Adventures Of Fola Episode 23


I stood listening to the pathetic cry coming out from the mouth of the good for nothing girl called Brenda. Bello was really doing a big one on her, her hair was made into long braids so all he had to do to was pull her hair back real hard, this caused a great amount of pain to her neck and back. Seeing as her hands were tied behind her around the chair she was sitting on, it made it very difficult for her to try and adjust whenever he pulled her hair back.

At first, she didn’t complain when he started, but when he did it like five times; she couldn’t bear the pain any longer, so she would beg for him to stop. I knew she was in so much pain when she finally screamed, the force of her voice shaking the whole house. I smiled my evil smile, letting her know that we had just started.

Her eyes found mine, pain and regret moving in those teary eyes of hers, she committed a crime; she has to pay for it.

“That’s enough Bello” I said, Bello stopped, stepping away from behind her to stand in front, while I moved to stand directly in front of her. She was really crying right now, her sobs could probably be heard from downstairs. I knelt in front of her looking at her tear stained face.

“please sir, have mercy, my neck and back hurts like crazy, please…please…stop” she said. She looked really pathetic, I actually felt sorry for her. I stood back up facing Bello to address him.

“I think she has had enough Bello, why don’t you stay here and watch her I need to go down and be with the girls”

“Yes sir of course” replied Bello obediently. I left the room, heading downstairs to know what’s happening with the girls.

“Ada, maybe you should come sit down with us, standing there won’t solve anything it’s obvious Gibson doesn’t want any of us to go upstairs”, said Becky.

“She’s right you know?” I said, giving Becky a little bit of my support. But Ada stood there not moving, she just kept throwing her laser beams coming from her eyes towards Gibson , but the laser kept bouncing off of Gibson cos he’s all macho. She wasn’t even listening to us; she just stood her ground glaring at him.

“ I really hate you right now” said Ada

The look on Gibson suddenly changed from being amused to being sad, then angry. Oh boy. I heard someone coming down the stairs I looked back to see who it was, and it was none other than Michael, he looked….pleased.

He walked around the couch coming to stand in front of us, but he stopped short cos Ada and Gibson were still having a death stare. Walking cautiously towards them, he asked,

“Gibson, is everything alright”?, asked Michael

“yep, everything is grand”, replied Gibson unexcited, he’s voice still laced in anger

“ ok….. so why are you and Ada having a death stare”? Asked Michael Gibson was staring at Ada with hard unfeeling eyes when he replied,

“Why don’t you ask her, cos I’m leaving, since you’re here now I have no need to be here”, and with that he turned around angrily heading for the stairs taking it two at a time, then he was gone. The room was silent, all eyes were on Ada, and we all didn’t know what to say so we just watched her.

Quietly after a few seconds of standing there, she closed her eyes then slowly took a deep breath, in a defeated tone, she said

“I’m going to the kitchen, if anyone needs me, just call me” then she walked away and headed for the kitchen. We all watched her as she went, no one said anything. After she was gone, Becky spoke up,

“well, since that little drama is over I say we focus on the real matter at hand”, looking at Michael she asked, “What’s happening with the crazy girl that tried to kill Fola?”, she asked dropping her nail file in her bag. But Michael wasn’t listening to Becky he was worried about Gibson and Ada as he watched her walk to the kitchen

“ yo! Michael” called becky

Michael eyes darted at Becky at the sound of her voice, but I could see he wasn’t in the mood to handle her own type of craziness.

“She’s upstairs Becky, we’ve called the police, they should be on their way by now” then he walked over to me and sat beside me, pulling me closer to him and taking my hand in his to hold.


I walked into the kitchen feeling like an idiot, I mean what in the world did I even see in that annoying, arrogant, over controlling human being anyway. He might be cute, and handsome, and tall and….and….hurghhh. Manly, but that doesn’t mean he is allowed to use all these qualities to torment and control me. Rubbish human being. He can go and jump over a bridge for all I care.

“ Ada, are you ok, you look like you’re about to demolish a house, or maybe run through someone”, as she said that she quickly moved out of my way, in case I decide she would be my first target.

“Nothing Cynthia, I’m just a little bit pissed” I sighed, then looked around the kitchen asking,

“How far with lunch?” I asked

“Lunch?” asked one of the maids Mary,

“Yes, lunch” I replied, looking at her to see if she was ok, I mean doesn’t she expect the house to eat?

