Adventures of a Playboy – Ruka's Turn Episode 13


I went to my room. I Kept the envelope inside my wardrobe and I laid on my bed. Kikelomo and Bidemi entered and started begging me.
Bidemi: Femi… it’s not fair what you are doing to us ooo.. Kikelomo has been crying since you left.
Femi: why would she cry? She has a lion heart. Anyway, Kikelomo I’m sorry about today. I guess I really over reacted. Please forgive me. (It’s getting late I just want them to leave).
Kikelomo: (crying) I’m sorry… I said those things to….
Me: (cuts her off) I understand… to protect your sister. okay.. I’m very much fine now.
Bidemi: (sniffs) why do you like drinking after each argument?
Me: I don’t know. .. let me see you guys off… (I pecked Kikelomo) we will be fine…. I’m also sorry.
It’s late. I just put on my singlet with my bathroom slippers. I saw them off to the junction of my street and I waved them good nite.
As I was coming home; I saw Ruka coming out of her house. (shayo na bastard). I called her “mama mi”.
Ruka: Femi…. (rushed down) long time… how are you doing?
Me: I’m fine… I still remember your audition ooo. I will definitely come.
Ruka: I was about reminding you. Thank you very much.
Me: I just hope the girls at next week audition would be more or as beautiful as the last one
Ruka: sure… most of those girls are coming.
Me: really; I have a crush on a particular girl that day. I hopes she comes ooo.
Ruka: (surprised) what is her name?
Me: I didn’t get to talk with her that day but she’s very beautiful as you.
Ruka: (Smiling) stop teasing me.
Me: Okay oooo… if you can help me get that girl (pointing to the sky), I swear I will be doing your environmental for you.
Ruka: (laughing) you are very funny…. Iike seriously how does she looks like?.
Me: (Smiling)… all of you are like chinko people, you look alike…. lepa with height. Does that helps you?
Ruka: (laughing) I don’t know that you are funny like this ooo. Okay let me show you the picture of some of the girls on my phone; hopefully she might be there.
She started showing the pictures of the girls on her phone. Most of the pictures were grouped ones. I just kept telling her. … no… not this one.
But when the picture got to Ruka’s personal picture.
Me: this is the girl I’m talking about.
Ruka: (shocked)… I’m the one there ooo.
Me: I know… I have been thinking of a way to tell you that I like you. but the fear of being rejected always stops me from telling you. As you can’t lose what you don’t have; I have already made up my mind to tell you…..’I like you Ruka ‘and I will want you to be my girlfriend.
Ruka: Femi… that’s not possible. I can’t go out with you, besides I have a boyfriend.
Me: I didn’t expect a girl as beautiful as you not to have a boyfriend… I’m not only asking you to be my girlfriend… I want you to be my best friend. Someone I can share my dreams with…. someone I can grow up with…. someone I can….. (cuts me off)
Ruka: I’m sorry Femi…. I can’t date you..
Me: why can’t you date me? Is it because I’m putting on bathroom slippers and a singlet? Please give me 5mins; so that I can put on something more casual. Maybe you will change your mind then (turns to leave)
Ruka: you are very funny and stubborn. What has your dressing got to with this? Hmnnnnnn…..okay, I will think about it..
Me: hush… thank you… thank you…. should I call you this night to know my result?
Ruka: not that soon oooo…. okay I will tell you after the audition on Tuesday.
Me: Okay… but I hope I won’t die of hypertension before then…
Ruka: lailai…. God forbid.
We continued chatting and my phone rang. It was Bidemi. I told her that it was my mum.
Me: maybe she needs something…. got to go
Ruka: Okay… good night…
Me: good night…. try to dream of me
Ruka: (Smiling) and you too.. bye.
I rushed into the house and I picked when she calls the second time. Wait, did she just said you too, afaa!!!!!
I was very happy… I picked Bidemi’s call.
Me: hello dear… you guys ought to be home by now.
Bidemi: we have gotten home jare.. we just have to warm the soup for the family.
Me: Okay…is Kikelomo there?
Bidemi: no… should I get her for you?
Me: don’t worry… I will call her later
Bidemi: Okay… no worries then.
Me: Bidemi….. I’m sorry about today… the fight and what I said to Kikelomo. I will still call her to apologise.
Bidemi: it’s me that supposed to apologise…. I caused the fight and the fight caused the quarrel between both of you.
Me: thanks… I got to rest now… but that’s after I call your sister.
Bidemi: Okay dear…. before I go to bed… can I ask you a question?
Me: sure.
Bidemi: are we dating back now?
Me: (breathes heavily) no…. Only if your sister approves it.
