Adzo” (The Untamed) season 1 Episode 6


“She is not going anywhere” a voice came from behind Ruby’s car and to Adzo’s surprise it was Aziz.

Aziz knew his way around the town unlike Adzo. He knew exactly where he would be taking solace until he finds the right time to go back to Mr. Abdul’s yard. It was only a coincidence that he ran into Adzo, Fred and Ruby.

Adzo wasn’t pleased to see Aziz. she asked herself so many questions. Aziz showing up from nowhere at that very moment gave her a lot to think about.

She even thought that perhaps, Mr. Abdul sent him to look for her.

“Who are you? Ruby asked.

“I should be asking you that” Aziz said. Surprisingly, Aziz’s approach was really aggressive. What he really wanted from Adzo at that moment was unclear.

Fred on the other hand was worried about their safety considering the time and their encounter with this total stranger, Aziz.

“Adzo do you know him from anywhere” Ruby asked.

Adzo was caught in a dilemma. To her, Aziz was just a fellow servant back at Mr. Abdul’s yard. She only got involved with him when she was in need of food and had no option than to trade it for sex.

Adzo in her own way blamed Aziz for her being sacked. However, she needed to make a firm decision on what to do. She made up her mind to tell a lie besides that wouldn’t have been her first time. Adzo’s future  depended on whatever she says now.

Its either she lies or jeopardize her only HOPE  for a better future.

“Adzo, tell them who I am” Aziz said.

“She even knows your name, who is he Adzo” Ruby who was feeling disappointed and suspicious asked. For now, she was really concerned about who Adzo really was.  She then became very conscious for the fact that she within the shortest possible time she had developed so much interest in her without taking into consideration who she really was.

“Mistress, I don’t know him, I’m sure he used to come to my Masters yard” Adzo lied.

“Whaaaat” Aziz was so shocked that his words chocked him. He never thought Adzo would really lie about that. He just couldn’t accept the reality of the matter.

“Adzo, you don’t know me now” He asked again.

Ruby was also getting scared at that point in time, she just wanted to leave the scene immediately.

“I think we must be going” Fred said.

Upon saying this, Fred and Ruby quickly sat in Fred’s car leaving Adzo and Aziz there alone.

“Mistress, can I still come with you? Adzo asked.

With all this happening, Ruby still wanted Adzo to come with them, however she wanted Adzo to make that decision for herself. She wants to help but sometimes those who need help don’t really want to be helped and for that matter She needed Adzo to decide for herself.

Fred just kept mute and looked on.

“Adzo, that is your decision to make, I want to help you based on what you told me today. At least my conscience is clear. It’s your decision my dear” Ruby said.

Aziz was not ready to see Adzo leave with these strange people he had just met.

“Adzo, let’s go back, Master wants you back” Aziz said.  He was lying now, he knew that Adzo would listen to her since she was bound by the masters words and commands.

“Why would master want me back, when he drove me out himself” Adzo asked herself.

She stood between the  door of the car and Aziz. All she had to do was open it and then get something to hope for or  heed to Aziz’s lies.

“Lady, is getting late, we need to get going” Fred said to Adzo giving her a little pressure which Ruby didn’t like it but was quiet about it.

Ruby somehow knew that Adzo for some reasons had lied to her about Aziz. However she was not ready to overlook the kindness and compassion she felt for her.

Adzo looked at Aziz one more time which actually gave Aziz a sign of relief.

“Adzo, let’s go, Master really has some good offers for you now, lets go” Aziz said.

Indeed Adzo was smart, that statement alone Aziz made showed that he was lying.  She knew her master very well and that offer Aziz was talking about was just a fairy tale.

Without think twice or wasting any more time, she then opened the door  and without hesitation she entered the vehicle.
Before Aziz could make any further move, Fred had already taken off.

Adzo felt that she had hope now and that she had made a good decision. Little did she know that this was just the beginning of her plight.