All In A Circle Episode 58


Clement and his team all found themselves in a corridor-like underground. Everywhere was dark, but with the aid of their flashlights, they could see the way forward.

“There is a door over there.” Sylvester with his eagle eye said. Clement pointed his flashlight in the direction which Sylvester’s flashlight was. And carefully he made his way towards the iron bar which served as the door.

“We need to break this thing.” He said. Two soldiers brought forward a large bag and opened it, various equipments were stacked inside the bag. Drilling machines, nail remover, metal breaker, and blades used in cutting metals. They hit the door thrice each and it broke. Clement carefully walked beyond the door.

“Come on guys.” He said when he saw the reluctance in Sylvester’s countenance, and some other police officers, but the soldiers were ever ready for some action.

“We don’t have much time, its either we get this done with within thirty minutes or we die in here.” He said as he continued advancing towards a bend inside the corridor.

All his life, he never envisaged himself leaving the earth surface. But now, he is about a hundred kilometers below the earth surface. They all continued moving in mass as the took bends and went into slopes and pits.

“Wait right here guys. What’s the situation out there?” Clement asked checking his time piece. Sylvester picked his walkie talkie, but there was no service.

“I couldn’t connect to the outside world.” He said and everyone laughed through gritted teeth except Clement who kept a straight face. The underground seemed lively, it was evident someone either used it or walked through it not so long ago. There were foot prints and blood droplets on the ground.

“Sly, did you see Ayo Okorie when he was running away the day you invaded his house?” Clement asked.

“No. I have men guarding every exit around here, and no one exited through the gate.”Sylvester replied.

“There are every possibility that he escaped through this underground.” Clement replied. He was not sure of the possibility of Ayo escaping through this particular underground, but yet he doesn’t want to rule out the possibility. He would have loved to check the prints on the wall and the floor to know who they belonged to, but as things were, there seemed to be no such time. They had seventeen minutes to either finish what they are in for or abandon it with no relative success of die while trying. Abandoning their quest is impossible, dying is out of it, nobody wants to die, forcing their ways to the end seemed the best idea but it is very risky and life threatening.

“Can you hear that?” Clement asked Sylvester as they placed their ears close to the walls of the underground. They could hear wailing sounds, mostly females.

“Are we still on earth?” Sylvester blurted.

Clement motioned them to keep quiet as they all tip toes toward the next bend inside the tunnel and came face to face with two tunnels. One was dark and while the other was illuminated.

“You, go in there and see what’s going on.” He said to a soldier who quickly went into the illuminated tunnel.

“What about this one?” Leiutenant James asked.

“We need to go step by step. This other tunnel is too dark, it could be dangerous.” Clement replied.

“Let me check it out.” James volunteered. A few minutes later, the spy returned with good news for the team.

“Sir, this tunnel leads to a row of cells. The one I saw had about three girls in it, two men were staying with them and punishing them.” He explained.

Then Sylvester remembered the girl he met the day he broke into the compound. She told him they were girls from other countries being held hostage by ‘the big boss’ as he was popularly known. They perform duties such as cooking and making the house clean. That beautiful girl.

“How many cells can you see?” Clement asked.

“About ten sir.” The soldier replied.

“Meaning, if we have two men in each cells, we are about fighting twenty men or more as the case may be.” He calculated. His men nodded.

“And we have twenty men here and we have twelve minutes to do that.” He reminded them. They all sighed in defeat the moment they realised they had twelve minutes more. And Leiutenant James was not yet back into the fold. Clement knew the dark tunnel had something dangerous. It could be an ambush. But his question now is how the people in the underground are not affected by the dangerous gas and they had no face mask on. It had to be that, the gas influence stopped a few metres behind. Twelve minutes or they are dead.


Kelvin pulled up in front of a big bungalow in the highbrow of Lagos state, Victoria Island to be precise.

“That’s his house over there.” Hakym said.

“This one?” Kelvin asked to be sure.

Hakym nodded his head affirmatively. Kelvin remembered how he had received an urgent call from Abdul Maleek immediately Ngozi left the hotel room. He knew he was being watched and he was expecting the call too. Maleek had told him to pick Hakym up outside the hotel and drive straight to Sylvester’s house. He knew there was no going back, either he did it or he get killed which was not even an option for him. He was playing a game of no one getting hurt, because he knew if Sylvester’s wife was killed, no doubt Rachel would be killed too.

