Adventures Of Fola Episode 12



Seeing Fola running to the elevator almost gave me a heart attack, I have never felt such fear in my life before. I thought she had finally realized that I am not good for her. All I’ll do is give her heart ache and pain. But I have fallen in love with her and she is the only woman on earth that I have ever loved, well……except my mother. You see my dad Mr. Jackson smith killed my mum, it’s hard to believe but yes, he did. But he swore he didn’t do it. But how can he say he didn’t when I saw him on the ground with my mum in his arms covered in her blood holding the murder weapon which was a knife. He was right there, covered in her blood and all he could say is that he saw her like that?. Liar, big, fat ugly liar. That’s who he is. And I hate him so much.

Now he’s in jail, paying for what he did. His younger brother Mr. Lucas smith was convinced that my dad killed my mum. He said he was there when it happened but as usual my dad denied it. You see my dad was a wife beater, his life was so miserable that all he did was smoke and drink, once he was done smoking and drinking, he would come home to beat up my mum over silly things, And my mum? My mum, would take the beating, I kept wondering why she would still be with a guy like my father, but I later realized that she did it all for me.

She didn’t want to leave me to grow up to be like my dad, so she would advice me never to beat a girl no matter what; she would say I should try all my best never to become like my dad. Sometimes she would take the blame, saying she did something bad that’s why my dad had to beat her. I never believed her; I know that whatever a lady or a woman does no man, no husband is to beat her up, no matter what.

My dad was in charge of a construction company. Yes, he was a millionaire. He was so rich he didn’t know what to do with his money. So he spent it on drugs and women. And my mum ignored everything. He and his brother always fought and his brother’s friend Mr. Jacob was always the one to separate them. Mr. Jacob was my dad’s friend also. So i guess he was the one to stop my dad and his brother from killing each other.

Ever since my dad went to jail I have been in charge of his company but at the same time I wanted something for myself, that’s why I decided to go into the army when I was 20 years old, I spent five years there in the army, then came back to Lagos to start my security company. And it’s doing well so far. Everything that belongs to my dad is mine, as long as he rots in jail. I hope he never gets out. He has to pay for what he did.

So seeing Fola run away got me really scared, because ever since my mum no one has ever made me happy, no one. but she shouldn’t have left the safety of my house, someone wants her dead, and she still left, I was so mad when I saw her in my office, cos I felt she had no value for her life, but god she looked so good. In her jeans and shirt, everything fitting her so nicely. Fola has no idea how beautiful she is, she is like a goddess, my goddess of beauty. I have to protect her; she is the one for me. So I will do everything in my power to keep her safe.

Running into the elevator after it finally opened with Bello behind me, I called jenny the receptionist down stairs to stop Fola. Then I called Becky, I really don’t know why she keeps that her afro with the red design on it, but anyway I called her and told her to tell john in the control room to make sure he doesn’t open the gate for Fola. The elevator finally stopped and I ran out like my butt was on fire.

I needed to get to Fola immediately. I got to the reception area and looked at jenny, but all she said was that she was sorry, she couldn’t stop Fola. I left her where she was and ran out of the building, screaming for Fola to stop, I know she heard me, cos she was running out of the gate, and we were not really far from each other. But then something caught my eye, I stopped to look, and what the hell? Whose car is that? And why is it heading towards Fola?.

I thought it was going to hit her, but instead they did something even more frightening. They took her. They took my Fola away from me. Whoever is in desperate need of trying to kill my Fola will regret ever having a life. I’ll make sure of that.

2 days later I have been locked up in this tiny room for 2 days now. It reminds me of my mother’s house. It looks like the same room I and my mother have lived in before she threw me out. But that can’t be possible, no it can’t. Since I came here the only thing I’ve eaten is bread and water. I stink and I feel very uncomfortable in this jeans. But anyway I’m so glad none of my kidnappers have tried touching me in anyway. That will be a nightmare.