“ we are making dinner Ada, in fact we didn’t even have to make dinner because after what happened earlier today to miss Fola, everyone seemed to just forget about lunch, so instead of us making another meal for dinner, we decided that lunch will be for dinner” said Cynthia

I stood there staring at her, wow so we all forgot about lunch. Amazing, did the whole incident take the whole day? hmm

“Well okay that’s good, lunch for dinner, that’s good. okay since I have nothing doing here, I’ll just head on upstairs and rest for a bit, if you girls need me I’ll be in my room”, once I said that, I turned around and took my disturbed mind up the stairs, I just wanted to sleep because I wanted to not think about Gibson, even if it’s for an hour.


I stood there staring at Brenda the witch, I still can’t believe she had the guts to attack Fola, she must have a death wish, seriously, Because no one in their right mind will dare come into this house to attack anyone, especially Fola, our golden one.

Her head was down, and her hands were still tied behind her as she sat on the chair. I kept watching her, wondering if she is dead or alive, but I don’t think she’s dead cos Bello didn’t really torture her all he did to her was Childs play, as I watched her, her left leg moved, then she raised her head up slowly.

At first she didn’t see me because I was at the far corner of the room, my back to the wall. She looked around the room probably trying to see if anyone was still around, as she looked, her eyes went passed me, but then it quickly came back. Different expressions showed on her face, the first was fear, the second disgust, and the third anger.

“What are you doing you here little boy, aren’t you supposed to be in your room reading a book or something?” I stood there saying nothing, I just watched her, “Won’t you say anything? Ehn, you ingrate, you and your brother are just the same. Stupid fools, just swimming in money, you have nothing to do with it than to spend it on some hopeless, homeless girl that has nothing to her name, she has no father, and her own mother threw her out of the house, didn’t that alone tell you that she is no good? Ehn, tell me? I mean ever since she came into this house, all you have experienced is one problem to another; no one has had any peace of mind. And still you keep her here, if I were you I would persuade Michael to throw her out or just give her back to her mother, since it’s her mother that wants her. But no you’re still keeping her ….she shook her head, “you all are just fools”.

I moved myself away from the wall, trying to hold my anger in. I was boiling inside. This lady is just crazy, she still has the mouth to talk after all that she has been through, after the whole bunch of trouble she has gotten herself into. She can still talk?. Wow I kept walking towards her, then I stopped a few feet away from her, I didn’t want to get closer because I’m not sure what I’ll do if I do get close, because my hands are itching to do some damage to that stupid mouth of hers. I looked at her, really looked at her, then I asked,

“ Are you sure you’re not related to the devil?, because the both of you talk and act the same, I’ll totally believe if I’m told you guys are twins sef, cos hearing all of what you just said, I’m convinced you and the devil are related. Anyway, in case you decide not to ask for forgiveness from God and to give your life to him so you can be saved, when you finally see the devil your brother, say hi to him for me. And tell him there is no way I’ll ever see him, because I’ll be in heaven sipping tea with my father in heaven. You know who my father is right?” She was looking at me like I was crazy but hearing my question she shook her head negatively

“Well my father is God maker of the world, creator of you and me” then I smiled at her She looked really confused so I waited patiently cos I knew she was about to talk some more,

“ how can you say you’ll be in heaven sipping tea with God after what you and your brother just did to me? do you think you are better than me?, listen to me, and listen well. You are not. All that you have done to me will send you straight to hell. I know all about Christianity, and I can see right here that you don’t. Because even the bible says we are to love our enemies. I am your enemy but you don’t love me, so my dear you have sinned. Because you have disobeyed God, So don’t worry the both of us will be sharing a cell in hell. I’ll be waiting for you.” My God, she’s right. What have we done? God please forgive us.


I have no idea why I love that girl called Ada, she is so stubborn, and she never listens to me. Always wants to do things her own way even if it is the wrong way, Why can’t she just listen to me?. I stopped in my tracks to think properly, I realized that doing this by myself isn’t working. I have tried my best to make my relationship with Ada to work. And I really don’t want it to shatter. So right there in the hallway, I said a short prayer, asking God for his help, Cos I really can’t do this on my own.


I stood by the door listening to Stephen and Brenda talk. All that Brenda said is actually true. We are not better than she is. But we won’t let her know that. Yes we punished her, but it wasn’t our punishment to give. We were meant to just hand her to the police, and let the law take over. But knowing Michael he won’t do that without dealing with her even if it’s just for a little while. And he did. I’m not a Christian, my father was a Muslim, while my mother was a Christian, so I grew up being a Muslim cos I wanted to be like my father. But from time to time my mom would preach to me, she always had the faith that I would one day convert to Christianity and from what I’ve heard Brenda say, I think I might.

