ADANNA Season 3 Episode 8


Of course they knew we hid some things inside our body, i wasnt afraid of the first holdup i mean the army men, but now am afraid, is there any different or is it not the same armed men, or maybe they too have their own charm, I do hear arm robbers prepare charm before going on operation.

We all pull down our dress come see as pox, phone and money they fall from our body. The people caught were seriously beaten to pop. I wish to die before but now am scared i dont know why, then suddenly as i was wearing my clothes back strange thing enter my body like am been called by someone then I said.

“hey guys una never thief finish time don go oh and i get mission”.

They all pause and started looking at me, then one came closer and commanded me to stand up, i obeyed like a gentleman.

Guy1: wetin you talk?

Me: i say una never thief finish i nor get time i need to kill person now i they hungry.

Then i started hearing voice “kill him, kill him, kill him” three times in my head. : the guy raise his gun up to smack me on my head, i use my right hand to hold the gun and then i head him and use my leg to hit him on his stomach while he fell down flat, the others open fire and started shooting raining bullets all over my body (the people lying down started running) and guess what, the bul6ets didnt hurt me, it’s just like a raindrop, they shoot till the bullet finish then they pause and look at me.

Me: are you guys through? Now my turn.

I took the gun i collected from the first guy and crack, before i finish cracking it all of them don piante like ghost, they ran leaving everything they stole. I look around but saw no one except dust, i drop the gun and walk to wear the robbers park the car, i saw one bike with the key still there, i entered the bike and started it, i drove off even though i didn’t know where am going at least i have a guardian around. But the question now is if Joshua guys were able to bleed me then what happened to the gun?

As i ride to benin a heavy rain started falling in the middle of the night, the rain was so heavy that i couldn’t see what was in front of me or where am going but still am running very fast because am late, i have to please my lady Adanna, she said i should kill Mercy and that’s what exactly am going to do, Mercy am sorry but i cant control it, i hope the god you serve is alive to save you.

Ten minutes to benin as i was running without even seeing what’s in front of me, i heard a sound in front of me and then i saw a big tree too close for me to hold break thats how i jam it and the machine fling me from up to the ground. I open my eyes and saw myself, all my hands broken, my leg dislocated and a big stick inside my brain (but am still alive).

As i lay like that on the wet ground i looked in front of me and saw someone in white coming to meet me.

To be continued