Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 21



I stood with the butcher’s knife in my hand and that hand was raised up, high in the air above my head. And I watched. I watched as Nancy flew out of the couch and raced towards Fola. Fola on the other hand, not caring that Nancy has put on some weight and might probably propel her right into the hard surface of the tiled floor, stood with her hands wide open and a broad, enormous, brilliant smile on her face. Nancy rushed into her, the impact making Fola to move two steps back almost falling. But Michael was right behind her, a wall of support.

Nancy held Fola so tight, she looked like she wasn’t ready to let go. No one said anything, we just watched as the love between these two strong hearts flowed and filled the entire living room. We all know what Fola and Nancy have been through. Right now Fola is like a mother to her so it’s understandable to see the love between them.

“Oh my god sugar lump you’re back!” exclaimed Becky. Dropping her 4, high, heeled sandals on the floor with a loud thud. She neglected the shoe and went straight to Fola, carefully disentangling Nancy from her.

Fola looked amazing in her black jeans trousers and a free silky yellow top. She wore a pair of yellow sandals, beautiful diamond bracelet and diamond earrings. And of course her wedding ring was among her blings to make her bling.

“How was your honeymoon sugar” she asked as she gave her a sweet, tight hug.

“It was amazing” replied

Fola still smiling. Then she looked at us to address us with her hand wrapped around Nancy’s shoulder. Nancy had hers around her waist, leaning deep into her.

“Hi guys” she greeted cheerfully, but then a confused look got plastered on her face, cleaning out her cheerful look.

“Why the gun Gibson?” Then her eyes moved to Kenneth “I don’t know who you are, but the same question applies to you” then her eyes finally landed on me. They grew round like saucers when she saw the knife in my hand. She looked straight at me

“ Ada you too?” then her eyes shifted to the knife in my hand. “A knife?” It was then that Michael spoke,

” my office, now”. It was a command that was not to be defiled. Then the men (Gibson and Kenneth) obviously not ready to piss off an already pissed off Michael, followed him as he matched to his office, the lot of them leaving us the girls behind. I brought down my knife and stared at them as they matched.

“I guess Michael doesn’t know what’s been going on right?” asked Becky. She was looking at me. I shook my head at her. She gave an understanding nod.

“He’s going to blow once he hears about Bello”.

“What’s been going on?” asked Fola looking at the both of us. “What happened to Bello?” She looked very confused and very scared.

“Common sugar, story time” said Becky. Then taking her by her hand, she led her upstairs, Nancy and I walking behind her. I don’t see good things happening after this.


We got to the room, Ada walking behind me, fola and Becky in front of us. We all settled down and got comfortable. Becky didn’t waste any time launching into the story. She started from the beginning and I mean the very beginning. She didn’t leave anything out. Five minutes into our story, we heard a thunderous roar from downstairs, well it wasn’t a roar per say. It was more like Michael shouting “what?” Guess he has gotten the story. And I really don’t want to be Gibson right now, experiencing Michael’s reaction.

Fifteen minutes later, Becky ended the story with Bello in a coma and on life support. Fola immediately broke down.

“Fola its ok, he’s fine. He’s going to be fine” said Ada soothingly.

“But Bello is in a coma” said Fola, “and you were kidnapped” she hiccuped and then exclaimed “twice!” raising two fingers right in Ada’s face.

“Feels like more” murmured Becky, opening a gum and then popping it into her mouth. I glanced at Becky, watched her mouth move with the gum in it, then looked back at Fola.

“ Fola we are fine, seriously you don’t have to cr..”

“He even tried to kidnap Nancy” Fola said cutting me short then she looked at Nancy,

“are you ok?” no doubt thinking it was the right time to ask Nancy if she was ok about Kingsley almost kidnapping her. Nancy nodded her head slowly probably wondering how we are going to calm her down. Facing me again, Fola continued,

“and he shot Gibson”, her tone had changed. She was getting pissed.

“Fola” I tried again to calm her down.

“your Gibson” she said, not listening to me.

“Calm down” I said to her, really hoping she’ll listen. But she wouldn’t listen she just kept on talking.

“Urghh…”she growled, “I wish I was around, I would have given him some of my dark Fola spice, disturb the psychotic imbalance in him and then turn him into a complete fool living in limbo” Every one of us stared at her dumbfounded. She wasn’t making any sense.

“ooooooookay” said Becky. Dragging the “o” like Fola had turned into a mad woman. Fola didn’t care, she was fuming. She cleaned the tears from her eyes jerkily, stood up and said.

“I want to go and see Bello. Take me to Bello” When none of us said anything and we just kept staring at her, she said, “Okay, I’m going to Bello”. And then she hightailed herself out of the room. For two seconds we didn’t move. Then at once, we all sprang into action, running to catch up with Fola.

There is no way we’ll be letting her go to the hospital on her own. Who knows, she mighty probably go to the prison where Jessica is being held and cause a big scene. You never can tell. Fola is unpredictable. Nope Fola cannot go out on her own.


“So let me get this straight” I said to Gibson as I stood behind my office desk. “You’re telling me, that all this time that I and my wife have been away, there’s been a psycho after Ada, and this psycho kidnapped her, almost kidnapped Nancy, succeeded in kidnapping my brother Stephen, and then shot Bello putting him in a coma. Am I right?” I asked as I looked at Gibson and the guy I didn’t know. Gibson nodded his head sharply, his face was hard he obviously didn’t like what had happened and for him to keep it to himself is probably eating him up. And it should, because I mean why would he keep a thing like this away from me?

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me when it all started?” I asked Gibson feeling totally betrayed. Gibson sighed, and then he dragged the chair in front of him to sit down. Once his butt was on the seat, he rubbed his head, his head facing down with his elbows on his knees, back bent forward. Whenever he’s in this position, I know life is or has been hard on him. I looked at the guy I don’t know and nodded for him to sit down too. He sat down, and then I also took a seat.