Bidemi: (excited) yes she did… that’s what we came to tell you. but you gave us a cold welcome.
Me: I’m sorry…. we will talk tomorrow na
Bidemi: love you
Me: (pretends not to hear) good night
Bidemi: love you
Me: okay…love you too
Bidemi: odaro Oko mi
I ended the call and I dialled Kikelomo’s number.
Kikelomo: hello
Me: hello… I hope you are fine now?
Kikelomo: yes… thank you
Me: I’m sorry about what happened today… I hope you have forgiven me?
Kikelomo: I’m the one that supposed to be asking the question… I’m sorry for everything today…
Me: it’s alright. At least we are friends again
Kikelomo: (giggles) thank you for that.
Me: it’s nothing jare… henhen… Bidemi said that you guys wanted to tell me something today.
Kikelomo: didn’t she tell you?
Me: she did
Kikelomo: what is your opinion about it?
Me: I love her but I’m afraid to go deep with her because of some of her behaviour.
Kikelomo: so what did you intend doing now?
Me: I will tell her the truth that I can’t cope with her attitude.
Kikelomo: no ooo… she will think I aided you with your decision. I don’t want any wahala with you or Bidemi till I return back to school.
Me: what would now happen to us?
Kikelomo: there is no us… Bidemi is your us now. I don’t want any wahala.
Me: Okay ooo… thanks for your humility. I appreciate. I want to sleep now. I’m very tired.
Kikelomo: Okay… good night.
We ended the call.
I think I like Bidemi but I’m not the same person that they know now. May God help me with this my decision oooo.
I dialled David’s number (Motunrayo) and we talked for 7mins. Then I kissed her goodnight.
It’s now 10:42pm. I wanted to call Sarah but I know that she is not too happy with me. And it’s not my fault jare.. No… hell no… I just have to find a way out. I mean a way out.
I decided not to go out today. I want to rest for the big occasion. I called the Adeboye’s that my mum sent me to our relatives place to give them some provisions and I won’t be back till evening.
I’m now free like a bird. I called Motunrayo.
Motunrayo: hello love
Me: hello…. I’m missing you very much now oooo. I’m the only one at home. House is boring jo.
Motunrayo: Eiya…. I would have come around but I have other plans with my kid sister.
Me: Okay… no problem… I just want to check on you.
Motunrayo: Okay thanks… got to go
Me: Okay… later love
Motunrayo: Okay…later things… I will be calling you from time to time.
Me: Okay dear.
I terminated the call and I dialled Ruka’s number and she picked on the first beep.
Ruka: good morning Femi
Me: good morning but what happened to good morning love?
Ruka: hmnnnn… okay. good morning love
Me: thanks dear. How was your night?
Ruka: fine and yours?
Me: never would have been better with you now my friend.
Ruka: Okay oooo… hope you still remember my audition.
Me: why won’t I? I will not miss you for anything in the world. Not even when my life is in the stake.
Ruka: Okay oooo. So what’s up?
Me: I’m cool… just lonely. I’m the only one at home. Why don’t you come around.
Ruka: I can’t come…. I’m going out now.
Me: Okay… what about just saying hello when going out?
Ruka: Okay but you will come and meet me at the gate; I’m late!
Me: Okay… I’m coming out now.
I ended the call and rushed to the gate. I waited for 2mins before she came out of her house.
We were talking outside our gate when Tunde: who was driving saw us. He parked the car and he came to greet us.
Tunde: hi guys
Me: bawo ni Tunde… Tunde meet my new friend Ruka… Ruka meets Tunde.
They both complemented their beauty while I watched them talk about politics. Tunde was impressed with her vast knowledge on politics.
After like 10mins; she excused herself and left. Tunde kept shouting Ikoko.. Ikoko…. Ikoko
Me: what is Ikoko?
Tunde: you just dey chop anyhow… I like your style. The girl fine small but she too lepa…. Ikoko.
Me: what’s Ikoko na?
Tunde: (kept shouting) Ikoko aje egun jeran… Ikoko aje egun jeran
Me: (confused and laughing)… what are saying na? ooooo
Tunde: Ikoko aje egun jeran simply means ” hyena that eats both meat and bone”. That girl na bone. You no get taste at all. Wetin you wan take am do?
Me: you are not serious…. Na dat kin girl sabi do style wella. no be all this orobo people wey we dey carry about.
He kept shouting Ikoko. he later requested we go to rooftop hotel.
Me: (this guy dey mad ni… it just 10:15am ooo) no oooo… I’m waiting for one of my relatives. My dad asked me to give him something. I might come around later in the day.
Tunde: Okay Mr Ikoko … see ya
He started the engine of his car and he zoomed off.