The army changed us, but it shouldn’t change our faith. It shouldn’t change what we believe in. I need to talk to Michael; he needs to know that if we keep living this way, being a Luke warm Christian. We might never make heaven. I was about to leave when I heard Stephen speak, he said,

“What you’ve said is true, we aren’t better than you, but you know the truth and still you are you. Tell me, when you die what will the book of life say of you? that you knew the truth and still you were you. I have learned from you Brenda, and believe me I am going to change, I am going to ask God to forgive me, but will you do the same? Are you going to change?” …….

Brenda didn’t reply, I guess she knew he was right. I heard Stephen sigh, then I heard him walking away from her, but then he stopped and said to her,

“I hardly read by the way, God has given me a gift, a photographic memory, I’m quite intelligent, it’s the reason why the government gives me various jobs to do for them, cos its easy for me to do, and the money we make isn’t wasted, forget about how young I am, they couldn’t find anyone smart enough to do some of the job I am doing for them currently, that’s one of the many reasons why I and my brother are swimming in money.

And about Fola, you’ve seen Fola haven’t you? She is unique. We knew that even when we met her, so there was no way we were going to send her back on the streets not after what we had seen in her. Our money wasn’t wasted; no it was used for the good of mankind. It was used for Fola.” And with that he walked away, closing the door behind him.

I was so proud of him, because at 16 he was already talking like a grown man. I placed my hand on his shoulder and said to him,

“Michael is lucky to have you as a brother”

“Thanks” replied Stephen, feeling proud of himself too. He stood there by the door, while I walked away to go find Michael, I had to talk to him.

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After I was done saying my short prayer to God, I continued my walk to the room where Brenda was held and kept. That girl really has some guts, coming into Michael’s house to attack Fola, his own Fola. I shook my head thinking about it, how can she be so stupid, did she think she was going to succeed or even get caught? Michael’s house has a 24/7 security system, anything that gets triggered at home will alert his men at the office, at the same time his men will let the police know. So before ten to fifteen minutes his house will be swamped with armed men. So how did she think she was going to get away?

I was thinking about all these when I saw Bello approaching me, if he isn’t guarding Brenda, then who is? Immediately he got to me, I asked,

“who is guarding Brenda”

“Stephen is, don’t worry”

“Oh ok, so where are you going to?” I asked

“I need to talk to Michael; do you know where he is?”

“Yeah, downstairs in the living room with the girls”.

“Ok, thanks,” and with that he left, our conversation over. I wonder what he wants to talk to Michael about. I decided to ignore that thought and go stand guard with Stephen, if anything was to happen, Stephen would need backup. And I will be it.


As I got to the end of the stairs, I saw Bello walking towards me, what is he doing here?. Then I remembered Brenda. Shoot! She’s in my room, how will I sleep now; there’s no room for me to sleep in. Kai. Ohhhh.

“Ada, you’re not supposed to be here”, said Bello,

“Yes I know, I forgot that Brenda is in my room, I wanted to rest for a little while, but now that she is there I have nowhere to rest”. He looked at me thinking, I could practically see the wheels turning in his head.

“Why don’t you go to the pool side?, you could rest there for a bit, that’s where Fola was this morning”

“Oh my gosh!, thank you” I don’t know how it happened but my body moved on its own, and I found myself hugging him. As quickly as it happened , I was out of his hands, this is because my arrogant, over controlling boy- friend had taken me away from him, placing me beside him, Oh boy this is not good.

“What’s going on here” asked Gibson, looking from me to bello.

“Nothing” replied Bello.

“Nothing?” asked Gibson angrily

“Yes Gibson, nothing, she hugged me because she was excited about what I said”

“Really, and what did you say?” asked Gibson arrogantly

“Well…. i…”

“He said nothing Gibson; it’s between the both of us ok. So stop being mean and arrogant and just go your merry way.” Gibson was facing Bello but at my words he turned slowly to face me, shoot! What have I done? I began to move backwards slowly, preparing to escape, because the look in Gibson’s eyes was just plain murder.

“What did you say?” he asked taking a step forward as I took a step back, I kept going and he kept coming. Oh god, I’m in so much trouble. The best possible way to escape from him is to literally escape him and that’s exactly what I did. I escaped. Gathering all of my strength I turned fully and bolted for the stairs, running down as fast as I could.