Shortly after I was kidnapped, I woke up in the car , the one that held me in the car had a very bad mouth odor. It was awful, smelt like garlic and rotten fish. Yuck!. In the car he licked the side of my neck, and it was like a frog using its tongue to lick me, it was disgusting. I elbowed him in his ribs and this made him to slap me. so I had been slapped twice that day. They were beginning to piss me off.

So now I’m in this room and no one has said anything. Getting up I walked to the door and tried my luck trying to see if anyone was outside. Yelling I said,

‘’hello! Is anyone there?!.’’ No reply… I really needed to get someone’s attention so I did something un lady like, something unusual. Taking a deep breath I yelled..

‘’Hey!’’ I’m on my period, I need some sanitary towel, like right now, I’m practically bleeding all over myself, it’s very uncomfortable, and please bring some pain killers for me, I also have menstrual pain’’. Immediately I was done yelling my best lie so far, the door started to rattle… heheheheh… that got their attention. Mshwww idiots.

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The one with the smelling mouth came in first, followed by the second guy. They were both very tall. Like 6’3, they were both black and had huge body structures, and they were cute, I know annoying right? Cute kidnappers that are disgusting. All the men I’ve seen these past week are huge, Michael huge, Gibson huge, Bello huge, Stephen huge, even some of the men in Michael’s office are huge. Tor, nawa oh.

The smelly mouth guy spoke first. Looking at my jeans, he bent a little and walked forward to see if I was really bleeding. I decided to help him out. Lifting a leg i placed it on the bed. ‘’oya see now? You won see blood abi?.

The idiot looked at me in anger, then he looked at his colleague, it was so funny the way he squeezed his face.

‘guy this girl is not bleeding oh. She played us.’ I was getting tired of just standing there, I needed answers and I needed them now. So I asked,

‘ pls who is in charge here?” With a tired, bored, look, I looked at them very well. They both looked very well ignoble. They actually looked a bit derelict cos seeing the way they dressed, it wasn’t good at all. Yea I know I’m speaking big English, I learnt them in Michael’s house, reading his books. Oh God I wonder what he’s doing? Is he looking for me? Does he even care?. As I was standing there thinking, the kidnapper, the one that slapped me first spoke.

‘Small girl see, person just tell us say make we carry you bring you for here, that’s all’’. I was confused. who would say that, and why? So I asked,

‘’Emmmm……who sent you to kidnap me’’?

‘we don’t know the person. They just called us on our phone and gave us your description and where you stay. That’s all’. said the one with the smelly mouth. I came to realize that the one with the smelly mouth could speak good English, the other couldn’t . So if the one with the smelly mouth could speak English, doesn’t he know or have an idea on how to keep his mouth clean? He must have gone to school now? He’s supposed to know how to keep his mouth clean.

Anyway I tried asking another question I really needed to know who was after me and why?

‘ok, can you just tell me if it was a man or a woman?’ as quick as the words left my mouth so did their two big feets. They left the room without saying a word. Banging the door behind them.

Sigh. I guess that’s it then. I might never see Michael again. And I’ll never be able to tell him how I really feel. 2 more days later I have been here for 4 days now. No one has come to declare being behind my kidnapping. I am way the hell pissed. This has gone way too far. I am not some chicken that they get to keep as a pet. Even chickens have a little bit of freedom, haba.

While I was complaining I heard a woman’s voice, and it sounded very familiar. I’ve heard that voice before, but where?. I began to hear footsteps, someone walking in heels, the sound kept getting closer, then the door handle began to shake, it opened and a lady walked in… A LADY, A WOMAN.

I know this woman . no! it cant be ? it cant be her. this cant be the person that is behind my kidnapping, G.o.d please no.

She looked at me and gave me a sinister smile. That smile that I hate so much, that smile that tells me she is ready to get money and in a bad way, this lady the reason for my suffering. She walked closer to me. I shifted to the end of the bed by the wall, she climbed the bed and followed me. Coming real close to my face she said,

‘’hello my dear Fola, did you miss your mother?’’.