Adventures Of Fola Episode 11


We arrived at Michaels office, and it was TIGHT!. It was a three story building; it had a car park that could contain enough cars and a white electric fence. With a black gate that I noticed had a security system. Looking at the building, I’m not sure if it had lots of walls, it had more of glass windows and all that. In fact the building was mostly made of glass. Kind ‘a like the picture of a building I saw in a newspaper some days ago, it was called NNPC towers.

But Michael’s office wasn’t as big as that. But it was still big. So we were at the gate, and this gate didn’t look like any other type of gate that I have seen before, it’s very different. Sitting in the car, Bello brought down his own side of his window, stretched out one of his hands and pressed a button on a strange looking speaker, I think it’s called an intercom. Then something really cool happened, a voice came through, a voice! Can you imagine! Wow, Michael should put that in his own gate too, it will be awesome.

Anyway, the voice that came through was a masculine voice and it asked who it was that was at the gate, Bello told the voice in the speaker his name, and immediately the gate started to open. The first side of the gate would go in while the other would go out, no one stood there, and it did it on its own. Its speed of opening wasn’t too fast and it wasn’t too slow, it was perfect.

Driving through, there were cars parked in arches, cars like; BMW 1 series (5 door), BMW 7 series, BMW X5, the Phaeton, an Audi A8 and a Range rover. I know you must be thinking how I know all the names of these cars; well Michael has them in his house, every one of them, even the car we drove in was an Audi A8.

Bello parked the car close to one of the other cars, I think it was a BMW X5. He got out, came around, and opened my door for me (I sat at the back seat of the car). I got out and said to Bello,

‘’this place is dope’’!…. Bello had nothing to say, I mean what will he say? He just smiled and closed the car door. Then he walked in front of me, leading me into the building, me walking right behind him. Getting in there, there was a receptionist at the front desk, a female receptionist and she was really beautiful, she was dark in complexion and well dressed. Bello walked straight to her and said one word,

‘’Mr. Smith’’. She immediately picked up a telephone and said, Bello is here. Then, she dropped the phone back in its cradle and told us that we were free to go in. Without saying a word, Bello walked towards the elevators that were at the right side of the front desk. There were two flower pots for each elevators, the elevators were two.

Bello pressed the up button of the elevator and after a few seconds, the elevator opened. He walked in, I followed, the elevator doors closed. And then we waited for the elevator to take us to our destination. I stared at the clock watching it as it was counting down I was so excited to know what Michael will think seeing me in his office. The countdown got to zero, the elevator opened and we were right in an office, which means the elevator was our only exit, there were no doors or stairs anywhere, I didn’t wait for Bello this time, I just walked out of the elevators like my life depended on it, like I had no care in the world, guys I was on a mission.

This particular part of the building was a bit quiet, not much people were around, it was painted white and the floor had a grey carpet. There was a dark lady, a very dark, beautiful, super hot lady sitting at the front desk and she had a very big thick afro like she was in the sixties or something, her afro was a mixture of red and black and she had on big round earrings, she looked like she was in her 20’s so I wondered why she had a hairdo like that. Getting to her I smiled and said

‘’hi’’. She was filing her nails, chewing a gum, making popping sounds, having no care in the world. When she heard me say hi to her, she looked at me and smiled, and her smile was to die for, seriously if I was a guy I’ll seriously date her. She got up, and I really looked at her, curvy and cute but not really tall, did I mention she is hot too? She looked at me, from my head down to shoes, and the look on her face said she approved the way I dressed.

‘’ Babe, you look good’’, said the afro receptionist.

‘’Thanks’’….i thought that was the appropriate thing to say at the time.

‘’Michael is in his office I’ll let him know you’re here’’, she walked out of her tiny but comfortable front desk and walked to the back of the reception area she was wearing really good high heeled shoes. I stood there looking at her walk, when she had gone I then looked around, taking everything in. A few minutes later, Michael came stalking in, afro lady right behind his heels , yelling behind him saying,

‘’Michael’’, wait!, don’t go walking in that manner, you’ll scare the poor girl, ………..Michael! MICHAEL!!!! But Michael was hearing none of it, his face a mask of anger. I took a step back; he kept walking forward in big, strong, steps. I took another step back, holding my bag strap in a very tight grip. And Michael just kept on walking, I bumped into Bello and I totally forgot he was still in the same room with me. bending my neck backward I looked at Bello, then I considered using him as my shield, but I think Bello wont like that, but I did it anyway.

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I quickly scampered, and used Bello as my shield, he was my best option for now. Michael stopped in front of Bello and said’’ MOVE’, without wasting time, Bello moved his body away from me, leaving me to deal with a very angry Michael ,I guess he’s also scared of angry Michael. What in the world will I do now? Seeing Michael the way he is right now isn’t really good. Michael is freaking scary when he is angry. The muscle in his lower jaw kept ticking; like he was biting hard on his upper and lower side jaw, and his forehead was creased I guess he was trying to control himself.

We were staring at each other and I felt I had to at least try and diffuse the situation that I’m in. cos its obvious Michael doesn’t want me to be here. So I got right to it.

‘’ Michael I know you’re mad….

‘’Mad? Mad’’!……he let out a scary laugh that was downright frightening. …. ‘’ you haven’t seen mad yet, Fola, you haven’t at all.

‘’But I just came to surprise you, I didn’t mean any harm, if it is that you don’t want me in your place of work, then say so, and I’ll never come here again’’

‘’You think its because I don’t want you here? Like I don’t want you to know anything about my type of job?. Is that it’’?, said Michael.

‘’yes, Michael, that’s it. I’m sure you just want me to stay out of your ‘’business’’ (I used two fingers from each hand to signify a quotation mark…I was beginning to get pissed myself, just because I decided to surprise him he’s going all king kong on me,) I’ll get out of your office. I turned around and quickly ran to the elevator. Hitting the down button as fast as I could. Michael ran after me, yelling my name, telling me to stop, Bello was right behind him, but they were too late, the elevators opened and I stepped right in. Hitting the button to go down, the elevators closed itself. The last thing I saw before the elevator closed was anger mixed with fear on Michael’s face. I knew he was angry but why was he scared?.

Anyway I got down to the reception area, and ran straight for the exit, the cute receptionist yelled for me to stop but I refused to answer. Getting to the gate I realized that someone from somewhere would have to open the gate for me, and seeing as no one would do that, I was quite scared and confused cos I really wanted to get away from Michael.

Luckily for me, the gates opened , a car was driving in, I used that opportunity to quickly run out , as I ran I heard Michael yelling my name again, still I ignored him, then a car out of nowhere drove right in front of me, stopping me from running, a guy dressed in black came out of the car and dragged me to the backseat of it, I was struggling but he was stronger, placing his hand on my head he bent me a bit forward and made me enter the car, I was lying face down in the backseat, my right arm supporting me on the car floor, I tried kicking but he held my legs, turning it sideways and arranging me to a sitting position then he got it and sat beside me.

There was another guy in the back seat, and he helped his friend pull and arrange me into the car, my back was to this friend of his, so I elbowed him with all my strength but this guy was so strong, he didn’t budge. So I screamed out Michael’s name….MICHAEL.!……

The guy that got out of the car before slapped me, making my ears to ring, then the guy holding me down placed a white handkerchief on my nose forcing me to breathe in whatever substance they had in the handkerchief, within seconds I was out, hoping to God that these kidnappers wouldn’t kill me, God please let them not kill me. TBC

To be continued