Agyemang Episode 10


“Oh my God, What have I done? Those were the only words that came out of my mouth. The next thing I realized was that she was  bleeding profusely from her vaginal area to her thighs.
I quickly rushed to her, tried helping her up but she was so much in pain. I ran around the house helpless not knowing what to do. Esther cried out as she was in pain. It was amazing that taking her to the hospital even escaped my mind until she told me to get a cab so I rush her to the hospital. 
I rushed out and stopped a cab. In no time, I came back and with the help of the driver, we helped her into the cab and rushed her to the hospital. I sat at the back as she slept on my laps. She was so much in pain. What the hell even came over me for me to force her that way?
The bleeding didn’t stop and that even got me scared the more. For once, I found myself praying alone for the first time. Yes, you heard me, for the first time. Though I am a christian who always goes to church on Sundays, I have never prayed on my own outside the church. I will only do that when I am about to take my meal. That’s the only time you will find me praying. I wasn’t the usual christian who wakes up  every morning, pray and does same when about sleeping. 
As she laid on my laps, I remembered how Esther came into my life. She was the very first lady I even spoke to the very moment I stepped foot in Accra. I didn’t even know where I was going, all I knew by then was to get away from my village. Esther showed me around when I was looking for a guest house to spend the night. 
I thought that was the last time I was going to see her since we were total strangers to each other. I didn’t even bother to take her number though but I woke up the following morning to see her right next to my room. That was when I got to know that she was also running away from her abusive boyfriend after we had engaged in a lengthy conversation. 
Well I thought we both had something in common, we all running away from something. For both of us to have met in that circumstance meant something to me. She helped me look for the apartment I am currently residing in and the very day I moved in was the day everything changed. It was just a friendly hug at first, then we kissed, kissed and kissed again. We didn’t stop, we went on and on and before we both could realise it, we were both naked on the dusty floor. 
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That was how I met her and now look at me, I am in love with her. We got to the hospital in no time, she was immediately attended to and was rushed to the emergency room where I was made to wait outside. I moved back and forth from the hospital waiting to hear from the doctors. 
I kept on praying and hoping to hear good news. I couldn’t stay there alone. I needed someone to be there with me. Joe was the only person I could think of but that will definitely not be a good idea. I know I am the last person he would want to see right now. I had no option than call up Festus, our other friend. He was the busy type, always going about with his car dealing business and even though it was hard to get his attention, he assured me he was coming.
I remembered the creepy last words of Joan before she left “this is just the beginning, you will know how it feels like when you lose everything you ever love and cherish around you and when that moment comes, you will come in looking for me and let me assure you, you won’t find me”. Somehow anytime she leaves, she makes a creepy statement and then things begin to fall apart. Perhaps, I am not taking her words serious as I should. 
I saw the doctor approaching then I quickly rushed to meet him. 
“Doc, how is she doing? Is she alright?” I asked. 
“Yeah she is doing well but her situation is really complicated right now. If you don’t mind, follow me to my office” He said.  This really scared the hell out of me. What does the doctor mean by “her situation is complicated?”
I followed him immediately to his office. “What really happened, she lost a lot of blood” The Doctor asked me. I had to lie that moment, I can’t tell the doctor I was struggling with her and she fell. I had to lie. 
“I was in the shower and the next thing I heard was her scream. When I rushed in on her, she was on the floor. I guess she may have slipped” I said.
“Well, that fall had really caused her damage, not only has she lost her baby in womb but she may not get pregnant again” The doctor said “I’m really sorry”.
This must be a joke! I thought or maybe the doctor didn’t really mean what he was saying. A nurse rushed into the office to alert the doctor of an emergency. The doctor had no other option than to leave me. “Doc, wait, can I see her” I asked him before he stepped out. 
“Yeah, you can. But it really has to be a quick one. For now, all she needs to rest.” The Doctor said and left that very moment. I followed him out of the office and as soon as I stepped out, right in front of my very eyes, I saw my mum and Joan lying on stretchers being led away. 
It appeared they have been involved in an accident. I didn’t see any wound on my mother but she looked very pale and weak. However, Joan was covered with blood all over, her condition was not looking good at all. 
To be continued. 
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