Adventures Of Fola Episode 24



One minute I was running, the next I was tackled by a mountain man named “Gibson” into Mr. Smiths amazing huge pool. I mean how in the world did that happen? He has never tackled me before, why now? And now I’m soaking wet, I’m so going to kill him. First he acts all macho stopping Fola and I from going upstairs to stop the men from doing whatever they were doing to Brenda, then he says he can tell me what to do. Me! Ada, tell me what to do, what an arrogant egotistical human being. And now?, Now I’m in the pool with him! He is so dead.

Michael is right there on his knees, staring at me with fear in his eyes, wondering what my answer is going to be. I’m sitting thinking I have to give him an answer.

“Fola yes or no”, asked Michael. I looked at him, my lips moving but no words coming out.

“ Fola, sugar plum, you need to give him an answer, we’re all dying to hear what you have to say”. My head turned to look at Becky yeah she’s right I need to give him an answer. So taking a deep breath, I gave him my answer with just a nod. At my answer, Michael just stayed there on his knees with his eyes wide and mouth open staring at me. I hope this is the right answer.


I walked over to the stairs ignoring Gibson and Ada, they always argue but everyone knows they are crazy about each other. I shook my head smiling at the image of Ada running away from Gibson. That girl sure knows how to run. She runs like a professional and she only does that with Gibson. Ever since they got together, Ada has been a different person- a better person. Apart from the fact that she argues with Gibson almost all the time, she seems to be happy. I’m glad she is.

As I walked down the stairs, I noticed the living room was silent; I got down carefully thinking maybe something was amiss. As I got to last step, I looked over to the living room and what I saw almost made me trip on my own two feet. Michael on his knees facing Fola with a ring in his hand. He’s proposing, he’s actually proposing. But why does he look like his whole world has crumbled? I hope she didn’t say no. …


I stood by the door waiting for bello to get back. As I stood there, my mind kept thinking of all the horrible things we said to Brenda and also what we did to her, causing her pain in an annoying way. I thought about what she said and how true she was. She might be evil but she knows the truth. I have decided not to be like her, because us tormenting her isn’t the Christian way. Jesus won’t do this so why should I? I looked into the room observing Brenda, her head was down eyes closed probably asleep. Her hands were still tied to her back. She was immobile. Standing at the door of Ada’s bedroom I decided that my way of life from now will be different.


Gibson I am so dead. She is so going to kill me. Ada and I are currently in the pool and the look she’s giving me is a look that says if I don’t do something right now I might not live to see tomorrow. What the hell was I thinking? I looked at her, deciding to save my life. So talking soothingly tried to calm her down,

“Ada my love I know you want to probably kill me right now, but before you do that please just listen to me okay?” We were a bit far from each other in the pool the water moving around us but that didn’t stop her from responding.

“You just tackled me into the pool” she said angrily, using her hand to clean water from her eyes. I tried to form words but she spoke above me

“my love, please listen to me” —

“You tackled me into the pool” she said

“My love”— “Why did you do that!?” she yelled, “I’m all wet, look at my hair”. She pointed at her hair with her index finger, eyes blazing with anger. I looked at her hair and to be honest it wasn’t bad at all. But I didn’t say that. Instead I said,

“My love, just calm down for a minute and let me talk, please”

“No I won’t calm down, I’m tired of you bossy me, chasing me, controlling me, I’m just tired. This means I’m done, ‘cos seeing as I’m tired it means I don’t want you chasing me, bossing me or controlling me. So Gibson we are over. Let me live my life and you live yours, go find some other girl that’ll be willing to let you control, boss and chase her”,

After that life altering statement she swam out of the pool, her clothes glued to her skin, water dripping down. I turned around in the pool watching her as she got out, then walked away, never looking back. My God did I just loose her?


Nancy Oh my God! Did she just say what she just said? I mean is this really happening? I looked at Michael; his eyes were wide, mouth open, he also couldn’t believe Fola had just given him that answer. My eyes turned to look at Becky she looked surprised too, where in the world was everybody in this house? They are missing what is happening right here.



