Agyemang Episode 8


Before we both knew it, the woman pushed the door open and to my biggest surprise, it was my mother.  I was stunned when I saw her. What the hell is she doing here? There must be something wrong, or probably she is in the wrong house. 
But Jacky’s mother reaction showed otherwise, she was indeed her rival. My mum couldn’t believe her eyes either when she saw me.  Her attention and focus deviated as soon as she set her eyes on me. 
“Agyemang, is that really you? She asked.  
“Mum…” that’s the only thing I could say and that was enough to answer her question. She came right onto me and hugged me. Then tears rolled down her cheeks. It was really an emotional moment. Jacky’s mother stood there watching us, she just didn’t know what was going on. 
As much as I left home for my own reasons, I had really missed her so much and from mother’s reaction I knew the feeling was mutual. 
“What are you doing here, I have been looking everywhere for you my son. Please come home, your people await you” She said. 
Jacky’s mother, was getting more confused than she already was and as much as she wanted to ask questions, her situation didn’t permit her to. The only thing she could do was to stand there and watch what was going on. 
“Mum, can we talk about this later, what are you doing here yourself? I asked. 
My question was enough to bring her back on track and for her to tell me what I needed to know. “this woman contributed to your father’s death.” My mother said. 
That must be exaggerating, I mean how? Ever since I got to know Jacky’s mother, she has loved everyone around her including myself unconditionally. 
“Madam, how can you talk like that” She said. 
“Mom, there must be a mistake somewhere, this woman has been very good to me.” I said.  The bruises on my face distracted her a bit.  
“What happened to you, my son” She asked.  
“I had a little accident, can I take you home so we talk more about it” I said.  She was excited anyway. 
However, she had no option than to put whatever her mission was with Jacky’s mother on hold.  I was able to get her out of Jacky’s mother’s house. At least, it will buy her more time to figure out what to do. 
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Come to think of it, If my father was the father of Jacky, then it meant that Jacky is actually my step sister. Thank God, I didn’t get intimate with her. That was really close. 
I took my mother home and to my surprise Esther was still at my house. There was no sign of Joe though. I don’t know what came over me, I was so pleased to see that Esther was still around while I was away. I had even forgotten that I was with my mother, I quickly hugged and kissed her, completely ignoring the presence of my mother.  My mother on the other hand can be very curious at times. Just when she saw what I did, she began asking questions. 
“Agyemang, who is this” She asked. From her tone, you could see that she freaked out with what I did. 
“Sorry mom, this is Esther, the mother of my unborn baby” I said that aloud. What was wrong with me? My mother should be the last person I should even tell this to. I noticed how upset Esther looked when I broke the news to my mother. 
That was a very big mistake, with my mother now in the picture, everything was about to change.  
“You can’t be serious Agyemang, Have you forgotten you are already betrothed, I am not going to accept this, Its good I have found you. Show me to my room right away.” She said. 
What have I really gotten myself into? I took my mom inside and showed her to her room. Then I was alone with Esther. 
“You just left for no reason and then the next thing you show up with your mother claiming responsibility of my baby” She said. I could see she was really upset about this whole thing yet I also wasn’t ready to take the blame anyway. 
“What else do you expect me to do, well you should have also told me you were going out with my best friend” I said. 
“Oh really, how am I suppose to know you knew Joe, all the same, didn’t you know I had a boyfriend” She said. 
“Look, we can’t be doing this, let us talk like the matured adults we are” I said. 
I couldn’t find the humor in what I said, she just began laughing as if there was no seriousness in my statement. 
“Matured you say? well guess what? I have already told Joe about my involvement with you. He is aware that the baby in my womb is yours and trust me, you really have a lot of explanations to do” She said. 
I thought she was joking but from the look of things, she was serious. Regardless of the situation, I thought I should be the one to tell Joe about this, now I don’t even know what he thinks of me. 
Just when I thought I had had enough of everything, a knock came from my door. I quickly went to check who it was and the one I least expected was standing right at my door looking very pissed. Joan had returned and to my surprise, she came with Joe who was supposed to be my friend. 
This was definitely not looking good in anyway. Joe, Joan, Esther and my mother under my very own roof. This is definitely going to be one of the worst days of my life…
To be continued..