjusted his tie and rolled up his sleeve ,Cracking his neck from side to side He took a stance then motioned Muna to come forward

*he’s challenging me ehn…fine then I’ll show him what I’ve got* Muna thought in his mind *I don’t know why everybody is scared of this guy…well this is my opportunity to put him in his place* He charged towards mr Sam And the Showdown began…..