“Lets go in.” Hakym said. For the first time in his life, he was afraid to kill. For the first time in his life, he felt reluctant to barge in there and wipe out every human that exist in the house. By the time he snapped out of his reverie, Hakym was already knocking on the big white Iron gate. He quicly locked the car doors and walked up to him. A young lady of about twenty six pushed the gate opened.

“Good morning ma’am.” Hakym had greeted.

“Good morning sirs.” She replied. From her accent, one would know she was either born and brought up in the US or was an American. “How may I help you sirs?” She asked opening the gate wider. She led the two of them into the well furnished sitting room. “Take a seat please.” She said and disappeared into one of the rooms, only to return a few minutes later with a bottle of wine and two glasscups. This show of her, endeared her to Kelvin the more.

“Congratulations madam.” Hakym said flashing a paper he saw on one of the couches. A pregnancy test result.

“Thank you sir. But you are yet to state your mission here.” She said still smiling. Maybe God gave her one assignment which is to always smile while Jesus christ was sent to save his people.

“We came to give you this.” Hakym said removing a 9mm from his holster.

“Please what’s my offence?” She asked. Immediately, she was crying. How mood changes within seconds.

“Ask Sylvester when you meet him in the afterlife.” Hakym said.

“Please sir, as you can see, I am pregnant. Let me achieve this one thing in life. Let me have a child of my own.” She pleaded.

“Explain to God when you see him.” Hakym said and released two quick shots on her.

“Lets get out of here.” He said to Kelvin who still stood watching as the most beautiful lady he had ever seen battled with her life, until she breathe her last.

“Am sorry, things had to go that way.” He said dropping a paper on the table and moving out of the house. First success recorded. They succesfully attacked Sylvester’s home and killed his wife with no one seeing them. Kelvin’s only fear was the possibility of the couple having a maid who could be lurking somewhere watching as they killed her madam, but Hakym claimed there was nothing of such.

Their next assignment now is to kill Rachel. He knew, the Rachel’s game can not go down alone, some innocent souls will have to go down with her to avoid stories that touch. He pitied the poor security man who has been loyal to Clement, is this the way to pay him back? What about the new born baby, his niece. He wished he could do something about it. But as things were now, the Rachel’s assignment belonged to him. Hakym already killed Sylvester’s wife, so it was his turn to kill his brother’s wife.

His mind was preoccupied as Hakym sped out of the Island at full speed jubilating on his latest success. How he wished he could just kill his brother’s wife without his conscience pricking him. God will definitely see him through, that is if his name was registered with God.

Victoria was enjoying herself as she drove at relative speed along the road with the volkswagen on her trail. She knew whoever was behind the wheel must have learnt the ropes of the job, because when trailing a suspect, the most important thing is to avoid suspicion from the suspect by keeping space. But Victoria knew the lady behind the Volkwagen cannot match her driving skills or keep up with her if they were to drive madly. But she decided to keep it cool by convincing her that she was a law abiding citizen. At least, change in human brings about a lot of things. Her phone beeped, a new meassage.

“Who could it be?” She asked herself as she picked it up. It was a credit transaction alert in her account. Sandra had just credited her account with a sum of two hundred thousand Naira, the balance for her payment. She smiled, at least she go the dividends of the job at last.

“This girl is still trailing me?” This is a lost battle my dear. She swung the car into Ajayi estate and parked just beside the deserted estate road. She waited for ten seconds before opening the door and alighting, she headed for where the volkswagen was parked.

“Hello.” She said as dhe ease herself into the passenger seat without invitation. It was evident that the volkswagen lady was scared but she was trying her best not to show it. This was her first time trailing a suspect and from the testimonies she had heard from superior officers and colleagues, none of the said anything like the suspect coming to join them in the car.

“What do you want from me?” Victoria asked.

“How do you mean?” The volkwagen lady asked. Victoria smiled, she wasn’t expecting replies from her so fast.

“I am Victoria.” She said.

“Do you realise that you are wasting my time?” The lady asked.

“Tell me your name and stop being silly.” Victoria said.

Even if she was asked to trail and pin her down by getting as much informations as possible about her, she knew it will be impossible considering the boldness of the suspect before her.

“I am Matilda.” She replied. Victoria smiled, opening the car safe.

“What do you want with me? Who are you working for?” Victoria asked. Matilda weighed her options and decided to kill a bird with one stone throw.