I went inside the house. Thinking about what Tunde said…. if the Adeboye’s con see this Ruka ko… my own don finish be that.
I just have to win this bet.
I layed on my bed thinking when a call came through my phone, i checked and it was Sarah (I don get alert…….), i picked and she told me to come to the hotel right away. I changed into something casual and before i know it, i was standing at the door and knocking.  I entered the room with Sarah and we immediately got down to business. We kissed and I touched her all over her body. I did try all the techniques.
I kept turning her around as if she is a paper. I was very happy until something dramatic happened.
Bidemi forced the door opened. How did she know that I am here? I pleaded with her that it was a mistake that she should just go, that I will explain everything to her when we see.
Bidemi: how could you? How could you? I loved you. Even if you want to cheat on me with someone. At least, do it with some dignity and respect. Not with someone this old. Old cargo
Sarah: how dare you call me old cargo? It’s not your fault. Femi look at what you’ved cause.(now angry) If you don’t get her out of here now, I will do something that you will forever regret in your life.
Bidemi: what can you do? I’m really prepared for you. If you know what is good for you, you better leave this moment.
Me: ede jo… I’m begging both of you. please stop shouting. You are disturbing other customers.
They didnt even know I existed. They kept on shouting at each others throat. I just sat down really confused man until something sprang me up to my feet.
Bidemi brings out a gun. It’s her dad’s gun, she once showed me before. I kept shouting Bidemi… Bidemi…. but could not complete the sentence. At that instance, Sarah has gone on her knees begging her.
Bidemi: even if i’m to leave Femi for anyone… it wouldn’t be for someone like you. Next time you come into this world, you will stay away from other people’s property. (shot her in the head) Basta*d….
Me: (rushed over to the dead body) what have you done? She’s dead! She is dead!!!
Bidemi: (now crying) Femi….. I really love you. Even In death… I will always love you. (redirected the gun to her head and boom).
Femi: Bidemi… no ooooo…. no oooooo
I was really vibrating that I woke up from my dream. I have a call and it’s the vibration that brought me back to life.
I was sweating and I was happy that’s a nightmare. It seems real. I was still thinking about the nightmare when the person called again.
I brought out my phone from my pocket. It was Bidemi.
I hope say this girl no carry witch join her jelousy body ooo… I pray oooo
It’s now 4:15pm. I must have slept for awhile. Bidemi’s call kept ringing but I didn’t pick up. I just kept thinking of the whole scenario.
I don’t believe in dreams/nightmare but on this case I am scared to the teeth. I waved it aside and I dialled Bidemi’s number. She picked.
Bidemi: hello
Me: hello… I was on the bike then so I didn’t want to pick.
Bidemi: Okay… are you home now?
Me: Yes… very tired
Bidemi: sorry …. just take your bathe and sleep.
Me: Yes… but I want to rest a little.
Bidemi: should I come around to massage your body.
Me: (Massage ke) don’t bother yourself… I will be fine.
Bidemi: that means we are not seeing today.
Me: I might still come around but now I want to rest.
Bidemi: Okay… I will be expecting you. Rest well. Bye love
Me: Bye dear
I terminated the call. I just have to look for a bigger excuse for the one I gave her today because we might not even see ourselves tomorrow. I can’t comprehend not going to see Sarah tomorrow. I just can’t.
I laid on my bed thinking when my little sister entered my room.
Funmilayo: Eku irole (good evening)
Me: good evening… welcome! how’s school today?
Funmilayo: fine…. and your day?
Me: it’s okay… just lonely.
Funmilayo: I saw Ruka now and she told me what you said to her yesterday.
Me: really (excited). What did she say?
Funmilayo: I guessed all the things you told her… and she was asking me if you have a girlfriend.
Me: (mixed feelings) and what did you tell her?
Funmilayo: I think she likes you, besides what actually did you tell her?
Me: ooooh…. leave that one… what did you tell her?
Funmilayo: a part of me wanted to tell her the truth but I just didn’t want to crash the party on both of you.
Me: so…. what did you tell her?
Funmilayo: I told her the false fact. That you don’t have one that I know about.
Me: thanks dear…. so is she going to say yes very soon?
Funmilayo: I don’t know her mind but I guess she would…..
Me: Okay…
I hugged her and I promise to take her out for fast food in a eatery next week. She was very excited and she starts jumping like a baby (doll) that they used overcharged battery for. I hope&know that she won’t be doing like that with her peer group because if she does… guys would just take advantage of her. She left very happy and I resumed to my thinking on how I am going to lie; so as to get Bidemi off my back.
Nawa… having more than one girlfriend no easy oooo. But some of us guys will never listen.
~Two episodes left~