Fola Michael looked and felt different when he sat beside me, I just couldn’t figure out why. He took my hands in his and held it tightly, his eyes unfocused, staring into nothing. I stared at him, trying to figure out why he felt and looked different. He took a glance at me, and then looked away. I continued to look at him for like another minute, then I couldn’t hold it any longer, I had to ask.

“Michael, are you ok?” he shifted a bit to take out his phone from his pocket answering,

“Yeah, I am, why?” I adjusted myself beside him, taking my hand out from his. He didn’t like it. So he took it back

“Michael I’m trying to have a conversation with you”, I said a bit haughtily

“Yeah, and we can have that while I’m still holding your hand”. Sighing heavily I said,

“I want to talk to you while facing you, I can’t do that with you holding my hand, I’ll have to turn my neck to face you. Staying that way for a long time will hurt” He sighed heavily

“ Fola, I almost lost you today, God knows what I would have done if anything ever happened to you. So please just let me have this moment of holding your hand, it’s all I ask okay?.” Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Michael sound so …….resigned. I felt the whole room looking at us, well not much of a room anyway since its just Becky and Nancy. Giving him back my hand , I allowed Michael to hold me, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to question him, so I did.

“What did you do to Brenda?” I asked, my heart beating, cos hearing Brenda scream in that manner meant he must have done something really bad to her, and I don’t want him going to jail because of her.

“Nothing serious, just caused her a little pain, she wasn’t even bruised.” He said it like he wasn’t there when she was screaming the house down.

“ Michael, she was screaming the house down, whatever you did to her must have hurt a lot, why did you hurt her in the first place, I thought the police was going to handle it”.

“ Fola, she almost killed you today. I think you don’t understand what you mean to me so let me explain it to you”. He adjusted the both of us so we were both facing each other. Holding me by the face he said, enunciating every word

“ Fola, you. Are. My . world, losing you would be losing a part of myself, I would be incomplete without you. You’re my other half. Fola, you complete me…….” he was quiet for a bit then he closed his eyes, his hands was still holding my face. So I just sat there watching him. my God what is he thinking, he can’t just say that and not say anything else. After a few moment of my mind thinking about what and what he might be thinking about, he opened his eyes and said

“ ok I have to do this” Huh? Do what, what does he want to do? Suddenly Michael got down on one knee, he brought out a small black box, my heart was beating a hundred times faster than normal when I realized what he was about to do. I was finding it hard to breathe, I heard Nancy take in a sharp breath in surprise, Becky said something I couldn’t understand cos my mind was on Michael, on his knees, looking straight into my eyes, with the small black box in his hands.



I got down the stairs feeling Gibson close behind me, from my side view; I could see Michael on his knees, his right hand stretched out towards Fola with a black box in it. Something was glittering inside the box; I didn’t have time to properly look cos my mind was somewhere else. Yes my mind was on how I was going to run away from Gibson, far far away. I headed straight for the pool, hearing Gibson shouting at me to stop. I was never going to stop, no way.



“Ada stop running!” I yelled… “Ada!” But no she refused to stop, she just kept running, God why did you have to give me such a woman for heaven’s sake, ehn? She’s so stubborn. And she can run too. Chai! “Ada!” with the last of my energy I was able to catch her, but unfortunately for us, I dived for her sending us both into the pool. She is so going to hate me for this.



Oh my gosh, Michael is on his knees, facing me, with a box in his hands. I looked at him, then at the box, then back at him, my eyes were as round as saucers, I tried forming words with my lips but they seemed paralyzed, I mean he is on his knees, with a box in his hands. Is he about to….. I really prefer him talking right now than me, I’m sure what he is about to say is way better than mine.

“Fola, I know we haven’t known each other enough to be, you know together, but honestly I can’t picture myself with any other girl than you. You are my everything, after all that I have been through with my brother, I’ve always thought that there is no way for me to be happy again. But then you came into my life, and you showed me what it means to be loved. No one else can make me feel the way you do. So please, please and please, will you do me the honor of being my wife? Will you marry me?”

I sat there staring at the love of my life, staring at the box in his hand. It had a huge diamond ring in it, its side was pink. It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. But even with its beauty, am I ready to get married? am I even right for him?, is this the right thing to do? I didn’t know what to tell him, yes or no. oh God please what should I say. Yes, or No.

To be continued