I’ve been standing here for over ten minutes and Bello isn’t back. I wonder why,

“Hello, is anyone out there?” called Brenda I walked into the room to know why she called, getting in I asked,

“Do you need anything?” she nodded her head, saying yes. I stood staring at her, waiting for her to tell me what she wanted. But she just sat there and looked at me.

“Well… say it”

“Oh ok, I need a glass of water, I’m thirsty”. I stared at her, she needs water, like right now? My eyebrows squeezed, contemplating whether to agree to give her the water or not. I moved deeper into the room asking,

“Are you sure you’re thirsty? Or you just want me to leave so you can find a way to escape”. She stammered a bit while trying to reply and I knew that she was lying,

“of, of, of course not, me escape? Haba”. Then she looked away, focusing on something else in the room, she couldn’t even look at me anymore. Yep, she’s lying. I kept quiet for a few seconds, just staring at her, and then I made my decision. I decided to get the water for her, she could try to escape but she won’t succeed. There are about four to five of Michaels men out in the compound and they are well trained. So good luck to her if she decides to escape.

“Ok, I’ll get you a glass of water” I said,

“Oh thank you” she replied, not sounding grateful at all, but a bit surprised that I agreed to help. Turning around, I walked out of Ada’s room, through the long hallway having about three to four rooms,making my way to the stairs to get her a glass of water from the kitchen, unknown to me, Brenda had a plan up her sleeves and it wasn’t a good one.



I was walking through the hall way from the pool muttering to myself about how stupid and arrogant Gibson is. He pushed me into the pool, that annoying human being. What is wrong with him? How dare he push me into the pool? What am I saying sef, he didn’t push me? He tackled me, with that enormous body of his. I’m glad I’ve broken up with him; I can now live in peace, no more of his freakish controlling nature or bossiness no, no more of that I’m totally free of that thank God.

As I walked through the hallway thinking and wondering how I was going to get into my room with Brenda still there, I saw Michael on his knees in front of Fola having a look on his face that I didn’t understand. His eyes were wide and he looked totally surprised. I walked closer remembering caching a glimpse of him on his knees while I was running down the stairs away from Gibson. I didn’t have the time to figure out why he was on his knees but now that I can think, I’m thinking… I’m thinking ……maybe…….

I was a few feet away from the couch in the living room when it dawned on me. Oh my god! He was proposing! I quickened my steps rushing to them, the whole of them, Becky, Nancy, Fola and Michael. As I got there I grabbed Becky by the hand ‘cos she was closer and she was standing, pulling her to me, as I did she spun around looking at me ‘cos I surprised her. Then her eyes got wide and she exclaimed,

“What in the freaking hell happened to you!?”oh, my dress, my hair, water on me. In the past so I shrugged saying,

“Gibson tackled me into the pool” If it was impossible for her eyes to get wider I was wrong, ‘cos it did. Her eyes scanned the whole of me, starting from my hair to my feet, then back up. She then looked at me with mirth in her eyes,

“Oh sugar plums, you look awful” I rolled my eyes then said,

“Tell me about it, I feel awful too”. Her hands then flew to her mouth to cover up the laughter that was about to come out. This time I didn’t roll my eyes, no…I glared at her. She thinks this is funny, ‘cos she wasn’t the one being tackled into the pool. Deciding to ignore her I asked,

“Is Michael proposing to Fola, has she said yes?” Becky looked at me with a smug look, turned her head to look at Michael and Fola, then focused back at me. Then she told me Fola’s answer and my eyes were the ones to get huge as saucers, oh my god! She said that!?.

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Gibson I swam the remaining distance in the pool to the end of it, coming out then taking out my suit jacket ‘cos it was really heavy due to the water. I draped it on my arm and walked forward thinking about Ada, she broke up with me. I looked up to the sky imagining God looking down at me, and said

“You sent Ada to me for a reason, I love her with the whole of my heart, but it seems she has given up on us. I haven’t so I’m asking if it’s your will that we should be together then bring her back to me” I brought my head back down then walked into the house living my relationship with Ada in God’s hands.


