Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 5


“However Ruby was able to recognize one of them, it was Aziz and Mr. Abdul.

Adzo was back on the streets, that’s where she found shelter at an abandoned kiosk.  It had been about 2 days now since she left Ruby’s mother’s house.  As of that time, what actually persuaded her to leave was unknown.

She had money on her  just to survive for some few days; however she was exposed to danger.  Her safety was not assured. Where she lodged during  the night was surrounded by guys who were engaged in buying and selling of marijuana. It was only a matter of time before she becomes their target.

It was on this occasion that Adzo met Nana.  Nana was a cooperate person who worked as a teller in a bank.  He had lost his way and urgently needed help until he came across Adzo.

“Madam, can you help me, locate where the major shopping center is? Nana who was seated in his car asked.

“Sir, I’m sorry, I really don’t know my way around either. But you have to get out of here immediately, It’s not safe. Don’t ask anyone for direction. Just get out of here immediately” Adzo advised.

Nana was pleased with the caution Adzo gave, notwithstanding, he was a man of “getting answers” and did not give up easily. He wondered what Adzo would  be doing there if she claimed that area was not safe.

“Thank you very much, if I may ask, what are you doing here? As far as am concerned, you just told me you don’t know your around” Nana asked.

Adzo didn’t know what to tell him, besides he was a complete stranger.

“I….I…I came to see a friend” Adzo told an obvious lie.

Instantly Nana knew she was telling lies.

“Madam, what is your name? Nana asked.

“My Name? She asked.

“Yes, your name. Tell me your name” Nana insisted.

“Adzo” She answered.

“Adzo, I see, but why are you lying to me, I don’t know you but you’re really not good at lying” Nana said.

Now, the guys around the area spotted the car and that got their attention. They began to send “funny” signals to their colleagues across. Adzo noticed it immediately and warned Nana.

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“Look, you caught me ok. But you have to leave here now, You have been noticed” She said.

“Then come with me” Nana said.

“What? Adzo exclaimed.

Adzo couldn’t believe her ears, how could he just say that when he didn’t  know her from anywhere.

“Look, I know you don’t belong here. It’s very obvious; I guess you are either lost or something. Just get into the car then we can figure this out.” Nana said.

Adzo quickly went in and immediately Nana drove off.

Fred was still battling out consciously with his conscience . What he did to Ruby was beginning to eat him up. Baaba was however not ready to give up, with or without a fight.  The more she found Fred distracted the more she used her seducing techniques on him.

Fred had had enough of it already. “Babs, I don’t feel right about this, I think I didn’t treat Ruby well.” He said.

“Fred, are you still thinking of that boyfriend snatcher while you’re still with me? Baaba said.

“Not that Babs, but I should have been a little considerate, she honestly didn’t deserve what I did to her” Fred said.

“Fred, you followed your heart. You know you still love me and yes I still love you, sometimes we don’t get what we want all the time” She said.

Fred was not even listening to her anymore, he just picked up the phone and dialed Ruby’s number.

“What are you doing Fred? Baaba asked.

“Look, you are not making any phone call to anyone” She fumed.

However, Fred ignored her and kept dialing her number.

“Fred, what the hell are you doing, stop this” Baaba said with a desperate disappointed look.

“Look, would you leave me alone Baaba, like you said I’m following my heart” He said and walked out on her with the phone still in his hand.

The visit of Aziz and Mr. Abdul was quite a surprising one. As much as Ruby clearly recognized Aziz, Aziz on the hand had completely forgotten her.

Ruby’s mother welcomed them and gave them a seat  after which she asked of their purpose of visit as custom demands.

“We have come from a very long distance and this young man with me is one of my servants. Your husband was a good friend of mine and a business partner.” Mr. Abdul said.

Ruby all this while remained calm and listened to him carefully as he spoke to her mother.

“As a matter of fact, Efe who happens to be one of your maids came from my abode. We came quickly as soon as we heard of his sudden departure. In short we are here to offer our condolences” Mr. Abdul continued.

Before Ruby’s mother could respond, they all got interrupted with the loud ringing tone of Ruby’s phone. The call came from no one else but Fred.

She excused them went away to receive the call.


Ruby: “Hello, who is on the line please”

Fred: “Ruby it’s me”

Ruby: “Fred?

Fred: “Ruby, I’m really sorry, I .. I … Hello, Hello. Ruby”

Ruby hung up the phone call even though it was so difficult for her. She just hung  up and decided to go back and join her mother with Mr. Abdul and Aziz at the sitting room.

Suddenly the thought of her father came back into her mind, she was really missing him. Ruby however decided to go to her mother’s room to see if she could  get some last moment pictures of her dad.

Upon arriving at her mother’s room, she found a white customized hospital envelop lying on the bed. Out of curiosity, she opened the envelop and noticed that it was her father’s autopsy report. From the date on the autopsy, the report came 3 days ago, which meant that her mother was hiding it away from her.

To be continued.