ADVENTURES OF GOODBOY Episode 1 – The Blind List


Once Ashanti King questioned Goodboy if he knows the number of blind citizens of their kingdom.
Goodboy had requested Nana to give him a week’s time.
The next day Goodboy was found to be mending shoes in the town market. People were astonished to see Goodboy doing such work. Many of them started to question “Goodboy!! What are you doing?”
Once when he was asked this question by someone he started writing something. It continued for a week when on the 7th day Nana himself asked Goodboy the same question.
Giving him no answer, Goodboy reported at the court the next day and handed over a note to Nana. Nana read the note when he found that it was the big list of people who were blind.
The King was stunned when he found his own name in the list. Angered by this, Nana asked Goodboy the reason for writing his name in the list.
Goodboy said “O! Your majesty! Like all other people you also saw me mending the slippers but you still asked me what I was doing. Therefore I had to include your name too.”
The King started laughing at this and everyone enjoyed Goodboy’s sense of humor.
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Compiled by Nana Seth