“I am a private agent. I work for myself and in the end send my results to interested angencies. I am a professional spy.” Matilda replied.

“So what do you want with me?” Victoria asked still keeping her confidence in the high without showing any sign of weakness.

“I have heard a lot about Victoria Vicky and all she had done which was why I decided to do something on your case. I have been trailing you unknowingly for the past three weeks and I can say I have enough reasons to get you arrested.” Matilda explained within element of truth in all she said. Victoria gave a short laugh.

“What exactly did you get to know about me, private spy? Victoria asked in a mocking tone.

“A lot. And like I said earlier, they are enough to nail you to your cross. The assignment you carried out for Sandra Oselu is right here with me, I have the recording of your first conversation, even the one you had today is on recording.” Matilda replied praying within her that the tricks worked. Victoria smiled.

“And what was the conversation about?” Victoria asked. Matilda ignored her and tapped her fingers on the steering wheel. “You know what, I live inside this estate, you saying you have heard a lot about me is all lies, I am a low profile person. What type of spy are you? On the first day you trailed me, you were spotted and you said you work for yourself, I am not convinced.” Victoria said smiling. Matilda removed an identity card from her handbag and flashed it accross Vicky’s face. On it was written, ‘PRIVATE SPY NETWORK, ADDIS ABABA.’ Victoria drew back, if truely she is a private spy, she had nothing to nail her.

“I am a God fearing person, I don’t do bad things. You know what? I don’t have time for a cop like you.” Victoria aid opening the car door.

“Who said, I am a cop?” Matilda asked.

“You are a cop, an FBI agent to be precise. Check the badge on your chest. Good day.” With this Vicky stepped out of the car and walked towards her parked car.

“This girl is mad o. How come she noticed the badge on my chest? She must really be a force to reckon with.” Matilda thought as she backed her car and drove away. She needed to restrategize unknown to anybody, not even Clement must know about her plan.

Clement and his team waited a minute or two for Leiutenant James and when it seemed he won’t be returning, they decided to advance.

“You, you and you. Stay behind here. This is the extraction point. Be at alert.” Clement instructed in low tones. Sylvester went down on his knees.

“Sly, any problem?” Clement asked. Sylvester raised his head up to face Clement. “Any problem?” Clement asked again.

“Something is wrong.” Sylvester said.

“What do you mean?” Clement asked.

“I need to be with my family now, most especially my wife.” He replied. Clement gave him an unimpressed look. “I have this strange feeling, I am afraid something bad might have happened to them. I need to check on them.” He explained.

“Are you that superstitious?” Clement asked.

“Its not about superstitious believe or anything. I just have a feeling something is not right.” Sylvester replied.

“So what do you want?”

“I demand to be discharged this minute.” Sylvester replied.

“Granted!.” Clement and the rest of the guys continued without Sylvester who has immediately picked race and with the help of his flashlight ran in the way which they had come.

“Wait.” Clement instructed his men. One hundred yards away from their point, they could see one of the two soldiers molesting one of the girl held up in the cell.

“I’ll sneak up behind him and kill him, incase things go out of hand, storm the place. Okay?” Clement instructed as he silently sneaked into the tunnel and expertly walked past the most illuminated part of the tunnel where anybody outside or inside the tunnel can see him, but one way or the other, he wasn’t spotted. Not even his movement was heard.

He sneaked behind the first soldier who was backing the iron door into the cell. He stabbed him on the neck and allowed him to fall on his partner who was lying on top one of the girls held hostage. Before the second guy who was lost in the s.ex he was having, Clement had turned his head and it gave a cracking sound like his neck bone had left their socket. He fell down and died too.

“Shhhhh! No noise.” He said as he bent down to untie all of them. He checked his time peice, five minutes to go before the oxygen in the mask run out and the opening into the underground slam shut.

“Come with me.” He said lifting the girls up, from the look of things, he knew these girls won’t survive running for five minute or even standing for five minutes. He had to do something fast. They were all between the ages of fifteen and nineteen. He had to device a plan, he bent down and picked the youngest of the five girls, he put her on his back and proceeded to walked out of the cell.

“We’ll come with you.” The other four girls said.

“No, we’ll come and get you.” He replied.

“No. Please, lets go with you.” They pleaded. He had no choice than to let them have it their way. He was now thrown in between saving five lives and his own. He knew there was no way he could exit the illuminated part of the tunnel without being spotted, five people going at a time, and to say they are girls, they will always make mistakes because they are scared.

