Agony Of Love ~Episode 6


After class, I read the note again, I didn’t want to go but I needed to hear him out, I wanted to know the real reason why he did that to me, after all the good times we had together. I decided to meet him after dinning that evening at our usual place. When I got there he was already seated on the lover’s bench with a remorseful look on his face.
He asked me to sit down and he knelt down in front of me, and said Naa, I don’t know what to say because me saying sorry wouldn’t change what happened but I really am sorry. I saw tears trickling down his cheeks and he wipe it away but they flowed so much and his eyes became red. All I ask from you is to forgive me, he continued in tears. I sat down there in silence not knowing what to say to him, I didn’t know if I should forgive him, but he persisted and pleaded.
He begged me to please say something but I just stared at his horrible state. “ you know I trusted you so much even when all my friends and everyone was against the idea of us being friends, let alone lovers,  I still gave you the chance to get closer.  So i ask myself what at all did I do to you to deserve such a treatment from you” I said. It was like you and me against the world, I lost my best friend and school mom all because of you and then you turn around to do this to me? How cruel you can be and you expect me to be your friend? Huh! Tell me! I pushed him off and walked away.
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He caught up with me and held my hand saying “I don’t even deserve your friendship but please can you forgive me, I only deserve that, Please Naa, please. I just couldn’t stand the mere fact that he touched me, because  it always brought into remembrance the day that he did that to me. I shouted at him to let go of my hand and threaten to report him if he dare worry me. He finally let go and I went to class to prep.
I was so sad and moody that Abigail called me and asked if I was okay, I told her I was fine because I didn’t want to tell her of what had happened after supper. Finally we began our examinations and ended successfully. I learnt so hard because now I had finally ejected George from my system.
When I arrived home, I was received so gladly by my mom who said she had really missed. I told them all about school and the good friends I had made especially my school mom. My mom was happy that finally I was enjoying school. My father was away on one of those his fishing trips so he wasn’t around. I went round the community to greet everyone announcing my arrival safely  and also to Auntie Korkor.
To be continued….