As I left the room thinking about my decision of bringing a glass of water for Brenda, I wondered where everyone was again, I mean it’s like three minutes and I haven’t seen anyone, not even bello. I walked to the stairs, and then began to head down. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw Ada, she had a surprised look on her face and she was switching her eyes from Michael and Fola to Becky. I looked at Michael, he was on his knees in front of Fola, and he too had a surprising look on his face. I walked closer to them, that’s when Fola spoke,

“Did I say something wrong? Was that the wrong answer?” she looked confused like she might have committed a felony. Her eyes moved from Michael to everyone in the living room except me. Becky turned to look at her and answered

“no dear, you said the perfect answer”. What answer? What’s the question sef? What’s happening? I walked around the couch to Becky, standing beside Ada, she still looked surprised but now she had tears in her eyes. Was she about to cry? What in the world is happening? I tapped Becky on her shoulder, she turned to look at me, and then I asked,

“Can you tell me what’s going on? She smiled at me and replied,

“Sure sugar plum, your brother Michael just asked Fola to marry him” My eyes bugged out, my mouth dropped open, then my head whipped to look at Michael and Fola, he was still on his knees, how long has he been there. I looked back at Becky and asked,

“Has she answered?” She nodded her head

“Well….what did she say?” I was impatient and excited I came a bit closer to Becky trying to will her to give me an answer. With the smug look on her face, she gave me Fola’s answer, and I swear my world stopped.


Meanwhile in Ada’s room Brenda is dying of thirst, wondering where Stephen is. “Where is this boy, doesn’t he know I’m thirsty?” I looked around the room and then suddenly it came to me, this will be the perfect time to escape. I began to struggle with the ropes that were used to tie my hands behind the chair I was sitting on. But it kept getting tighter. So I got up with the chair, (even though it was a bit difficult, I succeeded in getting up) and walked over to the mirror table at the right side of Ada’s bed by the wall. I examined myself in the mirror checking myself out, I looked like hell, my eyes were swollen from crying and my hair was in disarray.

My neck still hurt but that can be taken care of later once I’ve escaped. With that by the way, I examined the mirror table to see if I’ll find something that will be of use to cut the ropes, I didnt know how I’ll do it but I’ll find a way.



As I walked through the hall I felt something had changed in the air, I just didn’t know what. It couldn’t be about Brenda attacking Fola, that’s already taken care of. So what could it be? I walked further down the hallway, and got to the living room. Stephen was standing beside Ada both having funny confusing looks on their faces. Then there was Becky, back facing Ada and Stephen. I couldn’t see her face very well from where I was, but from what I could see her hands were folded on her chest and she was standing with her hip jutting out. All relaxed and calm,

Bello was also there, just taking everything in. observing them. Nancy was sitting on the couch a bit close to where Ada, Stephen and Becky were standing, they were opposite each other. She looked like she was about to leap out of her skin, from fear, excitement? I don’t know. I got closer to them as I took them in wondering what in the hell was going on. That’s when we heard the loud knock on the door.

All eyes turned as one towards the door. Stephen got out of his funny confused look and said,

“I’ll get it” then he walked over to the door going to open it, Michael got up from his knees, I can’t believe he is been on his knees for over five minutes. Couldn’t he at least sit down? Fola placed her hand on his shoulder trying to talk to him, but his head was down, he wasn’t saying anything. I hope he’s ok.

We heard Stephen’s footsteps coming back into the living room with two police men behind him and the inspector. They all walked in looking ready to work, hope they are anyway.

I looked at Michael thinking maybe he’ll be the one to address them but he was wasn’t even paying attention, his head was still down. so I decided to handle it,

“Good evening inspector” the inspector looked at me answering

“Good evening sir” then he asked “ where is the girl?”