“Ok Gibson, I want you to tell me every single thing. Don’t leave anything out” Gibson raised his head up, he looked totally worn out,

“bro, it’s going to take awhile”

“We have all the time in the world” I replied. Then I got comfortable in my seat. It was at this moment that we heard the girls yelling. They were yelling for Fola to stop. I got up mumbling to myself and walking out of the office, “seriously? It’s not even up to an hour and Fola has already started her craziness” I walked out, Gibson and the guy I don’t know right behind me.


I was going to kill someone, I’ll first of all skin that person alive slowly, then rub salt all over the body. After that, I’ll leave the person out in the sun to dry. If the pain doesn’t kill the person, I’ll disembody the person, well that’s kind’a impossible but hey I’m Fola I’ll find a way.

As I continued to picture and plan how I was going to make someone’s life a living hell. Ada, Becky and Nancy disrupted my beautiful imagination by yelling for me to stop. But I wasn’t stopping, oh no I was on a mission, I kept on walking, determined to complete my mission.

On my haste Ada ran right in front of me, facing me and opening her hands wide trying to block me from moving forward.

“You are not going anywhere” she said breathing hard and fast. “My gosh Fola did you suddenly grow long legs? You walk so fast?” said Nancy catching up and standing beside me. Behind me I heard Becky popping her gum, taking her time to walk.

“I’m just going to sit right over here sugar, whenever you succeed in leaving the house to cause havoc I’ll be right behind you in full support”

“Becky!” yelled Nancy and Ada, they were not in agreement with her statement. She was already seated on the couch,

“What, why are you Becky-ing me?” she asked. then she looked at Fola. “Are you planning on killing Jessica since Kingsley is dead?” Fola nodded her head. “Then I’m in full support” she said, popping her gum again.

“Oh my gosh” said Ada defeated, rolling her eyes.

“What’s going on here?” We all turned our heads to look at the person that spoke. Michael was taking long strides towards us, Gibson walking right along with him and the guy I don’t know behind them.

“Nothing” we all said at the same time, including Nancy. Getting to us, Michael raised an eyebrow he totally didn’t believe us ………………………………………………………………


The girls are up to something. I can see it in their eyes, especially Fola.

“Nothing?” I asked. There were chorus answers of,


“hm hmm” definitely” and “yep”. My eyes moved to Nancy knowing she won’t lie to me.

“Nancy, sweetie what’s going on? Will you tell me?” Nancy’s eyes moved to the girls around her, they were all giving her scary looks, including Becky. Becky’s look can give nightmares. To make it easier for me and hard for her, I added,

“I’ll let Stephen teach you how to drive with the Audi” her eyes grew wide. Yeah now I’m getting somewhere, “the red one” I heard Fola inhale sharply. Yep she knows how Nancy has been eyeing that car, even if she’s too young to own one, there’s no harm giving her some lessons right? Nancy looked at the girls again, she mouthed I’m sorry and then walked to me.

“Nancy no”

“Don’t say anything”

“Don’t fall for it, he won’t let you”

They all said at the same time. But Nancy had already made up her mind. She came to me, bent her neck back to look at me, then said,

“Fola is going to kill Jessica”. Ada said

“oh no” Fola said

“common now, Nancy” Becky just laughed. I smiled at Nancy then said,

“From tomorrow, your lesson begins with Stephen and the Audi” Nancy smiled widely at me, then I brought out her brilliant, radiant smile by adding, “The red Audi”. Nancy took the remaining steps towards me squealing happily and hugging me. Then she ran out of the living room, probably to go and tell Stephen. I raised my eyes to Fola, keeping my face straight, letting her know I don’t like her plan.

“What? I’m going to do it, she kidnapped Stephen” I opened my mouth to speak, but Edgar spoke stopping my words,

“welcome back sir” I turned my head to look at Edgar standing by the dining room looking his normal self.

“Thanks Edgar” he bowed his head, then looked at Fola,

“welcome back ma”

“Oh Edgar you don’t have to call me ma, call me Fola please” he nodded his head, but didn’t call her by her name then he turned around and left. I faced Fola once again, ready to tell her my mind, but once again, I got disrupted,” welcome back sir” said the maids.

“Thank you”

“Mrs. Fola, welcome back ma” they said facing her.

“Please call me Fola” The maids smiled, I looked at them,

“don’t call her Fola” their eyes moved to me,

“call her madam”. They looked back at Fola.

“Why?” asked Fola, I ignored her, my eyes still on the maids,

“do you understand?”I asked, using my old threatening voice, the one everyone fears. The maids eyes grew wide with fear,

“yes sir, we do” then they looked at Fola one more time, and then turned around leaving the room in a hurry.

“Why did you have to scare them like that, and why can’t they call me Fola?” she asked, giving me the diva stand.

“That’s not important, what’s important is you are not going out, you are not going to kill Jessica and you are not going to see Bello. Not today anyway, today, you are going to go upstairs and rest. Later on you will gist with your friends and tell them all about Dubai. Do you understand me?”

“Yes I understand you my dear husband but I’m sorry I won’t do it. I am going out” she replied, and then she began to walk to the door. I closed my eyes bending my neck backwards knowing that was going to be her answer, why does everything have to be hard with this girl. Why does she have to be so stubborn? Turning around, I walked to catch up with her, getting to her, I grabbed her, bent forward, placed my hand under her knees, the other around her waist, did a little bit of swinging and lifting, then finally placed her on my shoulder like a sac of potato.

She was struck dumb for a minute. But then she began to yell, but that was when we were already halfway up the stairs and I could hear Becky laughing like a hyena. Typical of her.

To be continued