Then an idea struck him. It looked like the best idea to him, but very risky. He knew if he were to use the idea, he would successfully take the five girls out to safety, but they would be spotted. It is better than loosing all the girls. He picked an iron rod from the cell and led the girls out.

A few yards to the large bulb illuminating the area, he strucked it hard on the bulb which shattered and everything went dark. Out of impulse, and to his utmost suprise, the girls all ran away and he followed them, their footsteps very silent that no one could hear them.

“Who is that?” One of the men asked.

“Power outage?” Another one asked flashing his torchlight to the passage where Clement and the girls had gone.

“Storm the place.” Clement said immediately he got to the point where his men were waiting for him. “Get these girls out of here.” He said to one of his men. The guy, a soldier accepted the challenge which is the get out of the underground.

Now that the oxygen in the mask had run out, it remained to be seen how they’ll pass the underground room without inhaling the dangerous gas released. It was an advantage for Clement and his men, now that the inner part of the tunnel has been thrown into darkness. They can attack the men without being seen. But the problem is pulling the trigger on the right target in the dark.


Sylvester drove into his compound anxiously. He alighted from his car and went to close the gate, he just can’t wait to see his wife. She already told him she’ll be visiting the hospital today to get her result. He was convinced that she was pregnant, but the doctors had to confirm.

“Anybody home?” He asked as he opened the front door. He wouldn’t have known if his wife was home or not, she had no car of her own, the compound was empty as at when he drove in.

He proceeded towards the living room when he started perceiving the odour that something was wrong. He could hear the sound of someone crying, but he wasn’t sure. He concluded maybe his wife had lost the pergnancy again because he remembered the first time she suffered a miscarriage, it was on the day she got her positive test result. But his conclusion was proven all wrong when he entered the living room and saw his sister-in-law, a seventeen year old girl, Charlie squatted beside his wife body crying.

“Charlie, what’s the matter?” He asked running accross to join them, his wife was motionless and cold, she was also in a pool of her blood.

“What did you do to her?” He asked raising Charlie up with her collar and slamming her on the nearest couch.

“I didn’t do anything for her. She was shot, I saw them do it.” Charlie pleaded with tears in her eyes.

“Who did it and how come you weren’t seen?” He asked tightening his grip on her neck, choking her in the process.

“I was sent to get groceries from the supermarket down the street and on coming back, I saw the two men walked into the compound. Since you have told me not to enter the house through the living room anytime you have visitor, I decided to enter through the kitchen. I was in the kitchen when she went to the bar to get them wine and a few minutes later, I heard her pleading, then she was shot.” Charlie explained.

“Are you sure?” Clement asked. She nodded her head affirmatively. “Have you called the police?” He asked. She shook her head negatively. He laid down beside his wife and wept. Is this how the dream they both had will shatter? They had both planned to have just two kids, God willing, a boy and a girl after which they’ll relocate to Canada where they came from. But now, it all seemed impossible, he would no longer become a father.

“Nooooooooooo.” He screamed so hard that the whole building shook.

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Exams had just finished for the day and students began trooping out of the hall in twos and threes. Dolapo remained on her seat waiting for the crowd at the exit to reduce before making her way out of the hall.

“Girlfriend.” Someone tapped her from behind. It was Darasimi.

“Oh! Its you. How was your exam?” She asked.

“Good.” Darasimi replied. The two girls remained in the hall for a few seconds before Darasimi suggested that they leave.

“Can’t you see the mumber of people at the door? Even those outside are numerous. I can’t stress my tired sef.” Dolapo replied.

“You want everything so easily. Mind you, things don’t come easily, you have to work and struggle.” Darasimi replied grabbing her hands and matching towards the exit. They stopped at the bag cabinet and picked Dolapo’s bag.

“Let me put my things there please.” Darasimi pleaded.

“Who will carry it?” Dolapo asked smiling.

“I will.” Darasimi replied.

“Don’t bother. I will carry it.” Dolapo said laughing heisterically. The two girls squeezed their way through the crowd and just before they stepped outside Dolapo backed away.

