ADANNA Episode 7


After i consume the sweet rice wey fish no dey finish, i gave her peck on her chick and left. Time 10:30pm in the night, everywhere was dark no light, no movement, the only sound you hear are the sound of birds, owling for foods, and i left my china phone with bright light at home, i walk from her street to the main MCC road, getting close to lord’s chosen headquarter church.

I saw like 5 guys standing at one barber shop, i passed them their face look rugged, i look back and i saw them following me slowly, i started walking faster and they fasten their footstep also, waoh what is going on, i tried to call one of my guy in schoool, the guy na cultist but his number was switch off, i pick race oh and they started pursueing me, i ran like madman till i got to burkingham college, there i saw 4 guys coming towards me from my front, i tried to turn back but the guys from my back are close already, what do i do? Fear grip me, omo me wey i think say i be badoo all those kind thing no fit fear me, but merely looking at their face only my leg dey struggle to stand.

They surrounded me, and one of them i guess their leader said

” so na u be ozila abi, na u f–k my babe finish then come dump her abi” i tried to open my mouth to talk but nothing came out, before i dey say sir, one of the guys from my back smash bottle on the back of my head, i fell on the ground, i started seeing different stars, I no see things clearly again, the leader brought his gun i thought my end has come, and i prayed in my mind for God to forgive me my sins, but as he was about to pull the trigger, someone walk straight in front of me facing the leader, na there i remember reach before i faint but i remember say the person wear girl shoe.

I woke up in my house around 11pm in the night, i look around I nor see anybody, everything just dey normal i try to remember what happen, then I felt the pain on my head I was bandaged, I remember everything at once, how those guys attack me and how one of them smash bottle on my head, and how the mysterious lady stop their leader from pulling the trigger, many things occupy my mind, who are those guys? I never knew them for my life before, and who was the girl that saved me? I think I should call the police, no they will conclude that am a cultist and they won’t want to get involve and beside u nor get 5k to dash them again.

I continue thinking not knowing what to do, and by the way who brought me hom last night? so many question running through my mind, I tried to get up but i was too weak to stand up, so if say that girl no stand for my front I for don go thy kingdom come be that, i kept on talking to myself, I took my phone beside me I wanted to call mercy, no I kick against it she will be too worried that she don’t mind coming to my house this night, so I Lay on my bed and continue thinking over the whole issue.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know when my door swing open, then she walked in. I got up quickly and stayed close to my wall like say i see ghost, and yes she worse pass ghost, i stood up because i was shock to see her, i nor even know self say i nor padlock my door, how i go know wey my head dey on fire. she look georgeous with her shinning white teeth like cooked rice, and her black shoe like lara croft in tomb raider, and yes she still wear that white bangles.

She held a black nylon on her hand, she wore white gown, she just look like an angel, Oh god, my heart start beating faster like drum, and i lost all concentration immediately.

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Adanna: look who is up, (she said as she walk in majestically) i just stood there admiring her beauty not even scared a bit.

Adanna: why are you looking at me like you can’t talk again?

Me: hey, sorry about its just that i was scared i thought it was an intruder (i said hiding my fear).

Yes i was scared when she walked in but when i recognise it was her, all fear vanished, i feel save when am around her like say shes is a god that wont let anything harm me, honestly speaking i dont know where those feeling came from.

Adanna: sorry i thought you were still in bed thats why i just open the door without knocking.

Me: its okay, so you are the one that brought me home last night?

Adanna: yes

Me: how, tell me what happened, and how did you know i was there, ( i said sitting on my bed with my back against the wall, putting my right hand on my jaw and my pillow looking at her directly and waiting for answers)

Adanna: one question at a time.

Me: okay tell me first, how did you know i was there?

Adanna: i was following you, because i saw you when you escorted your girlfriend home( na who tel her say na my girlfriend)

Me: so you followed me to…. ( waoh i remember that i went to blessing house)

Adanna: yes i followed you to her house, thats why i sent you a test for you to keep your strenght for both of us, you have satisfied her now is remaining only me.

Me: and how did you know that i will go to her house? She kept quiet!

Me: and by the way what happened to those guys that attack me? She remain mute.

Me: also how did you bring me home, because i believe only you cannot lift me up talkless of carrying me?

She just remain on her chair fold her hands together and put them on her forehead looking forward.

Adanna: ozila.

Me: yes

Adanna: there are alot of things about me that you dont know.

Me: and what are they? I ask.

Adanna: do you love me?

Me: yes of course i love you.

Adanna: and how do you know that, so what about mercy and the other girl blessing?

Me: honestly speaking, blessing is not my girlfriend we are just friend with benefit, but as for mercy i love her very well, she’s my normal girlfriend but since i met you my feelings for her has reduced drastically, in everything i do i think about you, i cant even concentrate on my studies anymore.

Yeah i love her i dont know why and my feelings for mercy is fading slowly.

Adanna: hmmm so you love somebody you dont know?

Me: i dont care, all i know is that i love you and all i need is your love, i want to give you my heart because i know you are the perfect girl to take care of it.

Adanna: hmmm and what about mercy.

Me: forget about her i will break up with her if you agree to open your heart for me. And yes i will breakup with her if you agree to date me.

Adanna: so what if am not a human being?

Me:: how can you not be a human being when i can touch you, feel you, kiss you and even have sex with you, infact wether you are a human being or not i dont care all i need is your love.

Adanna: hmmmm, not everything you see is real, for example, if am a snake in a human form will you still love me?

Me: so far as your love for me still stand i will love you forever i dont care what or who you are.

Adanna: can you prove it?

Me: yes i can, just tell me how.

Adanna: lets take an oath before i will summit my heart to you.