ADVENTURES OF GOODBOY Episode 2 – Well For Rent


Once there was a complaint at King’s court.
There were two neighbors who shared their garden. In that garden, there was a well that was possessed by Samuel. His neighbor, who was a farmer wanted to buy the well for irrigation purpose. Therefore they signed an agreement between them, after which the farmer owned the well.
Even after selling the well to the farmer, Samuel continued to fetch water from the well. Angered by this, the farmer had come to get justice from The King.
The king asked Samuel the reason for fetching water from the well even after selling it to the farmer.
Samuel replied that he had sold only the well to the farmer but not the water inside it.
The King wanted Goodboy who was present in the court listening to the problem to solve the dispute.
Goodboy came forward and gave a solution. He said ” Samuel, You say that you have sold only the well to the farmer. And you claim that the water is yours. Then how come you can keep your water inside another person’s well without paying rent?”
Samuel’s trickery was countered thus in a tricky way. The farmer got justice and Goodboy was fairly rewarded.
Compiled by Nana Seth