“Whats wrong?” Dara asked. She pointed to a set of guys who were standing at the door. They have been there since exam finished and every one knew them well. They are popularly known as the current tappers. That’s how they do during gatherings such as this, standing at the door when everyone is trying to go out and they try as much as possible to tap currents from the ladies like they always say. They touch the girls inappropriately and a girl who wants to protect her dignity will be advised to shut up, because reacting will only lead to embarrasment for the girls. Only once has the guys been humiliated and they disappeared for almost a whole semester with no one tapping currents.

One of them touched late Chioma’s as5 and in retaliation, she slapped one of the. As if waiting for someone to make the first move, all the girls present in the hall that day attacked the guys and tongue lashed them.

“Lets go.” Darasimi said persuasively.

“No way am I going to let them touch me with their filthy hands.” Dolapo replied. They all knew Dolapo to be an uptight person. She was just an extroverted introvert who became outgoing as a result of the friends she moved with in school. She doesn’t move much with guys and she loved it that way. Darasimi knew Dolapo will only leave the hall when those guys leave the door or the crowd reduces.


Don was seated in the living room with his guys, they were all chattering happily and discussing random topics. Janet on her part was afraid to leave the store which has served as her room or better still cell. She had removed her cloth and undies as a result of the odour emanating from them, as a result of the non stop perspiration that had taken place on her body. For three days, she hadn’t had her bath and the room she sleeps was one of the less ventilated room she had ever seen in her life. The little amount of oxygen getting in doesn’t measure up to the oxgen genenrated when you use a hand fan. The air can be likened to the air that escapes when one blows out air through the mouth.

She was always seating and the sweat which covered her body in the morning will definitely get absorbed by the piece of clothing on her body. A light tap sounded on the door.

“Who is that?” She asked.

“Its me Deoye.” A male baritone voice replied. What does he want with her? She had asked herself before she remembered that she told him about needing new clothes. “I came to give you these clothes that I am able to get.” He said.

“I am naked.” She told him hiding all shame in her. She approached the door gently and pushed it open a bit, hiding her small frame behind the door. Deoye tossed a polythene bag into the room.

“Thanks.” She said as she shut the door and fastened the lock. She emptied the content of the bag and the clothes she saw made he smile for the first time. They are not first grade or first class attires, as a matter of fact, they are not female wears but she had seen many people call the clothes unisex. She could count three football jerseys and two jean, a long trouser and a short. This should be enough for now, but first she had to take her bath.

She put on one of the cloth and realised that it was unsafe for her. Her n.i.pples were visibly outlined on the cloth. She knew any man that sees her in the cloth will definitely feel a stir in his g—n. Wearing this in the midst of the guys will prompt them to molest her the way they wanted to do the previous night. She managed to sneak out of the house into the barkyard silently with no one noticing. She considered running away, but the main gate is directly opposite one of the windows of the living room, she’ll spotted even before reaching the gate. She would have jumped the fence but the fear of what awaits her outside the fence was enough reason for her to accept fate.

She silently got water into two buckets and dipped her dirty clothes in them, her skirt and undies, since her shirt has been torn to shred by the guys the previous night, there is no point wearing them again. In twenty seconds, the water had changed colour from being sparkling clean to dirty, she repeated the process about five times before spreading them on the clothing line to dry. Then she stripped herself naked and quickly poured the whole of the second bucket on the body and scrubbing her body with her palm, she was a little bit refreshed.

She put on the jersey and just when she wanted to wear the jean trouser, she could feel a hand on her bum. She jumped and made to run away, but the hand had gripped her tightly on the waist. She turned to face one of the most mean looking guys in the house. Her foolishness actually put her into trouble. She forgot that the house was a two flat apartment where the backyard of Don’s flat happened to be opened to whoever was in the second flat’s kitchen. The guy unzipped his trouser and brought out his huge fly.

“Please. Don’t do it.” She pleaded.

“I love that voice.” He said pushing her to the wall and resting her hand on it, with one deep t—-t, he had the whole of his member buried inside her from behind. She gritted her teeth trying not to moan or attract the attention of the other guys in the house, because she knew what the outcome would be. She wasn’t enjoying the act, considering the fact that she wasn’t in the mood for such, but she had to dance to his tunes. Juts when the guy was about to release, he started speaking gibberish and making noise and as he deposited his millions of baby making cells into her factory, the other guys showed up from nowhere.

“Oh my God!” She muttered. Is this God’s way of paying back after living three years without sex. Sleeping with over ten guys will definitely cover up the years she had missed.

–to be continued–