“Up the stairs in one of the rooms, I can take you there, but first i need to know what’s happening in this living room, so please give me a minute to ask” the inspector looked confused and asked,

“Happening?, what do you mean?” then his eyes took in everyone in the living room,

“everyone seems fine to me, or did any other thing happen apart from the incident with Fola this afternoon?” he inquired I shook my head saying

“ no nothing, but I just came in from the pool side as you can see I’m wet, and this is what I came in to see, the living room looking like someone has died, and I want to know what’s making the room feel that way” When I mentioned coming from the pool and being wet, the inspector looked at me like he didn’t notice I was wet then he lifted his eyebrows questioningly. I replied his look saying,

“Long story” Then I heard Ada hiss and say,

“ yeah right, long story indeed” I ignored her walked over to Stephen with my wet clothes and all, and asked

“ what’s happening?” Stephen looked at me speechless. What the…. Then Nancy spoke, her voice sweet but scratched,

“Michael…a..ask..ed.. Fola… marry him” What in the world, my eyes moved from Nancy to the couple on the couch, Michaels head was down, Fola’s hand on his shoulder. I moved towards to them asking,

“What was her answer” my eyes focused on Michael and Fola and continued “ ‘cos it looks like it wasn’t a good one” My chest was beating really fast, scared that she might have rejected him. If she did it’ll destroy Michael ‘cos he really loves her. Becky spoke this time

“well you see Fola’s answer was…” I looked at her getting impatient when she said nothing after that, so I asked impatiently “ her answer was what Becky?” Then for no reason at all she said,

“Wait a minute I need to get my nail file, let me file these nails of mine” What? Is she ok at all, file her nails? How long are they anyway?

“Becky” I growled her name out angrily” Her head turned to look at me while bent over, hand in her bag trying to get her nail file,

“what, I’ll just be a minute hold on” then she went back to searching through her bag for her nail file, I rolled my eyes to the ceiling then brought it back down, my eyes caught Michael and he was smiling at Becky his lips twitching, maybe her answer wasn’t that bad, seeing as Michaels lips are twitching. I looked up to the ceiling wondering again why God had to put women like Becky in my life.

“she said yes” my head came down ‘cos it was Nancy that spoke not Becky, I looked at her, face straight, did she just say Fola said yes?

“She said yes?” I asked, she nodded her head I focused back on Becky asking,

“Is this true?” Becky had gotten her nail out of her bag, and she was now sitting on the couch, when I asked she looked at me answering,

“Yep, she said a big Fat yes” I was shocked but relieved that she did, then she continued to give me the whole gist

“Ada was surprised, Stephen was dumbfounded, guess he couldn’t believe his brother will be getting married soon, Nancy was over the moon. So there that’s what happened” then she went back to filling her nails.

Once she was done talking Ada ran over to Fola, screaming excitedly. Then she pulled her up by the arms and gave her a big wet hug.

“ oh my gosh! Ada! You’re wet!” exclaimed Fola Ada smiled at her not caring that she was. Then she said,

“you’re engaged” she then hugged her once again jumping and screaming—“your engaged, you’re engaged”

I moved over to Michael looking at him as I did, when I got to him he stood up smiling at me, I smiled back,

“ congrats bro, your totally taken now” His smile got bigger,

“yep I am, but before she gave me an answer it felt like ages, I thought she was going to say no at first. My God girls are scary I swear” This made me laugh out loud ‘cos he had no idea, at least Fola is not like Ada, if I had Fola I don’t think I’ll be in this situation, always having to tell her what to do at all times. But anyway I love Ada the way she is, she is perfect.

The family’s happy bubble was suddenly taken away when we heard noises from upstairs every eye moved to the stairs no one saying anything. Then Michael looked at Gibson, Gibson looked at Bello, Bello looked at Stephen. They seemed to be talking in a telepathic way. The noise came once again from upstairs, this time they didn’t have to communicate telepathically. As one the inspector, his men, Michael, Stephen, Bello and Gibson all ran up the stairs. While us girls looked at each other wondering what had happened to our happy bubble.

To be continued